Nancy Zehner, Ann Kaplan and Gloria Steinem

Nancy Zehner, Ann Kaplan and Gloria Steinem

Annette Allen, JamesBenedict and Lori Ordover

Annette Allen, James Benedict and Lori Ordover

This took place while I was recently in NY but because of the internet isses I haven’t posted this before. We had a lovely dinner in the home of Caroline Hirsch. Gloria Steinem sat at one table and I at another and we switched at dessert time. Besides the interesting conversation, two things moved me in particular about the evening: the multigenerational aspect with mothers bringing daughters and daughters bringing mothers and the presence of two good men. It always touches me deeply when men show up in support of women’s organizational efforts and really GET it.

After dinner I did an emotional reading from my memoirs about my experiences making ”On Golden Pond.”

So there you have it.

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