Golden Globes


Posted on January 15, 2013, in My Blog, with 18 Comments

I should have taken pictures but it felt inappropriate. So I’ll just have to use my words to tell you about the parties we went to this weekend. They were really fun. At the CAA party on Friday I hugged and congratulated Anne Hathaway who recently did a magnificent job emceeing the Women’s Media Center gala in NY and wowed …

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He was a great, generous, full- of- life man. I knew him when he was the U.S. Ambassador to France and I was living there and then, later, during some of the Special Olympic Games that his wife, Eunice organized. What a family! Right? I am sad at this loss. Although he was ill with Alzheimer’s for quite some …

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Posted on January 24, 2010, in Film, Television & Theater, My Blog, with 40 Comments

I am utterly thrilled that Jeff Bridges is finally getting the kudos  he deserves. I had the great pleasure of working with Jeff in “The Morning After” and I know him socially because, like my brother, Peter, and my ex-husband, Ted Turner, Jeff as a home in Montana so we’ve seen each other in civilian life as well. …

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I really enjoyed the how last night especially Mo’Nique’s acceptance speech. I wept when she said, “So, to any girl who has been touched, break the silence. Tell.” Those weren’t her exact words (hers were better) but it was an important, profound, from the heart moment. I adored Meryl’s acceptance speech and “I wish I could be renamed T-Bone…T-Bone …

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Last night at a private party, I saw lots of old friends. Bob Daly, who used to run Warner Brothers and his wife, composer, Carole Bayer Sager; Terry Semel who was at Warner Brothers helm with Daly and his wife, Jane; Barbra Streisand and James Brolin. Barbra has just finished the film sequel to “Meet The

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I forgot what its like around here at awards time. Parties and more parties. I know this sounds crass at a time when Haiti is facing such profound agony. Everyone at the parties has done something to help. My ex, Ted, gave $1 mil, bless his heart. I posted Clinton’s web site where people can go to help. I did.…

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