The photo above was taken in the gym they call The Zone on Pit Street in Sydney. People work in small groups, like a team, and move from Zone to zone for different exercises. It somewhat reminded me of the Cross Fit gyms here in the States, but the way the zones are used, alternated etc was unique to me. Also, I know the value of working in small teams because my early videos were a lot like a social experience …”We’re doing Jane!” I’d hear from groups of women in different parts of the world. I was happy to see the way Fitness First used the social experience –team work– as a motivating force.”. It was clear that everyone has a great time at whatever level they’re at. There are over 70 Fitness First gyms in Australia as well as in the UK and Asia. Here are some other pictures of the gym.

Below is the key management team. To the far left is Pete Manuel, Managing Director of Fitness First Australia.

Here I am with Libby Trickett, three-time Olympic Gold Medalist in free style and breast stroke, who was also helping promote the Fitness First relaunch.

And, below, is Stephanie Simon, my manager, (In photo on the left!) who’s never been to Australia before and must have covered the entire city by foot during our stay. (I did back-to-back interviews to help promote the Fitness First rebranding and was brain dead at the end of each day and feel guilty that I didn’t partake of any exercise myself. Thank god everyone was super nice and we had a blast.

The photos can’t really capture the vibe, but I’ve never been in a gym where people seemed to be having as much fun doing things I’ve never seen before in a gym.

One of the funnier interviews I did was with two well known radio hosts, Fitzy & Wippa. When I walked into their studio, this is what I was greeted by:
Actually, this is just Fitzy. Somehow I’ve lost my picture that included Wippa when they greeted me which was hysterical.– Wippa jokes about being overweight, had yellow shorts, leg warmers, a cutoff tank top and hairy bare midriff. But Fitzy’s black leg hairs underneath the white tights was something quite special. Even he said it looked like a worm farm under there.

After the interview, they had me watch them do a work out which was filmed for their website, and asked me to correct their form. Here’s me correcting Wippa . . . we’ll just leave it at that!

We stayed at the Park Hyatt Hotel (Fabulous). Here’s the front of it. I love the art, both here at the entrance and throughout. It’s modern aboriginal.

Here are pictures of my room. It had a heated toilet seat–my first time experiencing that–and I can say it would be very easy to get addicted. Hmmmm.

And aren’t these native flowers spectacular! The ones to the right look like red brain coral.

In the lobby are these huge arrangements of spider orchids.

Views from my hotel room:

View from the lobby:

Here I am with Stephanie at the hotel with the famous Sydney Opera House in the background. It was built in the late 70s by Danish architect, Jann Utzon.

The architecture in Sydney is wonderfully eclectic

Below is the Sydney Theatre Company that is run by Cate Blanchett.

The first day we had lunch in the Sydney Cafe restaurant upstairs in the old Customs House. You walk on a glass floor beneath which is a replica of the city.

Here’s the restaurant and the food we ate

Zucchini and ricotta cheese with pine nuts

An assortment of delicious seafood–crayfish, scallops, octopus…

Tuna Carpaccio.

These are photos Stephanie took while doing a bit of sightseeing . . . just to give you a sense of the city.

Gorgeous tree in the Botanical Garden. I used to run in the garden back in my running days. I’ve been to Australia a number of times—in many parts, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. Love this country.

Love all the art in public spaces.

Manley Beach

And There you have it. Summertime down under. G’Day Mate!

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