Saturday was one of my happiest days—for many reasons. As I said at the ceremony, “I thought Hollywood wouldn’t give me this opportunity until the city poured a new sidewalk in front of my home!” I’ve been in this business for 55 years and I figured it just wasn’t going to happen. But then, to my surprise and joy, along came Turner Classic Movies and they honored me with this ceremony. BTW, my favorite ex-husband had nothing to do with it, though he created TCM . . . bless his heart. Like millions, I adore TCM and all it does to bring the classics into our homes –preserving movie history and letting us see why the greats of times gone by were great.

Here I am with Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies (and Tulea) before the ceremony.

Another reason it was special is because I had my family with me--My stepmother, Shirlee Fonda, my brother, Peter, my son, the actor Troy Garity and my granddaughter, Viva.

Rosanna Arquette came back stage before the ceremony. We've known each other forever.

Before the ceremony with Maria Shriver.

Backstage, before the ceremony with my son Troy, Maria Shriver, my brother Peter and Lily Tomlin. I asked Troy, Lily and Maria Shriver to speak at the ceremony.

The Chinese Grauman theatre is so glamorous I couldn't resist taking this photo inside.

Before the ceremony began, i had to rehearse making hand prints inside the theatre. I decided I wanted to make a peace sign with one of my hands so I tried several versions before choosing which worked best, back of the hand, front of the hand? I decided on back of the hand. (You really have to press hard!). Can you believe no one has made an imprint of the peace sign before! I figure I’m the appropriate one to create this precedent.

When I arrived, there was a huge crowd that filled the sidewalk and even across the street, which moved me a lot. They waved and blew kisses.

Here's what I saw when I peeked out from behind the stage before the ceremony began. Dear friends and family and of course Richard (there he is in the front row to the far right). Many other friends were there too, but I don't have pictures of all of them.

The ceremony began with Robert Osborne. Thats the incredible theater entrance behind him.

Then Troy, who was so eloquent and comfortable in his skin as he spoke. I was bowled over, truth be told. To me, he looks like my father here.

Then Lily Tomlin spoke and, as I waited just behind the back drop, I was crying with gratitude that I have such wonderful friends and family.

Maria Shriver, whom I've known for more than 30 years (her father, the great Sargent Shriver, was my daughter Vanessa's godfather) was also amazing and generous in her talk.

Then I came out and spoke for 2 minutes. Here I'm waving to the fans across the street

and then I knelt down on the knee rest and did what I'd practiced.

Hand print and name done.

And heres the final product.

After the ceremony we took lots more photos.

With Eva Longoria. We've become friends through working for L'Oreal. She's not just beautiful, she's brave and smart.

With Alexander Payne, the fantastic director ("The Descendants," "About Schmidt," "Sideways," "Citizen Ruth"). He and I became friends when I went to Omaha at his invitation to help raise funds for the local cinematheque

Pat Mitchell & Lily Tomlin

I invited Jim Carrey. I am just getting to know him but I have been a huge admirer of his forever as has my granddaughter, Viva. You should have seen her face when she turned in her seat at the start of the ceremony and saw him. I wish I could have filmed her expression. I'm so grateful he was there.

Peter, Shirlee Fonda, and Troy

Left to right: Viva, Troy, me, Peter, his wife, Parky, Shirlee Fonda, Maria, Lily, Robert Osborne

And hovering over all of us all through the ceremony was my father's presence. I could feel him there so strongly. He put his hand and foot prints in the cement in 1942. So in a very palpable way, this day was a family affair. My prints will be placed right next to his which moves me more than anything. No wonder it was such a special day for me.

After the ceremony, all my friends then went next door to the historic Musso Frank’s restaurant and had a yummy lunch.

After that, I appeared on stage across the street at the Egyptian Theatre where Robert Osborne asked me questions about the making of "On Golden Pond" before the film was screened to a full house. I got to tell some of my best Katharine Hepburn stories.

The long, joyous and intense day ended perfectly with a delicious dinner at Craig’s with my family. We were wiped, let me tell you, but still full of excitement from the day.

Till next time…

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  1. What an incredibly deserved honor! Congratulations! I have walked pass those foot and handprints many times, always in awe of those who have left their mark. Now I will be able to see yours . . . . and see if my feet are bigger or smaller than yours. 🙂 I can already imagine tourists from all over the world standing next to your prints, giving the peace sign as they get their picture taken. 🙂
    Is there a committee that decides what celebrities put their prints there? What qualifies a person? Obviously, yours was greatly deserved.

