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Hi all my wonderful friends. I am so sorry that I haven’t posted a blog in forever and hardly even tweeted. I hope you are all well and that wherever you are, you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I did, for sure. Here’s what I said at the dining table as we went around, each saying what we are grateful for: I wake up every morning feeling grateful that I live here and not in Syria. I’m grateful for my healthy mind and body. I feel deep gratitude for the brave actresses who’ve come forward about their abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. This has opened the floodgates and women are finally being heard and believed. I’m well aware that this happened because the actresses are white and famous but it feels like a tipping point when ALL women and girls and boys who have suffered sexual harassment, abuse and assault will be heard.

There are many people throughout the entertainment industry who are working hard to make sure there are laws and policies that will prevent this from happening again. We stand in solidarity with the women farmworkers, waitresses and office workers, people of color, with disabilities, different religions and sexual orientations that make them more vulnerable if they speak out.

So much has been happening to me and around me…good and bad. We all know the bad so I won’t go into that. The good—for me—Is that my children and grand children, sons and daughters-In-law, are doing well, healthy and seemingly happy. The weather is warm where I live (cold doesn’t suit my bones anymore). I’m celebrating my 80th soon and marvel at how terrific and energetic I feel. My son was rubbing my back last night as we watched TV with friends and he said, “Wow, Mom, You’re got really strong back muscles.” Made me feel really good.

Let’s pray we can all stay strong and determined to prevail against the forces of darkness. I’ll try to do better in the blogging department. Love to all. xx

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  1. Not being American, I don’t celebrate this holiday, but there are a lot of reasons to be thankful for. A lot of dreams came true (meeting you surely stands out). But mostly I’m gratefulfor the strength and courage that I had to make my dreamscome true myself.

  2. Hello Miss Jane, thank you so much for the post. You are in my prayers! Love Ali

  3. Tell nominee candidate bama doug jones to say hes gonna support nominee for the supreme court the donald trump chooses as the vote of the people of bama as conditionally their are no confirmation issues during the heaings such as illegality or child molesting

  4. Thank you, Jane. I counted my blessings, felt the joy and goodness shared with wonderful friends on that day and the next. It was uplifting, just as your words are now. We will get through this darkness. We won’t let it detract from the goodness in our lives. I watch all the news on Syria, Alleppo, (can’t remember how to spell it), the reports on the deaths of the brave doctors who lose their lives in such huge numbers and it hurts deeply. But I’m not going to let it rob me of my joy. It makes me more appreciative of all I have and at the same time I refuse to look away. I can accept both the pain and the joy in my life. I feel you there with me, shoulder to shoulder. You give me strength to do that. We stand together in battle against the Weinsteins in our world, too. Your voice is so important to us. Thanks for blogging with us so personally reaching out and letting us reach back to you. Dona

  5. Thank you very much for your inspiration, this has been very important to change situations in my life that had to be different, until now everything is fine,I don’t know later, this is the first time that I admire someone, I pray for you every day, happy birthday. Love Candita

  6. Oh Jane, I’m so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones! I was thinking of you that day because I’m so very thankful for you and everything you do. If we don’t get to “talk” again before your birthday, please know that I’ll be thinking of you and bake a cake in your honor! 🙂 Sending you all the love and warmth in the world ♥ xx

  7. Chère Jane,

    Merci à vous d’avoir partagé les beaux sentiments de votre “Action de grâce” (Thanksgiving). Il faut vraiment se rappeler à tous les jours à quel point nous sommes privilégiés de vivre en Amérique du Nord.

    Lorsque dans le futur nous nous rappelerons de la fameuse époque de Weinstein et tous les autres nous nous rappelerons de vous également. Vous avez été une des pionnières dans le domaine de parler et de se faire entendre!

    Bon 80e et Joyeux Noël!

