I took these pictures while they were making their victory speeches in Delaware Saturday night.

Whew! I was told not to believe the election night ‘red mirage.’ I knew that the voters who voted on election day were largely Trump supporters and that Biden supporters tended to vote by mail. I knew that. But living through election night was another thing entirely. OMG. BY 11pm pacific time I couldn’t eat or hardly move. I was in major PTSD trauma, 2016 flashback. I felt nauseous. That lasted until Friday. By the time I did my Fire Drill Friday virtual rally I was way better. Not 100%, I hadn’t slept well, but no longer nauseous.

The next morning, I was actually watching TV when the People decided and Biden was announced the winner and I burst into tears. I so loved watching all the celebrations around the country and the world. I so loved the faces of all black and brown women and girls shouting Kamala’s name and holding up posters of her. I’m sleeping well again now and my appetite has returned.

So, here are my thoughts now. Elections are really important. They are major milestones along the road of social change. But what matters almost as much, is what people do after elections to force the new elected leaders to do what they promised and more.

70 million Americans voted for Trump. If the Biden administration doesn’t make them feel seen, safe, more secure, then in 4 years, a more refined, less corrupt and clownish Trump-figure may run for office and win.

Yes, among those 70 million are staunch white supremacists who will never agree to a nation that respects and serves people of every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and level of physical ability. We don’t need them. But among those millions are folks who have felt totally left out by the Democratic Party and they are right. They have been. There has not been a true effort to create good paying jobs that will help them regain their self-esteem and sense of security. That MUST happen and it won’t if we return to “normal.” Normal was the problem, even prioer to covid-19.

African Americans had a huge role in getting Biden/Harris elected. 91% of Black women voted for Biden/Harris. But if the Biden administration doesn’t start removing the laws and policies that maintain racism in this country, the black vote won’t be there anymore. They hoped it world happen during the Obama Administration and maybe it would have had not Mitch McConnell and the Senate not blocked everything Obama tried to do.

This is why winning the 2 senate races in Georgia that will face a runoff on January 5th is so critical; to Biden’s agenda…to solving the climate crisis, to ending racial injustice and economic inequality. To make happen what needs to happen, Biden must take bold steps, like Roosevelt did to lift us out of the Great Depression in the 1930s and it will be almost impossible if Democrats don’t have the Senate.

So between now and January 5th, that’s a key fight to focus on, those of you who follow my blog and live in the U.S. (and I do love that people from other countries follow my blog!!!!). We need to register new voters, the youth who will have just turned 18, and any voters who didn’t vote this time must get to the polls.

Then, who Biden appoints to his cabinet is critical and will send a major message about what he plans on doing. If it’s a bunch of white men from business and Wall Street we can forget about it. His cabinet needs to look like the coalition that got him elected and they need to support the decarbonizing of this country and the move to a sustainable, green energy sector. Just about every department, Labor, Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, Trade, Commerce, will have a role to play in that and must be on board. These appointments are being decided now, during the transition. Write letters to Biden telling him: No lobbyists, no connections to fossil fuels, no Fed connections in his administration.

Then here’s what we need to make sure the new president will do by executive order in his first 10 days:

  1. Declare a national climate emergency under the National Emergencies Act. (This will unlock some funds from the Defense budget for Biden to use to address the climate crisis)
  2. Keep fossil fuels in the ground
  3. Stop fossil fuel exports and infrastructure approvals
  4. Shift financial flows from fossil fuels to climate solutions (This means stopping the billions of dollars of our taxes that subsidize the fossil fuel industry)
  5. Use the Clean Air Act to set a science-based national pollution cap for greenhouse pollutants. Then, use all Clean Air Act programs to drive emissions towards zero economy-wide
  6. Power the electricity sector with 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030 and promote energy democracy
  7. Launch a just transition to protect our communities, workers, and economy
  8. Advance Climate Justice: Direct federal agencies to assess and mitigate environmental harms to disproportionately impacted Indigenous Peoples, People and Communities of Color, and low-wealth communities
  9. Make polluters pay: Investigate and prosecute fossil fuel polluters for the damages they have caused. Commit to veto all legislation that grants legal immunity for polluters, undermines existing environmental laws, or advances false solutions
  10. Rejoin the Paris Agreement and lead with science-based commitments that ensure that the United States, as the world’s largest cumulative historical emitter, contributes its fair share and advances climate justice

That’s what I’m going to be working on with Fire Drill Fridays and Greenpeace. Do you know that our volunteers contacted 4.4 million climate voters in battleground states who sat out the last election!!! More than double our original target. GO PEOPLE POWER!!!!

