While recently in Atlanta I went to dinner with the Belatti’s.

Dinner in Atlanta at the Four Seasons restaurant with my wonderful friends Frank and Cathy Belatti

Frank was the CEO of AFC (America’s Favorite Chicken, a company which also includes Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Popeye). He was on the G-CAPP board as Vice Chair for many terms and we became friends. He “retired” from the corporate world and now teaches classes at his beloved alma mater, Notre Dame (I spoke in his class at the very beginning). They are classes that prepare students to be able to teach and facilitate the establishment of microfinance projects in the Global South as well as low income communities in the U.S. They help people determine what sort of businesses are needed, how to get permits, financing, etc etc. Cathy Belatti helped start Women Build, a division of Habitat for Humanity that has women building homes for women. They are both special people.

While in Atlanta I took Vanessa, my grandchildren, Laura Turner Seydel (Ted’s daughter) and her 3 children, Laura Elizabeth, Vasser and John R, out to lunch at a most unusual restaurant…R Thomas on Peachtree St. I filmed John R’s birth and now he is about to leave for college in Denver where he wants to study business and biology in the hopes of helping to save the planet. Laura is an avid environmental activist and consumer advocate. Vassar is a varsity cheerleader. Enjoy the pictures.

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