I come from the old school: you made your movie and then, assuming you believed in it, you worked to sell it. Back in the late 50s early 60s that meant traveling around the country doing odd things for a month at least. Like for my first film, “Tall Story,” I went on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, did a ribbon cutting at the opening of an orphanage in Denver, rode in a Police Gazette parade somewhere in the mid-west…that sort of thing. It’s easier now, you do all the NY shows and then the L.A. Shows and a lot of print interviews and radio and it takes, altogether if one counts from when you begin the long-lead print outlets, a month or more. I’m done after tonight when I do my 2nd Q & A at the Landmark Theatre in West L.A. It was fun last night. Always interesting to get direct feedback from audiences about their reactions. Last night people really enjoyed it. I could hear them laughing as I stood in the hall waiting and the theatre has been sold out for their various shows this weekend. This first weekend is the one that counts—gotta get butts in those seats for a high per-screen average. Now don’t I sound like a real pro? So, if you’re considering going to see it, now’s the time. I hope you do. You’ll definitely come out feeling good.

So here are all the photos of my week in New York. Gonna take some down time and spend a few days with the family but I’ll definitely be sure to watch the Heat play against the Thunder…Lebron against Durant, now that will be something to see. My 2 favorite athletes this year are Kevin Durant (Thunder) and Buba Watson, who won the Augusts Open golf tournament—and I’m not even a golf enthusiast. But the guy is the most wonderful human being. And Durant, besides being such a superior basketball player, kisses his mother after every game! My kinda guy!

Israel Day Parade as seen from my Hotel Window my first Day in New York

Dinner at Elios…Yum!

At brunch with Harvey Keitel with his son Roman, and Richard

Catherine Keener and me at a Women’s Press Breakfast at the Loews Regency Hotel

Photo shoot for USA Today

PL&M NYC Premiere benefiting the Women’s Media Center

On the Today Show set with Ann Curry

Entrance to the Today Show at 30 Rock

In the Green Room of the View with Barbara Walters

Tracie Bennett who played Judy Garland towards the sad end of her career. She was powerful and may well win the Tony tonight

Back in LA at Landmark Theater post film Q&A. Yes, that’s Tulea with me

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