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I have gotten amazing, heartfelt feedback from people who are working out with my last two DVDs. One woman said she was 80 years old and had never exercised before in her life but was ‘hooked’ by my videos (her son gave them to her) and felt better than ever. Younger people who have gotten out of shape are telling me the same thing.

While I was researching my book, “Prime Time,” I was struck by the depth of research showing that staying physically active is just about the #1 factor in whether you have a good Third Act or not. As Jane Brody, New York Times health writer says, “It’s not that very old people…can exercise because they are healthy…rather, they achieve a healthy old age because they exercise.” Activity strengthens the heart and bones, improves circulation, reduces obesity, thickens the skin and can help with depression because of the endorphins released into the system. Endorphins are brain chemicals that give relief from pain, enhance the immune system, reduce stress and bring us a sense of well-being. For some people it takes only ten minutes of moderate exercise to experience the endorphin rush. For others it might take 30 minutes.

Some people mistakenly think, “Oh, I can’t exercise. I’ve never done it…or I stopped that years ago!” Well, we’ve all heard the truism, “Use it or lose it.” What this leaves out, however, is that if it’s lost we can get it back. Not only can we recover lost functions but “in some cases we can actually increase function beyond our prior level.”

It’s important to do both cardio (aerobic) as well as resistance exercises. Aerobic activity is the only thing that gets rid of fat from all over your body including the marbled fat deep inside your muscles — dieting alone can’t do this. There’s more: All brain experts will tell you that physical activity will do more for brain health than the expensive computer-based brain games that are so the rage these days (though doing both might not be a bad idea!). Aerobics also helps the brain by reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke and improves cognitive functioning by slowing the age-related shrinkage of the frontal cortex of the brain which is where “executive functioning” like reasoning and problem solving take place. Reports show that as many as fifty million older Americans may get Alzheimers by mid-century. While research is underway to prevent or postpone the disease, scientists already know, as Jane Brody writes, “…people who exercise regularly in midlife are 1/3 as likely to develop Alzheimer’s in their 70’s. Even those who start exercising in their 60’s cut their risk of dementia in half.” Now THAT’S saying something!!

All of us know that we tend to put on weight as we get older. This is due partly to our tendency to be less active while continuing to eat the way we always have. But it is also due to the fact that we lose, on average, 3 to 5 percent of our muscle tissue each decade after age 30 so that by the time we reach seventy-five, our resting metabolism (basal metabolism) will have slowed, and dropped by about 10 percent– unless, of course, we become active enough to maintain our muscles and consciously eat fewer (but more nutrient-rich) calories.

Here’s a dramatic example of what can happen: If you eat just 100 calories more than you burn up every day, you can expect to gain more than fifty pounds in five years. In order to lose this fat, you have to burn it up as a source of energy. (ie., if the calories you eat are less than the number of calories you are burning as energy, then the additional energy you need will have to come from stored fat.) To sum up: Aerobic or fat-burning types of activities will help with weight loss as will increasing your resting metabolism rate through weight-training or resistance exercise to maintain muscle mass. According to research done at Tufts on people fifty to seventy-two years old, muscle mass can actually be increased more than 200 percent with exercise.

I had been out of the workout business since the mid 90s, but what I learned from my research motivated me to get back into it. I created a new brand, Jane Fonda’s PRIME TIME workout. I figured ‘who better than me? I’m old, I’m have physical issues like most people, I can’t do what I used to do—jump up and down, splits, etc—and I have credibility in this area. Why not make a whole new series of programs for boomers and seniors that are safe and effective? Nobody else is doing it!’

