I didn’t work today, luckily, because I got to bed very late. But I went out to the location later today to do some voice overs. When I got there, they were filming a scene around the pool with Geraldine’s grandchildren (Actually the director’s children playing the roles) and I couldn’t resist taking a picture. I have taken you through the whole process…first it was a vegetable garden, then they began to dig a hole for the pool, and so on. Geraldine’s character is worried that her grandchildren don’t love her any more because they never come over. Claude Rich, who plays a close friend of both of ours (actually more than a friend) says if she puts in a pool they will come. And this proves his point.

When shooting was over the actors threw a “pot”–(pronounced ‘po’) a happy hour drink and food for cast and crew. I left early because tomorrow, my 2nd to last day, is also my hardest in terms of number of scenes and amount of dialogue….all with Daniel which will be fun though challenging. I need a good night’s sleep and no alcohol.

I am getting sad that I have only 2 more days. I will miss my fellow actors. We have grown close…not to mention the crew. A great group.

With our producer, Christophe Bruncher at the pot

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