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  1. Beautifully said. Perfect description of the wait between Tues nite and Sat. The nausea, headache, lump in the chest… turned to pure joy watching the celebration. World felt different ~ H.O.P.E. And,to hear coherent, articulate, compassionate, focused and detailed speeches from VP-elect Harris and President-Elect Biden. Tears… repeatedly. Now its time to get busy… first in Georgia run-offs, and standing firm in defense of the integrity of the election. THEN, THE VIRUS AND ON TO THE GREEN NEW DEAL, WIND AND SOLAR ALTERATIVES TO FOSSIL FUEL, NEW INDUSTRIES WITH WELL PAYING JOBS… et al. So exciting to think of the possibilities. So much good to get moving on; so lil time.

  2. Jane,
    I am from Ireland and can also say I was glued to the live news casts for four days straight! I think people forget how important the USA is to the rest of the world and how what they do effects the rest of us greatly. Let’s hope Biden rejoins the Paris Agreement asap and gets to work on containing the Covid pandemic and reversing Trump’s wrongs.
    Stay Safe :),
    Robyn x

  3. Joe Biden President 2020
    Congratulations USA

  4. Hi Jane, I hope you’re fine after all that (distressing) period of the election. It was day after day, night after night, wanting to know who would be the next president. But in the end, good always defeats evil, right??
    I’m not from the U.S, but I got extremely happy when Biden won! I followed the news during the counting and OMG how anxious I was for Biden beat Trump, you have no idea.
    I hope in 2022, we can beat Bolsonaro too, because he is just a monster, I don’t know how much do you know him, but I can tell he is for sure THE WORST president that we have experienced. He is just like Trump, but I think he can be worse, trust me!
    Are you aware the catastrophe that is happening NOW in Pantanal? It’s soo sad that no one is doing nothing, and It’s almost becoming irreversible. The fires increased 210% in 2020, It’s so sad and revolting. There’s a website talking about, that is called ” SOS Pantanal ” but It is in Portuguese, I don’t think you would understand, but as you have contact with Greenpeace, you ask them how can you make donations or any kind of help that you want and If you want.

  5. Jane,
    We were goth there with you in our pre-election results anxiety. It was really hard to get up and get active in the days before the race was called. My anxiety didn’t stem from what was going to happen to me personally if Trump was elected, but more triggered from thoughts of what would come to people in low income communities, people of color, and indigenous people. If it was a hard to wait patiently for the results on my end, I can’t even imagine what it was like for the people who’s rights were on the line. It was so heartwarming to see all of the celebrations, it gave me a lot of hope about our future.

    I’m very nervous for the Senate race, but we have come to far too give up now! I can’t wait to continue my activism and to see all of these youth-driven movements rise up and push to declare a climate emergency!

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Stay 💪! We’re all in this together and me and several of my fitness can’t wait for this week’s FDF!


  6. Dear Jane, congratulations on the election and very glad to hear that you are sleeping better and regaining your appetite.

    I love reading your blog because your thought process is ever so clear and direct; your statements are always insightful and educational. I read your blog as slowly as I could because I would like to understand every word and not to miss anything. (Admittedly, I do not understand every word/issue, but I am trying. I am also reading your new book at the speed of a tortoise for the same reason…)

    I saw Biden’s Tweet on 5th Nov, “Today, the Trump Administration officially left the Paris Climate Agreement. And in exactly 77 days, a Biden Administration will rejoin it.” I sent him a Tweet, “Dear @JoeBiden, thank you for the statement and please deliver it. We will help to remind you. Please take care and all the best. Wx” I then counted 77 days and marked it on my calendar. Yes, I will Tweet him again then!

    Please take great care of yourself.


  7. Wow Jane,what a week it’s been.

    “whoop whoop, Go USA go”

    *dances around the room chanting*

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    And MASSIVE congratulations to all Involved in the fabulous FDF.

    Watch this space, the future has power the possibilities are endless.