On the set of Firm & Burn

My first two DVD’s (Fit & Strong” and “Walkout”) came out last year and are best sellers they are currently available online and in stores. “Fit & Strong” won the Best Fitness Disc Award from Home Media Magazine. Now I am excited to announce the release of my two newest DVD’s. The first, called “Firm & Burn” is available right now at Target Stores. The second is called “Trim, Tone & Flex” and will be available, along with “Firm & Burn” in stores everywhere and online on December 6th. Both titles are available for preorder on Amazon. They are more like my older videos in that I have other people with me, real people, not models or buff dudes, and the music is fabulous: A live band on set doing Doo Wop, Funk, Latin…it’s really fun.

Home Media Magazine Best Fitness Disc Award

So just keep in mind what The MacArthur Foundation’s Study of Successful Aging, concluded: physical activity is “perhaps the single most important thing an older person can do to remain healthy… the crux of successful aging, regardless of other factors.”

And, please, if you do use these programs, let me know your thoughts—good or bad. You have no idea how much I learn from the people who write to me on my blog, facebook, and twitter.

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  1. I’ve had a copy of your “Look Great from Behind” exercises and I lost it. I remember it was published in a magazine way back in the ’90’s. It was very effective… made me really look great from behind. I’d love to be able to know those moves again. I wanted to get a copy of it but don’t know where & how.

    • Lily, i never made a video of that name

      • How can I get The New Workout on DVD? I used to do it everyday (years ago). You were the first person to inspire me to workout. Would love to do again!!

  2. You look amazing always, as always, and have always inspired me to do better with my fitness. I just retired, age 62, and have some work to do to get in shape. I have some of your earlier fitness videos, but now will need to get some of your keep fit programmes for people of my age. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and advice.

  3. hi jane
    I send you hello from France
    thank you so much about this genial blog
    I like your exercises I do them fluently

  4. Hello Jane

    Really awesome writing to you. I turned 40 yesterday and am really looking for life “to begin”, as they say. I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
    I first worked out to one of your audio tapes in the late 80s (mid to late teens). I still have that tape and worked out to it this evening! Needless to say bits and pieces of the tape have nail polish sections which glued broken pieces together! This tape is the only workout that my body responds to. I kid you not! It’s not because we’re not technologically advanced here. Heck, I’m typing this on my iPad 4.
    As you might have gathered, my poor tape is old, has certain sections missing, meaning parts of my arms and aerobic session have been halved. i can’t find it anywhere. I even downloaded two recordings from iTunes, but they were not the ones.
    The one I’m looking for starts like the others, but the difference is the first song or music is Michael Jackson’ s “Wanna be starting something”. Please help me. Maybe have it put on iTunes. I’m begging you. I’m 40. Things are heading south, faster than I can eat a doughnut! HELP,,


  5. Hi Jane,
    Let me begin like a million others…you look fabulous!
    I have this question.
    I have just purchased your two DVDs Walk Out and am/pm Yoga. I have just turned 60 and KNOW I must regularly take care of myself. As I turned 60 I also broke both ankles and have been immobile for almost 12 weeks. Slowly getting back to normal.
    Will I still after healing be able to complete your workouts regularly after breaking my ankles? I really need a program I can continue. Thank you for your inspiration 🙂

    • yes, cindy, I think probably you can but get permission from your doc. xx

  6. Dear Jane,
    I wonder if the fitness program “Jane Fonda’s New Workout”, from 1985, with the beginner and advanced parts, with Leslie Lilien singing “Do It”, exists on DVD? Maybe you have wrote it down, but then I missed it!
    Best Regards!

    • Nordin, no that video doesn’t exist as a DVD and probably won’t as “we” don’t do those moves these days. xx

      • Just saw this, please bring it back!,! We all used to do it and survived ‘the moves’! It is at my moms house, but no VCR!

        • Katy, will do. xx

          • I do hope you bring back the New Workout Video from 1985 in DVD format. I lost 140 lbs to it. I’ll happily do those moves again!!! I’ve gained back 30 of those lbs since the ’80s and would love the inspiration. PLEASE!!!! Thank you!

          • DIANE, IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN…IN 2014!!

