I’ve been deep into production on my new Prime Time workout DVD, and you haven’t been hearing from me as regularly. I am also working on some additional new content that I cant quite talk about yet, but I’m really excited about it. Unfortunately it hasn’t left me with much time to blog.

Me and Richard

Sunday night were the Oscars, Richard and I attended the Vanity Fair dinner party and sat with many interesting people to watch the show. I tweeted a bit from the Vanity Fair Oscar party but not much. I intended to tweet throughout the evening. There were things I really wanted to tweet about and photograph but I just got an iphone…the camera is better than on my Blackberry and I want to earn to dictate my emails to Siri and save my thumbs…but I just couldn’t figure out how to use it and I need a lot more practice to do the typing on that iphone keyboard. So I gave up. It was too hard to do that and be ‘in the moment.’

Struggling with my iPhone

Trying to get a photo of Troy and Simone

The evening was really fun Highlights for me: the biggie for me was Meryl’s winning. I stood up and cheered and wasn’t the only on. I adore Viola…as a human and as an actor but Meryl—that performance! Breathtaking…besides the fact that she’s given about a dozen Oscar-worthy performances since “Sophie’s Choice.” I can tell you that as an actor, she (and Annette Benning) raise the bar and inspire me to go farther, reach higher. I also loved Billy Crystal and a whole lot else about the show.

Chatting with Gwyneth

When it ended, the tables were moved out and the room where we had dined (at the Sunset Towers) was turned into a huge party room. I did just as I had told Richard I would. I found a well situated booth and sat there well into the night talking to fantastic actors and others including Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin, Cameron Diaz, P. Diddy, my brother Peter and Parky, his wife, and my son, Troy Garity and Simone, my daughter-in-law, and Bob Shaye (His company produced “Monster-in-Law” and we’re good friends), Janie Buffett, Michael Douglas (who looks terrific, handsomer than ever!), Emily Mortimer, Melody Hobson, George Lukas, Fran Leibowitz, and so on.

My Son Troy Garity

Slept most of Monday and discovered I’d lost my voice. YIKES! Not good since we resume taping tomorrow at the crack of dawn tomorrow for the rest of the week. Long days. Glad it’s yoga and not aerobics right now.

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to hear from those of you who have done my latest Prime Time DVDs. As my grandma would say, “It warms the cockles of my heart!” And, right now, I feel every bit a grandmother. I’m tired and I’m sore and so I will now get into a hot tub full of Epsolm Salts (it really works), have a good soak and go to bed. Love to all. xxx

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