    • It costs quite a bit of money so some entity must be willing to pay for it. Sometimes it’s just a PR gimmick to promote a film. Members of the press told me that the younger actors seem rather blase about it, like it’s just another PR stunt. They were happy to see that, for me, it was such a personal an emotional event.

      • Irrespective of cost, it was entirely worth it for you, Jane. I’ve followed your amazing career and seen each and every one of your cinematic performances since, as a teenager in the early ’70’s, catching your Oscar acceptance speech for ‘Klute’ and thinking “Hmmm….she sounds interesting”. I believe, like the late, great Kate Hepburn, you should be a quadruple Oscar-winner, as you were robbed for ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’ and ‘Julia’.
        BTW, ignore the posh title – I’m basically a Scotsman, now based in beautiful Budapest (which I understand, from the Geller Hotel archives, you’ve visited) and teaching at a beautiful University right on the banks of the Danube – in fact, looking across to the Gellert. And, like you, I consider myself to be damn lucky in my life and choices.
        Respect to you, dear Lady Jane.

    • In addition to a heart felt contratulations on your many successes, I would like to know if you could advise me as to who made (and if you knew where can I get a crochet pattern for) the crochet top that you wore in the 1989 movie Stanley & Iris. Any help will be deeply appreciated. I have searched the internet for a very long time and have been unable to find anything even remotely like it.

      Many Thanks,

      Louise Fudge

      • Oh gosh, Imfudge, I have no idea. A costume designer, now deceased, got it for the film. sorry.

        • Jane,
          I apologize for commenting in response to the wrong post.
          I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you wrote about why you went to Hanoi. I wasn’t there but my Dad was and was wounded so I am very proud of his sacrifice.
          Humility is always rewarded by God and if you have done that which saying you regretted doing the photo is humility in my opinion.

          Anyway, I wish you the best. If you have the opportunity to honor veterans I hope you always will because no matter what our government does, these brave men & women deserve our honor & gratitude – I know you agree.

          God Bless You!

  2. What a great blog, Jane! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. I know the process for getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but wonder who makes the decision regarding the footprints? Thanks again for sharing!

  3. Such a well-earned salute to you, Jane…lovely to have so many people join you who adore you! It’s a wonderful tribute to your body of work. Your son looks so much like your father, but then…so do you. Good genes!

    Jim Carrey is a sweet man, and I’m delighted that you are getting to know him. He’s a gifted artist with a huge heart and a good soul.

    My son looks like Jim, or Jim looks like my son…not sure who comes first! He gets mistaken for Jim a lot. He’s in the same industry, so it’s a common occurrence that he hears mentioned often.

  4. Dear Jane

    I am very, very happy. Because you maked her hands and foot prints in Hollywood wake of fame.

    I am the guy pinted new portrait when stayed in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, for signs her lest book PRIME TIME. In november 30,2012.

    I would be great show my work to some of your friends, maybe they would like my work.

    I love you Jane. “You live in my heart and my mind”.

    Asked to me.

    Your lifelong friend.
    Mario Braga

  5. thank you for sharing Jane, the photos and your descriptions are like being there. wonderful, just like you. Peace n’hugs.

  6. Congratulations Jane !!
    GOD bless you!
    Indeed a great moment with your family and friends !
    Best regards
    Trajano Paiva

  7. Congratulations! Good choice to immortalize the peace sign. Hope that TCM shows it all on TV soon. It looked like a fabulous day.

  8. A big congratulations Jane and well deserved!

    I was at the TCM screening of On Golden Pond that day. You looked astonishing! I was sitting about 6 rows from the front and you seemed to be glowing – a testament to healthy living. Very beautiful and touching talk you gave about the film. Was a thrill to see such a turnout, all oscar nominated or winning for the film – you, the director Mark Rydell, your producing partner Bruce Gilbert and the oscar winning screen writer Ernest Thompson.

    What a day for you and those of us lucky enough to share in some part of it!

  9. Congrats Jane-you so deserve this!!
    Can you please please please give me the name of the psychic who told you that you were going to write books a few years back? I need some guidance and would love to go! Thank you!!

    • She is deceased, alas. Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ has a very good psychic if that something feasible for you.

      • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. But yes, I would love to contact the one in AZ unless you know of someone in LA which is closer to me. Thanks!!!