    Now go celebrate, pour a Martini, eat cake and give yourself a pat on the back!

  8. Hi Jane
    Congratulations on a brilliant win in your country. All your hard work paid off. Even we in other parts of the world can breathe a little easier now. It’s amazing what these last four years have done to us. Even though we’re not directly governed by ‘him’, we have felt his authoritarian grip on the world.
    I’m still not sleeping as easy as you, though, now that he’s not conceding.
    I’m googling everything I can to find out if he can still find a way to stay. I don’t think I will be able to calm down until the Inauguration.
    Take care

  9. How can I send you two photos where I helped to adorable guys you know in making a movie. It was one of my most enjoyable weekends ever spent where I got to watch how they create specific “shots” of a scene are made but in the end it is nothing of what we actually see.
    Michelle Cerame
    [email protected]

    Movie was The Whooley Boys with Peter and Kris K.

  10. Hola Jane,
    No me extraña nada toda tu congoja con los resultados electorales, yo desde España me pasé la noche en blanco porque verdaderamente todos nos jugábamos mucho, Europa entera está con Biden, menos Johnson que es otro Trump en potencia, aquí existe la broma de que todos deberíamos votar en las elecciones de Estados Unidos ja ja. Me alegré mucho de la victoria de Biden y Harris, y coincido en tu análisis de que la clase política de tu país se debe parar a pensar qué es lo que ha pasado para que surgiera Trump, no vale con olvidarlo, deben evitar a toda costa que esto vuelva a suceder.
    Mirando al futuro con optimismo, escuchad esta canción, ahora sí sabemos lo que vendrá,fantástica Zaz y como nos podemos ver en un espejo.

  11. I would like to talk to Jane about Andy Truskier. I am writing a book about his activist mother, Mia Truskier. Can you contact me at [email protected]
    Teresa Meade
    [email protected]

  12. You are right Jane, thank you for remembering those of us who are not Americans and live abroad, you have a large group of admirers and followers who would do anything for you, I will continue to volunteer for Greenpeace USA doing whatever you need and I can do it from here. I love u💕💕💕

  13. Hi Jane

    It is now 1 week past my back surgery and I am doing good. PT was here today and several of the exercises we did – I was doing prior to surgery with your workout video. So you have helped me before and after surgery.

    Speaking of president elect Joe Biden – we have watched what he said he would do if elected, and now we must watch what he actually does for all Americans since being elected, regardless of color, ethnicity, or sexual preference. As Rachel Maddow said “not what he says but what he does”.

    Please continue to be safe!

    With much love and admiration,

  14. Wishing my congratulations here, I believe that there is much to be done by the USA. I wasn’t much of a politician until the 2018 elections came here in Brazil, and I tried talking to people not to vote for Bolsonaro, and unfortunately he won, but I was happy because 89 million did not vote for him. Here in Brazil I saw people worried about the American elections, because depending on who is elected it may affect here.A big hug of Brazil.

  15. Jane,
    I felt the same way. Except I’m a stress eater so I ate everything in sight. That pretty much continued till I heard the great news on Saturday! It was like a weight had been lifted and then I was so emotional when Kamala Harris and Joe Biden spoke. I love listening to Kamala Harris speak! They showed kids in the crowd listening so intently to her every word. Then when the fireworks flashed Biden, I lost it. It felt good to cry and also good to be an American. Now it’s time to get back to work . I signed up to text with Greenpeace tomorrow and I will be ready whenever they need people to text. We can do this together! You are right Jane people power!!
    Love always,

    • Stacey, I don’t eat when stressed. I eat after the stress is gone! Have to be careful!

      • Jane happens to me exactly the same, and I cannot explain what people can eat when they are in a situation of extreme stress or with a very great grief, when the situation passes I recover the appetite.

      • Jane,
        Maybe that’s why I’m gaining so much weight! I have to remember I’m not 20 anymore. I will never see 115 again!!! That’s kinda sad.🙁 I just figured it was my age.

