AT&T were a no-show for the five days around the holiday in spite of our continuous cries for help and as a result I have had no internet access. Our offices in Atlanta were flooded when a pipe broke and we had to move into new digs and the internet was a non-happening. That’s why my blogs are all backed up. Oh well. When these things happen I just think that a couple of decades ago the technology didn’t even exist. So—can it really be all that important in the end?

We gathered at the ranch for a week and it was great fun. My friends, the Bickfords joined us over the weekend. They were with us on the Galapagos trip so it was a 6-month reunion of sorts…though I see Jewelle all the time when I’m in New York and she’s just joined the board of The Women’s Media Center. Emily and George’s daughters, Nathalie and Elizabeth somehow didn’t make the photos but they were a delicious addition to the otherwise adult gathering.

I took everyone into town on Saturday and in the fabulous store called Nathalie on Canyon Road we all put on cowboy hats to have our picture taken.

Left to right - Laura, Nick, Nat, Jewelle, Richard, Me

Left to right - Laura, Nick, Nat, Jewelle, Richard, Me

Nathalie, the beautiful owner of the store, with me and Jewelle

Nathalie, the beautiful owner of the store, with me and Jewelle

Me with Jewelle

Me with Jewelle

It was a snowy weekend…very appropriate for Thanksgiving. We played games like this one where we each had a name attached to our foreheads and had to guess who we were. I was Beethoven but didn’t guess it. We also played a fabulously fun games called Taboo. Men against women. We won. Then we sang Christmas Carrols…a holiday tradition for my family although I’ll have to admit I always have to strong-arm the kids to join me (I grew up singing the old fashioned carrols and want my kids and grands to know there’s more to it than ”Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer,” tho that’s perfectly charming).



Laura Bickford, her sister Emily Lansbury and Nathalie Vadim

Laura Bickford, her sister Emily Lansbury and Nathalie Vadim

Richard who is trying to guess who he is (Marlene Dietrich)

Richard who is trying to guess who he is (Marlene Dietrich)

Troy, George Lansbury, Nick Jarecki and Nat Bickford

Troy, George Lansbury, Nick Jarecki and Nat Bickford

Laura and Nick gave me a beautiful Mexican bowl with a couple of skeletons dancing on the bottom. I love it cause I love how Mexico isn't afraid of death

Laura and Nick gave me a beautiful Mexican bowl with a couple of skeletons dancing on the bottom. I love it cause I love how Mexico isn't afraid of death

Richard's not the only one to wear my mug shot T-shirt!!

Richard's not the only one to wear my mug shot T-shirt!!

Today’s our last day and we’re going into town for some Christmas shopping. As always, I am slightly down cause I hate leaving.

See you next time.

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  1. That looks like such fun to be with loved ones and at a snowy ranch in New Mexico. Thanks for sharing the photos and experience.

  2. Dreamy photos and your friends look nice & kind! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The Holidays come so fast! First Halloween goes by, then Thanksgiving is gone. Hopefully it slows down before Christmas runs by us! Can I just say, I love the game where you try to guess what person you are! Great fun!

  4. Dear Jane,
    December Blessings to you!
    May this be the most wonderful time of the year as you decorate for Christmas and celebrate the LORD’s Birthday.

    Psalm 103:1-5
    Merry Christmas,

  5. Thank you for sharing your goings on about your life ! i love them i will play that name game too with my family thi holyday season.

  6. Thank you for sharing your goings on about your life ! i love them i will play that name game too with my family this holiday season.

  7. Wow — looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving! I wonder why you’d ever even want to leave that magical place.
    I learned this Thanksgiving that God willing, I will be a new Grandmother by next Thanksgiving, so there’s much to be grateful for, as always. — I know that you treasure your kids and grandkids, and I can’t wait to see how the grandmother experience feels. What a blessing.
    Joy to you and your family this holiday season!
    — Please post more lovely photos of your ranch.

  8. Hi- Thanks for showing your pictures. It makes me feel good, or smile. My family is gone, and at 50, and fighting eminent domain on a brand new townhome, for a private, for profit corp., it’s illegal, but the rules don’t apply to Eniva Corp.
    My 1st home, thanks to Mom’s will, and now the home she left, the money was for this home. The city thinks getting back around half, if fine. Fuck em. That’s it. Wow. So your pictures, saved the day. Thanks. You’re inspiring in a way that helps me. I’ve got some mountains to climb, so those pics were appropriate. The house news kicked me over the fence, I guess, ha, and led to bad news with PTSD(man…), and or BPD. So I have some battles, also to much smoke, both, got me COPD, but that was fun! So, thanks. You share alot, and I just wish I had found your site, a long time ago. Always got your back! Thanks.

  9. Hi Jane … Mexicans we laugh at death, I will tell a little story: Death for Mexicans, more than a concept, is an expression of their identity. However, his jocular sense, evident in the skull, is more recent, and his father, is undeniably the engraver Jose Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913), who used the emaciated figures from medieval and pre-Hispanic traditions with the sly sense of character Mexican popular Ahuizote spirit, irreverent, who had already made an appearance in the early nineteenth century, in the literature of José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi and the middle of this century, in romantic Mexican and Guillermo Prieto, but are consolidated in the twentieth century popular tradition.