  10. Dear Jane: Congratulations! I will have to go back to L.A. someday to see this so much deserved honor by myself, and touch it!I was missing you here at the Blog,avid for news about you!You look amazing as always,and after your visit to São Paulo and Rio, you became more popular here than ever,and your “hair style” too!And what ever happened to Rosana Arquete?Robert Osborne,Lily Tomlin,long time I don´t see about them here in Brazil.Hopping that you will have time to finally hear some os the wonderfull Brazilian músic I gave you,and dance it with Richard.My best regards to you from Rio de Janeiro,Brazil!Keep Posting.

  11. This is great. I saw it in the papers and thought it was well deserved 🙂

  12. Congratulations on this honor.
    I love the pictures you share and seeing the different members of your family and your friends.
    Many thanks and kind regards,
    Joe Ross

  13. Congratulations! You deserve it more than anyone and it is a special event, you really CEMENTED your status as a legend now (terrible pun, I know, sorry 😀 ).

    And I have a feeling you’ll receive another huge honor come September if you know what I mean. 😉 At least I very much hope so.

  14. I love the idea of this; as much as I don’t watch movies or anything like that. I love the pictures of your hands, covered in something that has left a “physical” impression…. You are truly one of the most ?? influential people in my life. I’m sure I’ll never see your hand prints, but, you left an impression on me, not so dissimilar to that kind of thing. I am not sure congratulations is appropriate; you have left an impression in a spiritual and emotional way, on a lot of people, I’m sure. Some will walk by and see this, and remember you somehow; and others will walk by and feel you in it. I would be one of those people. You are beautiful… So, thank you is more appropriate.

  15. Hi Ms. Fonda..Congratulations on your special day at the Chinese Theater. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and I loved seeing your family and friends. I especially liked how you signed your name with the peace sign 🙂 As noted in others posts, I really hope that TCM shows your discussion as it seems it was a real hit with the fans, and to hear your stories about the making of “on Golden Pond” would be so fascinating. I hope you had a fun and memorable day as it seems you brought so much joy to all those around you. Wishing you all the very best..Amy <3

  16. Jane, so very, very happy for you.. and so well deserved in your Hollywood honours. You always you do things with such style! Loved the “peace signs” and that for fifty years…that is is what you have contributed to your legacy, as well as your movie career. How amazing that your “stone” will be placed by your father’s. Loved your comment that your father warned you about “being walked on, by Hollywood elite all of his life” now the tradition continues, but your legacy is so much more!! You look amazing for 75 years young! You should be a spokesperson for Zaimer’s “zoomers” we could use your voice for 50 plus aging issues here in Canada. After a long delay, my book “Stirring My Soul to Sing, Overcoming Obstalce of ADHD” is going to be published in the Fall 2013. I have a Nashville agent who is very interested to “get the word out there and in the media” about my book. I hope that in the near future, we will have the opportunity to meet. You are my role model as I age, now just a youngin of 53. Keep smiling, keep shining for Jesus and in being the “researcher” for our generation as we mature. Congrats again…Ian

  17. Congratulations on this wonderful honor, Jane! I made it out to Hollywood, once, in 1993. My Dad, sister and I journeyed out there together as my graduation gift from high school. I still have pictures of me placing my hands in Jack Nicholson’s handprints (of course, I had my sunglasses on) & one of my all-time favorite shots of me — posing in front of a huge window sign advertising Barbra Streisand’s “Back to Broadway” album. (My sister and I even saved up for a fancy dinner at Spago — where we were really impressed with how the staff treated us as if we were every bit as significant as the powerful elite.) Hollywood, at its best, to me, represents turning dreams into realities. (My Dad finally realized his wish and was a seat filler at this years Oscar telecast. He was able to watch you walk past him, in your dazzling yellow gown, on the red carpet. He said that of everybody there, you seemed most at ease with being fabulous!) When Blockbuster Video first opened up, I would insist that we rent “9 to 5” pretty much every time we went to the store. I, rather controversially, did my eleventh grade American Studies “An American Hero” report on you — and your bravery in demonstrating for peace. Got a good grade though. I appreciate that you share your life experiences and observations with us here on-line — it reinforces your humanity, in spite of your iconic status. Awhile back, I shared with you a bit of my journey. Just wanted to let you know how much your reASSURANCE meant to me. After a few stumbles, I have managed 223 days & counting of sobriety. Your art (whether it be in film, writing, fitness, or just living) continues to inform my life in such a positive manner — I can’t wait to begin introducing my niece & nephew (ages 11 and 9) to your movies. I’ve always had a love of traveling and staying at motels. Something about the quaint and understated appeals to a part of my soul. Recently, I was just accepted into the Manager In Training program with Motel 6 (You know, “We’ll leave the light on for you…”). I noticed that they have MANY locations in and around Atlanta. It’d be such a neat dream realized if I were to manage to open a brand new property and have you arrive at the Grand Opening… Barring that coming to fruition, Ms. Fonda, just wanted to say: Much love, respect and gratitude to you, always!!