  7. There are not adequate enough words for your Firm and Burn aerobics! I am turning 50 soon and really needed to get flexible and lose some weight. I am now able to sit cross-legged on the floor with my preschool class again! Thank you for sharing your God given talents of dance and helping others appreciate the one body He has given us. God bless you!

  8. I recently began doing the step aerobics workout (from the 80’s) after being very inactive for several years. I needed something that was not too difficult to start with and I remembered how much I enjoyed doing this workout. I am going to check out your newer video’s, as I have recently turned 55 and have both high blood pressure and am borderline diabetic, and have some problems with arthritis.

    This month is also “Walktober” and I’m up to 19,000 steps per day and am feeling great (aside from my feet)!

    My 40’s was my time for learning about myself, and my abilities; My 50’s seem to be about completion of things and coming full-circle to myself. I finished a certificate in photography program the year before last, an associates in art, and a two-year liberal arts degree as well last year. What I really need now is to strengthen my body so I may continue to work on my craft.

    Thank you for contributing to the health and well-being of others; and for your contributions to the arts as well!

    All the best …

  9. Hello Jane,

    I just want to express how wonderful I feel you are.

    I was born the year after your New Workout came out with Leslie Lillian Singing “Do It!” and remember my moment popping in that VHS daily and getting my sister and I involved when we were about 4 or 5. Keeping a healthy and active lifestyle was and still is very important to my mom. Unfortunately I didn’t follow through and packed on an unhealthy amount of weight.

    I am 5’2 3/4″ and reached a depressing weight of 196 lbs. I had finally decided to take back control of my body about 2 years ago and shuffled through work out DVD after workout DVD and was able to drop about 20 lbs but couldn’t seem to keep it off. That is until my mom pulled out that “New Workout” for me. I’ve been using that workout for about 3 months now and have gotten my weight down to 135 lbs and steadily working on a happier healthier me.

    I honestly don’t think I could’ve made this far without the encouragement and fun your workout inspires every time I start it up (which is daily). I hope the “New Workout” makes it to DVD someday and the near future considering it is the highlight of my daily activities!

    ~ Julie

  10. And as a side note I should really read over stuff before posting, because reading it after posting and finding all my grammatical errors is really embarrassing.

    • Julie, That happens sometimes to me too when I blog. oh well.

  11. Love all your video’s and dvds. Been working out since the early 80’s when my kids were babies. I would love to see your original and new workout from the 80’s in DVD PLEASE!!!! I have bought vhs tapes but they wear out. Do you have your original on DVD. Please reply,,,thanks, Cindy

    ps I am new to this site, so you may have already answered this or have one out, if so where is it? Thanks.

  12. Hello Jane,

    I just want to express how wonderful I feel you are.

    I was born the year after your “New Workout” came out, with Leslie Lilien singing “Do It!”. I remember my mom popping in that VHS daily and getting my sister and I involved when we were about 4 or 5. Keeping a healthy and active lifestyle was and still is very important to my mom. Unfortunately I didn’t follow through and packed on an unhealthy amount of weight.

    I am 5’2 3/4″ and had obtained a depressing weight of 196 lbs. I had finally decided to take back control of my body about 2 years ago and shuffled through workout DVD after workout DVD and was able to drop about 20 lbs but couldn’t seem to keep it off. That is until my mom pulled out that “New Workout” for me. I’ve been using that workout for about 3 months now and have gotten my weight down to 135 lbs and steadily working on a happier healthier me.

    I honestly don’t think I could’ve made it this far without the encouragement and fun your workout inspires every time I start it up (which is daily). I hope the “New Workout” makes it to DVD someday in the near future considering it is the highlight of my daily activities!

    ~ Julie

    (It was bugging me, I had to go back and correct my errors.)

    • Julie, I think we’re finally going to get The New Workout on DVD. Stay tuned!

  13. Hi Jane,

    Is there a way to get the DVD format of your 1982 workout videos?