  16. Jane,
    Thinking about Jane Fonda films:
    “Coming Home” – maybe some people should’ve stayed in ‘Nam and never come home.
    Naming no names, but the guy was big news in UK yesterday.
    “Stanley & Iris”, on the other hand, thumbs up for the hilarious comment. Loose screw, definitely! Thanks for the laugh, from Bob.
    A bit cryptic, but diplomatic, and film buffs will understand.
    Bob xx

  17. I Jane !
    I’m very happy for Joe Biden ! I looked forward to the results and was relieved that Biden was elected. in France we have followed the results of your elections and we are relieved that Biden is elected…phew !
    Trump won’t accept his defeat and I’m afraid he will complicate things a lot !!
    Take care of you Jane ! xxx

  18. I tried to get to watch this FDF today but when I went to GP the RSVP for invitation was only on Facebook. I don’t do Facebook, so I will have to try to catch it at another showing later. I thought if I watched last time, then an invitation would come to see the next one, but it hasn’t been working out that way. I set aside the time and told friends to hold calls etc, so am disappointed. I don’t have a membership with UTube but I have always been able to see them at the time recorded, until now. I’m sure this would have been an excellent FDF. Dona

    • Okay, I did get to watch FDF on Sat. when I found it on your blog site. Thank you. Very upbeat. Good next step info with clarity & purpose. Love Annie’s energy. Got good new thoughts started by Cassie & Charlie.
      I would do postcards to Georgia, but I only know one person there, (I did send her a postcard for Biden). If GP wants to send me more postcards but with names to send to, I will. But I have thought I will write a series of letters to Biden, fueled by what I heard from FDF today. The letters are already forming in my head. If you want a copy of what content I’m sending to him, I would send them to you. Dona

      • P.S. You have a new painting perched on your couch with two men embracing. Who are they and who is the artist? Very nice work. Dona

        • Ha! You don’t miss a thing. It’s a copy of a poster by Shepard Fairy showing FATHER GREG BOYLE HOLDING A HOMIE. HOMEBOY INDUSTRIES IS A GREAT PLACE THAT transitions and heals the formerly incarcerated. I;m on their board. Good eye!

          • I remember you and Lily doing a skit in a kitchen in (Chicago?)and doing a shoutout to Homeboy Industries. Lily had flower all over, or threatened to flower you, if I remember right.
            Lily was on Ellen DeGeneres last week to plug a movie she co-produced. I hate that I can’t be supportive and go see it in the theater. Hoping for PPV. Anyway, Ellen had Lily do a game on searching for specific items, like find something she didn’t know what it was. She brought back a harness, (I’m not saying what it’s for). Ellen’s face turned redder than the fall foliage on her set. The audience roared. I could barely breathe from laughing so hard. Gotta love that woman!
            Back to seeing things. You tapped my ego. I would have loved to have been a script supervisor. I usually can tell from the hair where the cuts are in a scene. Drives me crazy when someone is sloppy with placement of a prop that breaks the illusion of reality.
            I know the first two photos closest to where you sit are Rosa Parks, and the other with Harvey Milk and you, but the others are too far away to be sure of. The single man standing might be your Dad in a role like Grapes of Wrath but that’s a wild guess. And yes, I pay attention to the change of flowers and the whole set you have created. While you are watching Maddow I’m watching Judy Woodruff. I can tell you the newest books placed on the bookshelf behind her in the last month. As a child, I use to practice being blind and turning the lights out before going upstairs, through hallways to my bedroom. My Shero then was Helen Keller.

  19. Good morning from drizzly England.
    As an American expat in the UK, I was up until 5am on election ‘night’.
    I felt the same sense of hopelessness and nausea as many of my friends in the States. Every hour more states were turning red on the map and I cried to my husband not understanding how so many Americans , let alone FEMALE Americans would vote for Trump.
    During his administration he made it ok to come out as a racist, a misogynist, a bigot and a xenophobe. How can we recover from this ? Trump will eventually go away but these people and their beliefs won’t.
    Mr Biden has his work cut out for him. I feel he’s being cheated of a “hit the ground running” transition as Trump digs his heels in. The 25th amendment is all but useless with the senate majority. I pray Trump doesn’t destroy any more of America before Jan 20.
    Stay safe and be well x

  20. Dear Jane,

    From London: Congratulations on Biden/Harris win! Although I am not an American I also lost sleep and appetite during election week. While in lockdown at the moment spending more time at home, I have just rediscovered buried on my cluttered bookshelves your fabulous book which I bought years ago ‘Cooking for healthy living’. So inspiring (like everything else you write for that matter!). Last night I made the Greens and Peppers Salad followed by The Penne with garlic-Tomato sauce…yum!