  18. I’m very happy for you !… congratulations
    and near your father ! super !!
    You have a very good pictures with your family
    You come to France for the Cannes film festival this year ?
    congratulations again to you and all that you do… I admire you !

    • Florence, yes, I’ll be in Cannes May 16-20. xx

      • Jane,

        Will you collaborate with Versace again for Cannes? You looked amazing in Versace last year and again at the Oscars.

        What can we anticipate? DYING to know!!!!!

        • Blair, yes, Versase is making me a tourquoise gown… color of my birthstone. AS I’VE GOTTEN OLDER, I LIKE BRIGHT COLORS

  19. Dear Ms. Fonda, Congratulations! It is a well-deserved honor! You have given us many wonderful performances throughout your career. I know how much this means to you, and to be placed next to your father’s block. He is so proud! You are Hollywood royalty, with your intelligence and elegance, which no one else can match. You looked absolutely stunning at the Oscars, and in fact, you were the most dazzling! The younger actresses could learn much from you, not only how to dress and act like a lady but also how to be a world-class actor. I have long admired you and I watch On Golden Pond and Stanley and Iris as often as time allows. Have you ever thought of starting a literacy initiative due to your work in that film? You have certainly helped so many with fitness and nutrition, that I thought you would be a perfect spokeswoman for literacy in the world. You exemplify balance in mind, bodu and spirit, so it only seems natural. I just bought your last two DVDs and cannot wait to start on them. I would have purchased them earlier, but I had to address some back injuries from not one, but two rear-end collisions in recent years. Your book is motivational and it has helped me to get back to the lifestyle I used to have when I was much younger and you were selling workout apparel at Marshall Field’s! You, dear lady, are an inspiration to so many and I am so glad I have the opportunity to finally tell you so! I look forward to your next movie and/or project with great anticipation. You are a woman to be admired and emulated! Thank you for so many wonderful memories.

  20. Hello Jane,

    I was privileged to be at the screening of On Golden Pond at the TCM film festival. You are as beautiful in person as you are on screen. I have to tell you I cried so much but I laughed a lot as well. I would give anything to have your body. WOW! But I have to say, my favorite movie of yours is JULIA. That is my favorite movie of all time. I watch that over and over. What a beautiful film. If you are ever in Alaska look us up. Would love to cook some fresh Salmon for you. Sending you my love.

    Barb Rose

  21. Dear Jane,

    Congrats! You really deserve it! So happy for you.

    I just took my parents to Sequoia and Yosemite and I was telling them that I had read you got lost in Sequoia National Park once upon a time. Wow. Now I’ve been there I know how daunting that must have been. And how brave. What with the bears et al. I was nervous getting out of the car just to go to the restroom…!!!

    Take care

  22. Jane,

    I have been reading all your blogs and the comments and I am getting so excited to see you at Cannes!

    You always wow me with your looks. I saw that you will be wearing Versace, and I know that is always a winning combo! Are there any other designers you can confirm for the festival?

    Also, I love seeing you and Eva Longoria together on the red carpet for L’Oreal. Will you both be in Cannes at the same time again this year?

    All the best,


  23. I would have loved to see you in Cannes, but I live near Toulouse a southwest in France.
    I regret not able to come !!
    Take care of you. xx

  24. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of your special day! Whoa, but you should have been there long ago! Your smile and beauty are eternal–love the way your spirit gives you that eternal youth in all the photos, as if you are still in your 40s. Amazing! Inspiring! Blessings to you.

  25. Ms. Fonda, I just came across your site as I was reading about you and your family. I live a couple of blocks away from the Chinese Theater up towards Franklin Ave and stroll down Hollywood Blvd every once in a while to ponder the greats that have come before me. As a film director/producer, when I see you and your father’s names in the cement I think about all the inspiration your family has given us through your incredible performances. A few yrs late but congrats on the honor!

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