    Many thanks for years of support,


  14. When I was 18, all of a sudden, I started gaining weight. Didn’t know why it happened, didn’t know what to do about it. I was physically active, I had a balanced diet…, there was no medical problem…
    I started getting comments on my weight, which can be hurtful to an 18 year-old. Some told me, that it was in my genes. I used to play tennis and go swimming three times per week back then. I was still gaining weight.
    My mother one day came home with Jane Fonda’s workout videos, beginners and advanced, of 1982. She told me that what I needed was to “meet Jane Fonda”. I started workouts with Jane, who has always been inspiring and supportive. From the third day of workout, I started losing weight. And got my body back in 3 weeks.
    Now, years later, that I’ve moved and life has changed a lot, I still start and end my days with Jane’s workouts. I am always grateful, Jane.

  15. Hello Jane,

    You’re my hero. For the last month, you’re on my computer, and we’re doing the workout together. You’re so much fun.

    I’m doing every day, the Workout Advanced for an hour. Me too, i am wearing the leg warmers. Love them! I’m not as flexible and fast as you in the video, but I’m planning on getting better. I would love to train more with you.

    What would you recommend? Should I take a day off? Should I mix my routine with more cardio and more stretching?

    I’m in my mid-30s, I don’t want to lose weight, just gain more balance, be more toned, and muscled. Oh, I have been following your advice for so long: I eat super healthy, no processed food (never), always fresh, and no restaurants (can’t have access to nutrition facts).
    Please tell me if there are more DVD or books to buy from you! I noticed I feel much better when I train for at least an hour. I would love to train in the morning, but I do at night when children are asleep 🙂

    I’m from Paris, I know I could write you in French, because your French is so perfect!!!

    Again, Love you Jane!!! You’re so amazing!

    • chacha, you must take at least one day to rest your body!

  16. Oh this is good news!

  17. I am 58 and started exercising to your first vinyl record 32 years ago! I do your complete personal trainer series still and love it. I have it on DVD now but am terrified I will break it and won’t be able to afford the cost of a new one. Is there a reason it is priced at $150 some dollars new on Amazon? PS: I remember seeing you on the Phil Donahue show telling us that “housework isn’t going to cut it”. You were so right! Thank you, Michelle

    • Michelle, my team tells me that is a reseller price, and priced as a novelty or hard to get item. The DVD’s are not currently for sale under our original distributor, Warner Brothers, but we do have plans to make all of the programs available on DVD or download, at reasonable prices sometime next year.

  18. I am so looking forward to starting your new dvd am/pm yoga. You are so amazing and such a role model for us.
    I am 67 and have a bad back, I do walk but want to be more flexible and stronger.
    God bless you.

  19. Jane,

    I am going to see Lily Tomlin tonight at our local Capitol Civic Center. I cannot help but remember you along with Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin in one of my favorite movies, Nine to Five.

    I am 42 y/o and my all-time favorite move is On Golden Pond. I loved watching you and your father, Katharine Hepburn. The music from that movie is on my iPod. The piano music is still moving to me after all these years. I believe that movie is from 1982. My absolute favorite.


  20. Last year I began a popular weight loss program and was encouraged to add activity to my lifestyle. Thankfully I was able to get an old VHS copy of your low impact aerobic video, which I did years ago and loved. In wanting to broaden my exercise to include weights, I stumbled across the newer DVDs and am so very excited!! I bought two, but since then discovered the vidoes are available through Amazon Prime. Now I have a wonderful variety of regimes. I have lost 60 lbs, so far and have gone from a size 2X to 14. I can’t thank you enough for your variety, concern for correct form and making it all fun. Thanks so much Jane….

