I really enjoyed the how last night especially Mo’Nique’s acceptance speech. I wept when she said, “So, to any girl who has been touched, break the silence. Tell.” Those weren’t her exact words (hers were better) but it was an important, profound, from the heart moment. I adored Meryl’s acceptance speech and “I wish I could be renamed T-Bone…T-Bone Streep,” was the funniest line of the evening. Drew, too. So from the heart and deserved. Didn’t like Ricky’s drinking beer and taking off his tie to expose a bare chest. Hey, in these times, let’s try to get as much class from our hosts for these community celebrations. I saw (again) how much TV show catching up I have to do. I mean, “Glee”? What is that? Obviously something good. Gotta get into into a better TV groove. Thing is, there’s not enough time to do it all.

I’m glad the celebrations are over and, for awhile, life will return to normal. No more parties. I need to regroup. Back to the grind.

See you next time.

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