    Off Topic now, after I finished your deliciously inspired dinner I watched ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ on Netflix which I enjoyed tremendously. I have a question although I am not sure you’ll have time to reply to but that’s ok. Your first husband the late Tom Hayden (portrayed by Eddie Redmayne) was one of the seven men involved in the case/trial. Assuming you have watched the film, would you say that both he and the story are accurately depicted in the film?

    That said it’s always nice to read your blogs, you are a true inspiration to all of us and you make this world a better place!

    With much love


    • JF, I would say that the depictions of Tom as well as some of the other defendants were fictionalized as were a few other things. For instance, the film shows the protesters charging the police. They never did. Had they done that they would have been guilty. But they didn’t. Also, Dave Dellenger was a devout pacifist and would never have punched a guard. Tom didn’t recite all those names of dead US soldiers, Rennie David did…from the witness stand. There bwere some other things but I’m out of time. Still and all, I’m glad Sorkin made the film.xx

      • Thank you Jane keep safe!

      • I had been curious about your thoughts too. I know you worked with Sorkin on The Newsroom. If a friend told me they were going to make a movie about an ex-husband of mine, I think I’d be a little….weirded out? I don’t know. It is show business, so maybe it wasn’t particularly strange.

        • No, not strange. Tom was a public figure. As am I and all 3 of my husbands, come to think of it. x

  21. Jane, I saw on Instagram a photo of you with your dad from 1959, you have adoration eyes for him, that little Jane had a very difficult time, I know that now you are very well and I am glad but that little girl made me sad.💕💕💕

  22. Dear Jane! I followed this election marathon with great stress and anxiety and then I enjoyed watching Americans all over the country, dancing and enjoying Biden and Harris’ victory. It was so good to see pure, sincere joy for a change.
    I also read with interest your post-election reflections and very specific demands. It is inspiring: to look ahead, but not to forget who is going with us. And to look after this group that sees and evaluates reality in a different way than we do. Thank you for this thoughts and the commandment to care for others.
    Best regards from Warsaw, Poland.

    PS. We are just publishing the December issue of our monthly with a large profile about you.


    • Jane, you’ve been my hero since I was 14 for your intelligence and passionate voice. I’m so proud to share that my 26-year-old daughter Emily made over 2,000 phone calls for Biden Harris and Senate races across the country, and brought me and her younger sister Anna in to call bank with her. I tell Emily that I look at her and think, “I’ve raised a Jane Fonda. She’s my Jane Fonda.” We both know that is the highest compliment. So grateful for the election results, and know that there’s a lot of work to do. We’ll be working to call Georgia. I love your thought of getting the newly-turned 18 year olds! Their generation is our future and our hope.

  23. Hi Jane!

    Like you, I’m definitely glad that the election is over and that Biden won. It’s crazy how many of my family members and friends refuse to accept the results.

    As a Greenpeace volunteer, I’m excited to start this new phase of texting to hold the new leaders accountable. I’m so grateful to Fire Drill Fridays for getting me involved and keeping me informed. This Friday is my 25th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than tuning into another great Fireside Fire Drill!

    Hope you have a great week!


    P.S. I was lucky enough to win one of your auction items from the Women’s Media Center. I can’t wait to receive it, and I’m happy to be able to support such a great cause. As a female in a heavily male-dominated field, your work with the WMC is very close to my heart.

  24. Hi Jane Fonda, The election was amazing-down and then nail biter and then, up. Again I love volunteering for Greenpeace, FDF and the GA senate races-we have to give it all that we have! Anyway, you mentioned awhile back that I would hear from Jess Wilson re: your availability to review your book w our book club. I haven’t and my book club is wanting to know if they should be sad like we were election night or elated like we were that Saturday:-). Since I haven’t heard from Jess does that mean you can’t make it?

    Pam Clifford

  25. My sentiments exactly! I am just now getting past GI turmoil that’s been brewing the weeks prior to election and really flared the week of election. What a terrifying week but Biden/Harris won and they are refreshing already. Will feel much better 01/21/2021!