  21. Dear Jane,

    I’ve been working out with you for 18 years. I’m 36 now. There have been times that I was plain lazy, but I always get back to working with Jane. Your exercises improve my confidence. That’s not the strongest aspect of my being. For that, I have a tendency to easily being walked over. Whether it’s a bad day, or a perfect day, I go back to Jane, to get ready for the next day. Strength training is my favorite pass time. Just I think I’m getting lazy in aerobics. I can always work with your Fit and Strong and Trim and Tone DVDs, and your walk out DVD is my best friend of cold winter days.
    I’m wondering, when I have more time, and want to do a complete workout, do you recommend strength training before aerobics or after? And on an every day basis, do you think for a light routine, walk out is more helpful to maintain my weight or strength training, or maybe one after the other on consecutive days? I’m very short, and easily gain weight. I watch my diet, have the blend of fruit and vegetables you told us about, but still, I need to exercise everyday in order to maintain a normal weight. It would be so kind of you to tell me which order you think is the best. Thanks a lot, for every day of 18 years. 🙂

    • Ada, what good questions. To keep weight down it’s important to do both aerobics and weights. Maybe, due to time constraints, you could alternate days. If you can do bot on one day, I suggest doing aerobics first to warm up your muscles…and don’t forget to stay flexible! xxx

  22. Thanks a lot Jane, advice treasured. 🙂

  23. Hello Mrs. Fonda. I’m 32 years old now and I’ve been doing the same workout for 10 years, that is your: Jane Fonda 1982 work out, advanced. I’ve been told that the body needs a variety of exercises and programs, but this workout really works for me and I don’t really relate to all the new ones. This one has really the perfect energy for a feel good workout. So my question is: do I really need to change workouts and programs and always buy the newest releases or can I do the same exercises over and over again? I do walk and swim etc…

    • if you also walk and swim eems like you’re good, though every now a then a new ones challenges new muscles.

  24. Hi Jane! I am at the age where I feel like I should get on the ball and get some of this 100+ lbs extra weight off. I have chosen to start with your WalkOut Jane Fonda Prime time to start. I was wondering if you could please give me an estimated calorie count on part 1 and part 2 (separately)since I am also documenting what I eat and how many calories I burn.
    Thanks so much!

    • BW, I am not able to give you a calorie count. So much of that is individual.

  25. Hi Jane;

    I loved the step workouts, Step Aerobic and Abdominal Workout, and Step and Stretch Workout. Would love to get DVD copies of these ones!

    Thanks so much for making exercise fun!


  26. Hi Jane,
    In 1984 I decided to start exercising. I purchased your video. I did the workout religiously every night before dinner. I felt great, people started to notice the change in my body, it was very gradual. The video was a stepping stone for me, I joined a gym started to do aerobic classes and have never stopped. I turn 60 this year. Thank you for being my inspiration.

  27. Hi Jane;

    I was in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1978-1985 and when your workout videos “Beginner, Intermediate and Advance” came out it went through the Women’s Barracks like wildfire…here was something we could do and stay in shape..better shape I might add than the miles of running we had to do. Since I got out of the Marines and after having my son and two divorces, I have packed on some weight. Previously you mentioned the Videos will be coming out this year. Do you have an approximate month or date? I would love to get the DVD version.

    Thank you

  28. jane i recently heard you say something in an interview that inspired me to start working out again for the first time in 11 years. the next day i did your walk out video and today i did fit and strong. i hated working out and didn’t think i would ever be motivated to again. i am 53 and it is time to get it back! thank you!
    any tips on how to stop smoking?

  29. Hi Jane. I just wanted to share that I’m 32-years-old and been doing your Walk Out workout for just over 3 weeks now. I’ve NEVER stuck with a workout routine this long or seen results this quickly. I’m not comfortable at the gym and am starting to love at-home workouts and your Walk Out is easy for learn & follow. At first I did the first version every day, then tried the second Walk Out. Now I do both in a row followed by the stretches. I’m down 4 solid lbs and have truly never looked at the scale and seen my weight drop and stay there, which is amazing motivation! Besides the weight loss I feel stronger and more energized. The workouts get easier and feel faster each time I do them. At this point I’m no longer going to check the scale for a couple of months but I feel healthier and I’m looking forward to how your workouts can help me continue to feel healthier, be more me, and more fit. Maybe I’ll update in 6 months. Thank you SO much for creating a workout that’s suitable for all ages, when you say “this will make all the difference in your life” in the Walk Out you’re not kidding. Lots of love, thank you. Susan