    Jocelyne Auclair

  8. Jane – We, your gang of supporters and admirers are thankful for your love, strength, courage, and devotion to a more loving and humane world for all. As usual you have your detractors who take your message and honesty out of context at best and at worst are unfortunately possessed with the same inflated sense of self importance and unquenchable greed as our present POTUS. Much love to you and your strong back muscles – we who believe in the power of love are pumping up for a better world. Go girls and boys who appreciate a strong woman. Loved Souls At Night. You and Bob, a great team. Love , Val Patsiga

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! Like you, I am grateful for many things. I know I am extremely lucky for what I have in life, such as good healthcare and a good job. I truly am happy. No, I don’t have everything I would like in life, but almost every day I wake up with a smile on my face and fall asleep at night the same way. Again, I know I am very lucky.
    The sexual harassment allegations recently certainly have been a turning point for women. I think ever since our newest president has taken office, women have been taking a stronger stand and speaking up in many areas. Our country is divided in so many ways, yet I feel there is a sort of unity taking place. When I marched in the Women’s March in Washington DC this past winter I felt a turn for women. We were no longer going to allow others to take advantage of us, minorities, or others. These sexual harassment allegations are just one more way that women are finally standing up for themselves and others. We will continue to march forward right through the barriers being placed constantly in front of us.
    It was nice to see this most recent blog. Happy Birthday in advance. I hope someone is throwing you a huge party!

  10. On GRACE and FRANKIE; From the first, I thought WOW we have an” ALL IN THE FAMILY” series for this time in our lives! Current, courageous in challenging prejudices, old myths, and yet so funny with two giant spoonfuls of sugar to help the painful truths go down. I was ecstatic, on a high and became emotionally invested in the characters and story.
    When Jacob was introduced I balked. I like the actor, I liked his character, yet this is not where I wanted Frankie to go. I felt again that same old societal pressure as it was with Grace. She just needed to find a man to fulfill her. I felt Frankie’s interest didn’t come from her own desire for Jacob. Jane pushed it and Jacob’s interest was there and Frankie did what is easy for Frankie to do, be open to giving love. It’s a tailspin recipe; been there done that. But I didn’t see a passion develop out of Frankie for Jacob.
    I stewed about this. I felt a disappointment with the show’s direction. Really, are they going to dump the courage and leave us with the same-o, same-o? At first, I wanted Frankie to have the experience that so many widowed women have had. Like your character in the movie with Justin Bateman, she fell in love with the widowed woman next door. I could see how bewildering that would be for Frankie. So much good material there. I was afraid of the scenario where Grace and Frankie would become lovers because that is sticky, like a statement that women can’t live together and be emotionally intimate and not become lovers. Not that it would be wrong if they did.
    Then I realized that what I really wanted was for the show to continue with the message that women living with women is not a default choice. It is not a less than, inferior, loser, failed goal etc. The greatest connection and intimacy and opportunity for fulfillment can be living with a friend, a relative or even living alone. I want validation for ALL the variety of choices that are emotionally supportive and healthy.
    Sorry, Frankie but I breathed a heavy sigh of relief when the stroke gave you a turning point. Then, I realized what a fool I had been. These writers are very, very, good. They know how to create a cliff-hanger, to cause that anxiety, to make the story go over the long haul. Now, I’ve stopped trying to write the story. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy. The ending will be an ending for one story. It can’t have all the endings, but I’m okay with that now. Keep up the GREAT work! Dona

  11. Love you Jane Fonda!

    You are such an inspiration to this 60 (oops 61!) year old fan. And you are a role model for me too!

    My childhood friend came to visit me here in Bend Oregon for my birthday and I told her you gotta watch Grace and Frankie (I’ve already binge watched the three seasons over and over, lost count!). We had the best time just hanging out, cooking her Greek recipes and crying and laughing watching your show.

    One of my absolute favorite scenes is where you stumble in drunk and eat Frankie’s cake. You play the best drunk!!! So believable every moment. Then one day I thought I’d watch Barefoot in the Park. Omg! “Bob” played a great drunk too in that movie!!! Still laughing about both of your performances.

    Then I watched Our Souls at Night, wow…I just LOVEd that movie. The story on so many levels and places touched my heart. It was neat to see you and Bob together…and fun, after watching Barefoot in the Park.

    You “Rock On” Jane! You are an inspiration BOTH on screen and your real life. So happy to be on this life’s time line with you!


