We worked till 9pm last night, then I had a dinner at a friends house, then we worked American hours this morning!!! The one and only time for that and, had I know, I would never have accepted a dinner. Pickup at 7:30 am so I had to get up at 6am and there was lots of traffic and, after 4 hours sleep I was whacked. Still, we laughed during the breaks in the dinner scene till tears were running down my checks. You know how, sometimes, when you’re whacked you get all giddy? All of us actors are enjoying each other a lot. In fact, we’re all going to Guy’s birthday party tomorrow (Saturday) night at his house. We’ll also be celebrating Daniel’s birthday cause it was earlier this week—as a blog commenter informed me. (Thanks!).

See, in the U.S. The usual hours are like 8:30am to 6 or 7pm. Very uncivilized cause you can’t really go out for dinner or anything. In France they usually start around 2pm and work till 9 or 10pm. You can go out and sleep in!!

Maybe I’ll send photos from Guy’s tomorrow night. I will spend this weekend writing my book cause a week from tonight Richard will arrive. No more writing then!

See you next time!

Tulea likes to read the French newspaper, Le Monde

Our first dinner together after my character and her husband (Pierre Richard) moves in to the home of Geraldine and Guy

a scene where Claude, my lover from 40 years ago, photographs me striking sexy poses

She’s a true clown, Geraldine. Wonder where that comes from!!!!

We’ve succeeded in putting in a pool over the objections of Guy who wants to keep his vegetable garden (though he never tended it).

one more clown…Daniel and Pierre

Margaux, 3rd assistant

All of us looking at the pool bring dug before breakfast

a shishkibob of females–Karina, Fabienne, Kesso and moi

en route home tonight. A huge billboard of Alan Delon…the way he looked when I worked with him early 60s

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