    You’ve perfectly stated what needs to happen. Here’s to it 🥂

  26. Hi Jane, I’m an American living in Italy and have been following the US politics closely. I’m still amazed at how many people voted for him in 2016 and even this year. That individual is nothing but a human representation of dishonesty, racism, discrimination and misogyny. What a disgusting person, I’m sooo glad he is gone… or almost, since today is Nov 18th and he still hasn’t packed his bags and left “our” House. Take care and stay safe 🙂

  27. Hi Jane, thank you for this list as it’s incredibly enlightening for a non American. FDF’s and your blogs have given me a really fascinating insight into American politics. Please keep doing the political blogs and you are definitely over feeding the squirrel. H x

  28. In addition to handling COVID & the hot topic of immediately forgiving student loans (yes end the misery & eliminate the unfair financial burden for getting educated!) we need a bill banning tear gas use by police so peaceful protesters can safely assemble and exercise the right to express their disdain! Tear gas is outlawed in war, why is law enforcement so quick to use it? Protests, especially this year, have proven to be peaceful and nonviolent until police intervene or instigate. Officials must demilitarize the police so violence is less likely and we can avoid police brutality! Tactics such as tear gas, rubber bullets, etc. are too harmful for “controlling a crowd”. Police should not resort to such force so hastily! #protests #policebrutality #teargas #peace #1stamendment #freedoms

  29. Thank you for your class on How to be an Activist through Harpers Bazaar, Jane! You have an ability to present information very clearly & simply. <3 (oh and your hair looks fantastic!!)

  30. Well said. You make several very good points. We, too, held our breaths and I had flashbacks to 2016. As soon as the election was over my husband began sending the money he had been donating weekly to local candidates to Georgia. Without the Senate I fear little will be accomplished. j

    What do you think of the Biden cabinet picks?

  31. Hi Jane. I appreciate your effort on fighting against environmental pollution and climate change. I also appreciate your support to civil rights. As you can see on the way i express myself, im not American. Im from Spain, and for me its too important the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the elections. And so for all the latin people that live on the US. And it is also a big change for all the world in general, as the USA is the most powerful and influential country in the world. So i want to thank all the people who have voted for Biden and also people like you who have an important social status -can voice their opinion toward the world because they are in the public eye- and have contributed to this big change and to encourage people to vote for Biden and for a greater world. It is a good first step, but as you say its important to continue to fight now that Biden has win.
    As you are and you have been a very important activist during the years and you have fight for Indians rights and Black rights, Human Rights in general, i would like to know if you know any writer or any book, or if you can recommend me any tv or radio program to learn more and to hear more about it? Cause i would like know more about it, and maybe in a future take part in it. It is very important to be informed about all that and we -the youth- are probably a little disoriented.
    Thank you for your help in the world.

    • Juancarlos, your question about what book to read about those subjects is so general. There are millions of such books. can you be more specific about what interests you in particular?

      • Any book you think that it’s useful for understanding civil rights movements in the 60s, to understand history of human rights. Or books about racism now. Anything you think could be helpful, doesnt matter the subject, but mainly civil rights. I dont know how to explain it better in English, sorry.

        • I have a previous blog that lists all the best books for understanding racism and civil rights.

  32. Some good news on climate-change. A new climate-positive technology.

  33. 11. Make Greta Thunberg an advisor to the President. The real, legitimate one.

    • Lesia, I don’t think that’s something Greta would want to do. Plus, she’s Swedish, not American. Biden has some good people advising him on climate. Now, if we can just win the GA runoffs we can make the ideas reality

  34. Hi Jane,

    First of all, I want to thank you for the many years of entertainment you have given me! Thanks also for your great work in the ATL on preventing teen pregnancy.

    Like you, I was beside myself on election night and right up until Saturday when the networks finally called the race for Biden (now President Biden). I was cleaning and the TV was on. I immediately started dancing and felt a joy I had not had in many months.

    Unfortunately, many people believe the Big Lie and I think this could lead to more political violence. What should we be doing to try and bring people back to reality? I think much of the main stream media failed us by not stating the self-coup attempt (aka autogolpe) started the early morning hours of Nov. 4, 2020. Tens of millions of Americans, including many in my family and in-laws, continue to go down some dangerous rabbit holes.

    As an aside, congratulations on your Golden Globe award. Your speech was very inspiring!

    Have a great week!

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