  12. Hi Jane!
    I know it’s a week late but Happy Thanksgiving ❤
    I’m from Sweden and there we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we really should, because we have lots to be thankful for. I’m really thankful for the people I have around me and the music it means the world to me (I’m a singer). And I’m really thankful for you, you’re such an inspiration for me and many others…keep going strong and be the wonderful person that you are! ❤ Much love…xx Em

  13. I looked at your Tweet with your Grace and Frankie room set and really came close to getting on board with Tweeting. I especially wanted to Tweet Lily that I would be in the front row on her left on the 16th at the Pantages and I had some feedback about the Santa Clarita performance.(All good, of course.) So I read all the joining information, then thought of the changes Trump just made that sounds horrible and I just felt very vulnerable. This posting on your blog has been a real stretch for my usual MO of keeping a low profile. So, no sound bites called Tweets from me. I just couldn’t do it. Doing sound bites would be a challenge to my wordy nature, anyway. You will tell me when I’m posting too much or too often, won’t you? Like a friend would? And I don’t do Imojos or whatever they are called. I heard that to do that you have to give them access to your bank acct. NOT HAPPENING! So Imagine a smiley face here. Dona

  14. Big fan since Barbarella, so you on late night a few years ago you were great, you should do a movie

  15. Dear Jane,
    I just watched
    “Our Souls at Night” and I was so touched throughout the movie, that I felt motivated to figure out a way to contact you.
    I do not have any social media accounts, but luckily it was easy to sign up here.

    You are a beautiful person…period.
    You seem to allow yourself to show more of yourself in your latest roles and that is a beautiful thing!
    You are a great example to us all,
    not because of your accomplishments, but because you are willing to bare your soul and truth and then we are hopefully inspired to do the same in our own lives.

    I see and feel your beauty and your loving kindness to mankind.
    Imagine if you could inspire people to be genuine, to be kind and to be themsevles…then the world would be a better place!
    In my mind, you have done that!

    I am thankful for you and not only your beautiful talent, but your inspiration to your family, friends and the world,
    that it is ok to simply be yourself!
    God Bless you and your family,

    • Thank you, David, for your beautiful, generous words

  16. Dear Jane,

    Thank you so much for this post as I’m grateful for your voice and activism that have placed a light on important social issues. And seriously, no need to apologize for not blogging on a regular cadence – you’re busy and we love hearing from you when we can! 🙂

    Please know that your books and personal stories have helped women everywhere. Your biography was well written and Prime Time has really helped me as a soon to be 48-year old (Dec 29!) evaluate what I want in the next chapters of my life. Some years ago I read an autobiography of Katherine Hepburn and I came away mesmerized by the life she led outside of acting, as well as her suffragette mother, and I feel the same way about you. Your acting life is excellent and has added value to our emotional culture, but I’m truly thankful for everything else you’ve brought to women’s rights and young women.

    Thanks for being YOU and apologies if I sound a bit corny – but every word I believe deeply – take care and HAPPY Birthday Jane! 🙂


  17. Hi Jane,
    I do so hope that you, your family and friends are safe in LA. I am watching live on CNN Int’l. It looks horrific. You are in my thoughts. Stay safe!!
    Take care
    Jason xx

  18. Thank you Jane Fonda. In Canada our Thanksgiving is in October, though. I’m sure my American cousins had a good Thanksgiving too. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Have another happy, healthy, prosperous, active new Year. Cheers, BV

  19. I’ve tried to put this out of my mind, but I’m worrying about you and Lily and herjane because I don’t know really where you live. I just want to know that you are okay and your home and loved ones are safe.Her cat, your dog etc. I think Lily lives in a canyon in the area of the fires.I’ll see her in nine days, but it’s a long wait. With you it can be a month before you post. Your friends know so they’re not stewing, but your fans would just like you to check in long enough to see you are okay. I know, I know, if I would only TWEET!! Maybe, I’d have an answer. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a bother. Those fires are going everywhere. I hope you bought water to soak the house down if you are near the monster. Just please be safe. I don’t usually fret. Sorry.

  20. Jane – in advance I hope you have a great 80th birthday! I would love to read a column from you about what it feels like to turn 80. I don’t mean morbid or anything like that – just the feeling inside when you realize that you are 80. I turned 58 last year and still (inside) think I am in my 20s. Then it hits me how old I really am and all sort of feelings come to mind. I’m sure it’s the same at 80 but you gave thanks in this column and it’s nice to hear you are doing well. Happy birthday once again and sincere wishes for 80 more!