  10. What a beautiful view and shame on you for not guessing Beethovan, how obvious is that Miss Broadway Star?

  11. Very nice Jane,
    Must be a little winder like in New Mexico , Santa fe area this time of year> You must have some Christmas with snow deep and cold,or do you come back to LA for Christmas?

  12. Hi Jane,

    It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I really love the painting in the photo of Troy, George, Nick and Nat. Is the artist someone local from New Mexico?

  13. Thank you Jane for having my son Nicholas at your ranch over Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks to lovely Laura Bickford and all the Bickfords for bringing him there with them. I know it was a special treat for him.

    His mom,
    Marjorie Heidsieck


  14. just going through and always reading this blog,a litle bit lazy to comment,having a terrible backpain,I5ll jist say thank you.frederique dhenein

  15. I’m coming to your thanksgiving next year. I tried to get my family to play pictionary and couldn’t! We used to have a big poker game, but as the kids grew and left, it’s just a few of us now! Looks like you all had a great holiday. You can keep the snow!

  16. Looks like a fun time.I was working but, I had a good dinner with friends. Friday night was my High School Reunion (30yrs). I had to miss it I was in Michigan and it was in New Jersey. By the way Jane your birthday is coming up soon. You have the same birthday as my mother had. So I am wishing you a Happy Birthday early.December is a busy month for me. I have a pet/house sitting business. So I am in and out of my house. Keep having fun

  17. I was wondering where you’ve been, since we haven’t heard from you in a while!!! ET showed a video of you in a wheelchair on their show and said you had recently had back surgery!!! I’m glad to know you are well… surgery, right?

    It sounds like you all had fun at the ranch during Thanksgiving!! Love the photos, Jane,….especially the ones with the name tags on everyone’s forehead! That looks like a fun game!:)

    The ranch looks pretty this time of year! What fun to have your friends and family there with you! Great pic with everyone wearing cowboy hats!! It would be fun to wear one when visiting in that part of the country! Take care! Rest! Have fun!

  18. Myself and my dear Aunt are true fans of your father..In a conversatoin we had the other day I was telling her the wonderful pictures I had seen that your father painted…what a detailed and beautiful artist he was on the stage and on canvas..Is there any book of his art work…I would love to see a book put together not only with Henry Fonda’s art work..but the art work of other actors that just perhaps the world has never had the opportunity to know about or see…

    • What a good idea, G. Horal. No such book exists and there is none of just my father’s art work either.

  19. The ranch is beautiful, even with snow! I hate to always suggest movie ideas to you, Miss Fonda, but every time I see and read your blogs, they just come to me. This one is about a woman, though older than your average movie cattle rancher, who volunteers her farm to help a troubled youth who winds up injured at the end of her ranch. It’s rusty I know, but it’s all I got at the moment.




  21. Hi Jane!
    I wonder if Nathalie Vadim is related to Roger(RIP)? If so well its so nice to see you still in touch with Vanessa’s French roots. We all love and respect you here in France Jane. Bisous!


    • Yes, Jeanne, Nathalie is vadim’s first-born. Vanessa’s half-sister. She was 3 years old when I started dating Vadim. We remain together. Amities.

  22. Oh I just found your blog by accident looking up Dr. Barry Kohn! He’s a friend of my daughter and son-in law(X Broadway performers.)
    Oh gosh – I am guessing this is Santa Fe? The Canyon Road mention?
    I’ve never been there in the winter.
    It’s way past my bed time, but I’m going to follow you and live vicariously – starting with a new dawn. You are fab!


  23. Thank you Jane for posting the link for The Women’s Media Center. It’s not easy starting over at age 54 (and not by choice)and when banks don’t want to invest in a small (micro) woman-owned green business. Especially when you don’t have what they consider assets, other than determination and ideas, but we’ve stuck it out for the past 2 years. Now that I know about The Women’s Media Center, I plan on using it as a resource. I’m glad I found you on Twitter, which brought me here. Thank you again, you truly are an inspiration.

  24. I have been exercising with Jane Fonda’s workout videos for 15 years (I have all of her workout videos). They are the best exercise routines ever made. My daughters and I are still exercising with the help of her videos in my personal gym at home. I have more than a hundred exercise videos in several different categories (since weigh lifting till aerobic exercises) and we find Jane’s videos the best.
    Jane Fonda is the most beautiful and elegant woman on the planet. Inside and out.
    Jane, you are my inspiration!
    Thank you for all your contribution to people’s quality of life.
    We love you!
    Cristina and Family!

  25. Thanks for sharing your special times with us. Love the cowgirl gear, brought back thoughts of Cat Ballou and Comes a Horseman…two of my faves! Technology is great when it is working, but throws your life about these days when it doesn’t because so much depends on it!

    Have a good one.

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