Facebook Live Teach-In: Green New Deal

We’re Live! Join Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, and Joanna Zhu with Sunrise Movement to talk about why a Green New Deal is so critical if we stand any chance to protect our climate.Join us this Friday at 11am ET at the US Capitol for #FireDrillFriday

Posted by Fire Drill Fridays on Thursday, October 17, 2019

Facebook Live Teach-in Every Thursday @ 7pm EST https://www.facebook.com/firedrillfriday

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  1. Hi Jane I live in another country, far from you. Speak Spanish. I use the translator to read and write to you. But, I am learning English and I listen to you carefully. Although I don’t understand everything perfectly, I can say that I know what you said today, you, Sam and Joanna. You have to have hope to restore the weather. We must trust people, but, my big question is, by choosing our rulers and they will come to power, will they keep their promises? We need hope on a global level … pir young people who have woken up and are pushing. You have to help them !!! And we must insist on changing this world in which we live where consumerism is slowly killing us. From Uruguay, small country I send you a big hug. THANKS FOR BEING !!! 😍😘🇺🇾

  2. Jane, I am praying every day for you, for your health in these months.💕💕💕

  3. Dear sister Jane et al,

    PLease see:
    https://bmaddigan.blogspot.com & Enjoy…

  4. Dear Jane, I watched your first Teach-In on your blog since I’m not on Facebook. I liked Sam’s comments on HOPE, your comment on moderation being radical and empathy is enlightened self-interest. True. True. I made note of your concern only people with a GOOD wage can be prepared to handle the burden of a carbon budget. And I do understand that racism, poverty, greed have got us here.
    I had the sound turned up 100%, but often I couldn’t hear Joanna, for two factors that the cars sloshing thru rain here was competition and second she spoke to Sam and you instead of to the camera. Both you and Sam for the most part knew to raise your voice and direct it to the camera which helped. I will look forward to the 24th, but may miss the next as I will be on the road to Arizona. (I’m driving not flying.)
    I received a reply of sorts from Sen. Maria Cantwell in regards to my email on asking her to be radical and support the Green New Deal. She did not mention GND but instead listed all that she had done to support our needs to meet climate change, i.e; Carbon Limits & Energy for America’s Renewal, (CLEAR) which includes a monthly dividend to help the lower and middle class to meet the resulting energy price increases. (This seemed aimed at dealing with the concern like having a good wage.) She thinks this will guarantee that the US will meet emission reduction targets and our international commitment.She also mentioned S. 1425 regarding research for the Ocean and S. 47 to extend the Land & Water Conservation, Management & Recreation ACt. She cited other legislation like $7,500 tax credit for consumers who purchase electric vehicles. (I laughed at that.)
    I’m only on page 24 of the very long introduction to ON FIRE. After I read it, I will be better able to answer Cantwell, with a thanks for all you have done, now here’s what and why you need to do more that supports GND.
    I was thinking of sending you a copy of her letter. Not that you have time for this (HAH HAH!) maybe someone working with you? It would be helpful to have some insightful comments from someone who know this better than I, so I can construct a strong response with salient points. That is my next step after writing the first letter. Canned letters don’t get much attention so I am not asking for that. And I will continue to read and learn from your tutorials etc, but if you want to move the dial especially toward the GND goals, then the letter needs to acknowledge what that person has done and what that state needs to have done next to support the GND. Perhaps, a discussion in another tutorial since you are trying to lift awareness. State by state, good things done, where they can move toward the GND goals.
    So dear Sam is no longer a virgin to being arrested. Good for him, he’s ahead of me. I appreciate that he is doing what he is doing. I enjoyed his comments. I’ve always appreciated his acting skills. I hope you didn’t get hurt & someone gave you a hand getting into the paddy wagon. with love & admiration, Dona

  5. Dear Jane (or Jane’s web managers who read this): Thank you for all you are doing to draw attention to the ticking climate clock and to move people into collective action, including getting arrested at 82! I especially appreciate how in interviews you successfully shift the emphasis in discussion *away* from personal, privatized, voluntary actions (as you say, you drive a hybrid and recycle — not enough!) and toward the need for structural changes and collective action. I teach Environmental Policy and Culture at the university level, and I would love to send you a copy of my new book, Ecopiety: Green Media and the Dilemma of Environmental Virtue. It details how environmental messaging that emphasizes “personal ecopiety” can distract from the kind of broad-spectrum policy action needed to address the climate emergency substantively. It comes out next month. My email address is listed in my member profile. If you are interested, please have one of your staff email me a good mailing address. Thank you again! And here is more about the book: https://www.amazon.com/Ecopiety-Dilemma-Environmental-Religion-Transformation/dp/1479891312/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia?keywords=ecopiety&pd_rd_i=1479891312&pd_rd_r=606d9918-caa4-4d13-b1ea-35821263d128&pd_rd_w=C3nAo&pd_rd_wg=JhfsH&pf_rd_p=a5491838-6a74-484e-8787-eb44c8f3b7ff&pf_rd_r=1EC5P2T3NQSJAJX6MGSN&psc=1&qid=1572279850&s=beauty

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