We’re sad to see the trip drawing to a close. If any of you are ever contemplating a trip to Galapagos, I cannot recommend the Lindblad/National Geographic Expedition enough. Everything was perfect!

Yesterday we saw gorgeous flamingos in a brackish lagoon. Today we snorkeled more with sea lions. I kayaked with Vivian Schneider which means I laughed a lot. We are about to go on our last nature hikes.


Kayaking with my friend Vivian off the Island of Espanola. (click photo to enlarge – by: Lucho Verdesoto)

Last night we had a barbecue on the top deck and folks brought out their ipods and danced. I started to but soon realized that I was pushing my luck–wild dancing on a rolling ship with MY knee issues? I don’t think so. My knee has felt better ever since we crossed the equator. I haven’t needed a cane since then (except when we are walking over rough lava beds but then everyone uses a walking stick). Don’t know if you know it (members of the audiences didn’t seem to notice) but I played our last 4 performances with a cane. I was in agony. The cortisone wasn’t working any more and I had reached my max of that steroid. As I revealed on the David Letterman Show, I am having knee replacement surgery mid June. Was meant to have it in January but postponed due to the play and had cortisone shots instead to kill the pain–till it stopped working.

Anyway, back to last night’s party: When I woke up, all everyone was talking about was Malcolm’s dancing. My grandson tends to be serious, a reader, often off by himself. But last night he morphed into a wild and crazy guy who danced with everyone, all sorts of styles. I will try to post some photos if I can. I’m told lots were taken.

Gottago hike.


Enjoying the view of the Islands (by: Lucho Verdesoto)

See you next time.

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