    • Thanks for the idea, George. I will take your advice andwrite about turmimg 80. xx

  21. Hi Jane:)
    Happy you had a nice thanksgiving with your family! I wanted to share that I’m changing my major in college, it’s my first semester, but I knew what I had chosen wasn’t for me, and I’m grateful for your words- that “it’s never to late to start over, never too late to be happy.” Although I’m a happy girl and people change majors all the time, it felt like the end of the world, that everyone would be disappointed in me, especially my parents. Your words stuck with me, I know it’s not something that is a huge deal, but it was something to start over with & be happy with, because well it is what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life!! Thankfully I have a supportive family, I’m not behind and I’ll be starting fresh next semester!
    Um omg Grace and Frankie season 4 out in January!!!!! So excited!!! My BFF and I are planning on rewatching all 3 seasons before the new one, even tho we’ve seen them several times! Just when you think the season you’re on is so good, the next is ever better than the last! So looking forward to season 4!! Hope this show lasts for many more years!! Hoping you will be in some interviews, I love seeing you and Lily together! Will you be on Ellen?! I don’t think Lily has ever been, you should get her on with you;)
    Your birthday is this month and I’m super excited for you! You had your 80 decades of Jane event with GCAPP tonight and I hope you had the best time! The 21st I will hopefully be spending the day watching your movies, doing your workout and hoping you’re having the most fabulous day!!! December is a great month overall, such a beautiful time of year!! your mug shot shirt is on my Christmas list!!!✊
    Anyways Jane I just wanted to say hi hopefully you don’t get sick of seeing my comments, bc I always seem to write a book!! Oops! Love love love you!!!! Always good to see your blogs if u don’t blog again, happy early birthday to you, you amazing, fabulous, passionate, intelligent,incredibly talented lady, who I one day hope to meet! Love you!
    PS congrats on selling your house!!!

    • Alexa, I always love reading what you write! Glad you’re such a die hard fan of Grace & What’s her name (I’d put a laughimgemoji here but there aren’t emojis on my laptop.

  22. Okay ,so I watched the SLAPP piece about the lawsuit and Green Peace, now what is the next step? I’ve sent money before to GreenPeace, but certainly it needs something more than the small amount I can give.
    Patty Murray & Cantwell ask for input which I give them at every opportunity..
    Currently, I support the ACLU, NRDC, Planned Parenthood, amfAR, DAV, Red Cross, Amnesty International, Docs w/o Borders, So. Poverty Law Ctr., Human Rights Campaign, Rescue Mission, National LGBTQ Task Force, Independent Theater (the Grand), National Parks, Public Television (KCTS), They all want monthly support which I can’t afford to do. Others including Green Peace I have cut out but I am willing to do another donation to help. But I don’t pay online, I use the P.O. I am willing to do a donation to the Women’s Project that you posted prior, but there was no address only an online source.
    I’m not in good enough shape for long marches anymore.,In the past with my best friend who is an activist, I have held signs on a bridge to support Lt. Erhen Watada, I’ve marched twice to release Leonard Peltier, and I have acted as a Peacekeeper in a day of support for Watada with Daniel Ellsburg as speaker. And I’ve mentioned before my marching against both the war in Viet Nam and the one in Iraq. Long ago I canvassed for Bobby Kennedy and recently did phone calling for local Demos which was poorly organized and turned me off doing that.So that’s my history. Reich, (wrong spelling) did a good job, but he didn’t say what he advised as the next step and how to support stopping SLAPP. So, what is the next step? Dona

    • I’ll get back to you on this, Dona. Stay tuned. BTW, I am in awe of your activism and generosity. xx

  23. Jane, i was whatching some good old photos of you, family and friends and it hit me; are you and Brooke Hayward still friends? Are you close still?
    Isabel xxx

    • Unfortunately, we are no longer friends which makes me sad. xxx

  24. Hi Jane
    Just two days till I get my annual LA yuletide experience i.e. listening to Jingle Bells, Let it Snow and It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas while in shorts and flip flops and trying to find a parking space in the shade. Can’t wait. 🙂
    Take care

  25. ‘..Amen !

  26. ‘. . . & XX to you, too !

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