    • Oh Susan, this news thrills me. Truly. This is why I have done these programs–and they take a lot of time and energy on my part to get them made so to hear this news from news is so exiting. Keep up the good work and keep me posted. xx Jane

  30. Hello Jane…first I want to thank you, so much, for inspiring me throughout , my adulthood, to exercise and take care of myself. It started back in the 80’s with your first workout VHS :). I continued to workout regularly into my thirties and then career, motherhood, marriage seemed to take over my life leaving little room for me. Now I’m 52, retired, remarried and wanting to regain strength, health and a better self image. The first person I looked for was you. I had a feeling you might be shepherding us through older age just as you had in our younger days. Im was right! And I’m so glad to be right lol :D. I know how important working with weights is but had no clear guidance on how. Thank you, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, for showing us. We know you have credibility but also you do the homework and share it with us. It is immeasurably helpful to all of us regardless of age. I’ll let you know how it goes. Mom just getting started. But I KNOW these will be workouts I look forward yo. Bless you, Jane!

  31. 78 year old retired woman with A-Fib. I’ve dieted myself up to over 300 lbs. and became a couch potato. Decided yesterday I’d better get off my butt and start doing something or soon I wouldn’t be able to. I can’t do much yet, but found your Walking Cardio Workout on You Tube and today started doing it – made it for about 4-1/2 minutes, and will do another 4 minutes or so once I catch my breath. I have to be careful not to overtax my heart, but not doing anything is worse than pushing myself. I just ordered a dvd of this program so I’ll always have it with me. I have lots of exercise videos but most of them have never even been out of the wrapper as I know they are too intense for me. Thank you for this.

  32. Dear Jane,
    I was doing your 1982 cassette tape workout religiously every day at my lunch hour at Merrill Lynch, right out of college. I’d go up into an empty office with my tape player. If I didn’t have the tape, I knew the exercises by heart, and could do all of the exercises from memory! I remember still being able to do that in my 40’s. But, alas, one Hurricane Katrina later, and in my 50’s, I have the tape, which starts with, “Can You Feel It”, but do not know what exercises to do. I think it’s different from your first video posted online with your pink and purple leotard, but am confused about whether the cassette exercises are the same as the first VHS video. Have spent loads of hours now researching to find a DVD to buy of it, or to find the exercise routine which goes with the cassette tape, as I prefer that music with that routine. I still haven’t found it! Maybe the exercises for the cassette were in your book, and that’s how we learned them? Because I remember looking at your book. (It’s gone). I don’t mind the bounces at all, and they never did me any harm, but I really would like so much to be able to do the same exercise routine from the cassette tape. (Or to have a DVD of the exact workout which starts with, “Can You Feel It”. I hope that it is still in the works! I’m not worried about what the physiologists say. A warning can be placed that the exercises have bouncing). Please tell me where to find the original exercise routine to match the tape! That routine brings back such great memories of my 20’s, I loved doing it, it kept me in great shape, and I had such a good time back then. We adore you for making them, and inspiring us to keep fit!

