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Hi all my wonderful friends. I am so sorry that I haven’t posted a blog in forever and hardly even tweeted. I hope you are all well and that wherever you are, you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I did, for sure. Here’s what I said at the dining table as we went around, each saying what we are grateful for: I wake up every morning feeling grateful that I live here and not in Syria. I’m grateful for my healthy mind and body. I feel deep gratitude for the brave actresses who’ve come forward about their abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. This has opened the floodgates and women are finally being heard and believed. I’m well aware that this happened because the actresses are white and famous but it feels like a tipping point when ALL women and girls and boys who have suffered sexual harassment, abuse and assault will be heard.

There are many people throughout the entertainment industry who are working hard to make sure there are laws and policies that will prevent this from happening again. We stand in solidarity with the women farmworkers, waitresses and office workers, people of color, with disabilities, different religions and sexual orientations that make them more vulnerable if they speak out.

So much has been happening to me and around me…good and bad. We all know the bad so I won’t go into that. The good—for me—Is that my children and grand children, sons and daughters-In-law, are doing well, healthy and seemingly happy. The weather is warm where I live (cold doesn’t suit my bones anymore). I’m celebrating my 80th soon and marvel at how terrific and energetic I feel. My son was rubbing my back last night as we watched TV with friends and he said, “Wow, Mom, You’re got really strong back muscles.” Made me feel really good.

Let’s pray we can all stay strong and determined to prevail against the forces of darkness. I’ll try to do better in the blogging department. Love to all. xx