The Huffington Post: The Four Months Since Hillary

Posted on January 3, 2010, in My Blog, with 20 Comments

By Eve Ensler

I have been in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo for the month of December. Christmas at Panzi Hospital was overflowing with raped and tortured women. Many young girls, several under 14, carrying babies. Every day at least 13 new women arrive seeking care to repair the damage done to their bodies from the rapes and sexual torture. …

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Dr. Kottke, Elizabeth Cardenas, Marie Mitchell, Billette Owens-Ashford, Joycelyn Wilson, Artesse Conley-Grady High School

Alesia Layne, Lewis Autor, Jane Fonda, Larry Leek

I was at The Jane Fonda Center (at the Emory Univ School of Medicine) this morning at a press conference to announce the launch of a new program to stop teen dating violence funded with a generous grant …

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