    • Robin, 4 of my early best-selling workout videos will soon be out (after the New Year) on DVD!!! Stay tuned re where to get them

  33. Dear Jane, years ago I worked out to your Low Impact Aerobics video. I had a VHS tape of it, and literally used it until it wore out. I was relatively active until a few years ago when my husband of 25 years unexpectedly died. The shock of his death, and the fact that he left things in a shambles caused me to stop working out and eat more. I gained around 25 pounds. My youngest child (I have three) who just turned 18 was worried about me…I am 59, having had her when I was in my forties. I wanted to do something about myself and get healthy again. I looked up the Low Impact video and to my surprise and joy it was out on DVD now and listed on Amazon. I bought a copy and began working out to it again at the beginning of July. Yesterday I had on a pair of my pants I haven’t worn for a while, and I kept wondering why they were slipping down my hips. I went to the scale and I lost 4 1/2 pounds…through a combination of healthier eating – I cut sugar way down and am eating more fruits and vegetables. My waist is also more toned, and I can feel the muscles in my legs again. I am also working out several days a week with some light weights, and I just ordered your Firm and Burn video and I’m going to alternate it with the Low Impact one. While doing that workout it’s so funny…even though I hadn’t done it in years, I remembered it and my body instinctively started the exercises right on time. Thanks so much for your workouts…releasing them again on DVD has made me take an interest in getting healthy and has made my children happy that their Mom is going forward with her life again.

  34. Hi Jane, I cannot thank you enough for putting your Original Workout back on the market! I used this 30 years ago and it whipped me in shape. Now, I am 51 and certainly need to get strong and healthy. I was THRILLED to see the dvd for the original workout. I did it for the first time tonight and loved it as much as I did then. I believe in this workout and can’t wait to see myself toned and trim!! My twin sister is going out to the store to buy it tomorrow. Thank you

  35. Hi Jane,

    I’ve been a fan of your videos since they first came out. My mom started doing them and than I joined her in doing them. You have been an inspiration for me and especially my Mom.


  36. Hi Jane,

    I dropped 20 pounds doing your Walk Out exercises + Trim, Tone and Flex, doing daily walks, and walking on treadmill in the gym and having the smoothies you recommended. Won’t ever leave working out with you! This is not the first time you have changed my life. I have no words to thank you but I hope you know how grateful I am for every moment I’ve spent with you. You are so inspiring and supportive, I feel your care through out the work outs. Well, I will never look like you! 🙂 But I feel much better and healthier now. Thanks! God Bless You!

  37. Jane, thank so much for creating fitness video’s for the 60+. I have been active walking and doing pilates over the last couple of years but needed a new motivating force and that is you! My husband has been having some health issues and it is too easy to get so wrapped up in the DR visits and ice bags to back burner my own exercise. You have always been an inspiration! Thanks again.

  38. I want to workout on line. Do you have classes to watch?

  39. Hi Jane,

    I’m a big fan. My friends know me as the ‘aerobics girl’ who works out to your videos (almost) every day. I’m thrilled that you have remastered and rereleased some of your old workouts, and am hoping that you will rerelease more of them, in particular the weights workout with Dan Isaacson.

    I’ve also bought your Prime Time dvds for my parents, who are in their 70s. Mum has started doing your ‘Walkout’. I’m so thankful that you created this series for older people like them.

    You’re an inspiration! Thanks Jane!

  40. Jane Fonda’s Step Aerobics and Abdominal Work Out. Used this some years back to drop 16 lbs. Well, some years have passed now and I am even heavier. Found the recording on YouTube and I am going to start it again. It’s easy to learn, fun, and it worked.

    Thanks Jane

  41. Hi Jane,
    My mom did your low impact aerobics workout in the 80s and I’ve started doing it myself – I’m 31 and it’s the best workout I’ve ever done! I’ve been doing it for about 6 months now and it’s made a huge difference. My mom has had a lot of injuries over the years to her knees, feet, and hips, and she can’t do the aerobics anymore. Are there any of your Prime Time programs that you would recommend for her? She hasn’t worked out in years because her injuries limit what she can do, but she would really like to get back into it.
    Thanks so much! We are both big fans of yours.

    • Natanya, I recommend Prime Time Walkout and Prime Time Fit & strong. Let me know how it goes. xx

  42. Jane these videos are really good, I bought one and I work really well, my fitbit marks the activity as cardio, I really work and I enjoy your company💕💕

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