in the View Greenroom

Even though I finished doing press last week in New York, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to write. I do however have lots of photos to share which I’ve been trying to take as often as I can.
I’m promoting the release of my latest workout DVD’s from my PRIME TIME fitness line. The latest in the now (4) DVD series are: “Firm & Burn” and “Trim Tone and Flex“. I’m thrilled that the new DVD’s are out now and I can share them with you. I hope If you do them you will share your progress with me. Remember, exercise is one of the most important components for healthy aging, and its never to late to start.

Rosie Show Green Room

My visit to the Rosie Show in Chicago which we taped a few weeks ago will air tonight on OWN! Rosie is shooting her show in the same studio where Oprah did her show! Rosie and I are friends, and I loved seeing her. Her show is really good so I hope you will tune in tonight.

With the glam team Matthew Shield and Collier Strong in Chicago.

I walked out to find they had pulled these photos of me for the set.

Backstage at Rosie

with Rosie O'Donnell

A great audience!

While New York I visited the Today Show with Matt Lauer, The View, Joy Behar, Piers Morgan, Dr Oz, The Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb, and Anderson Cooper. Some of these have already aired, some have not. I appreciate how many of you comment on Facebook and Twitter while you watch these appearances, and many of you in real time! I will add links (whatever is available) to where you can watch past broadcasts online at the end of this blog.

The Today Show Set

View of the Christmas Tree at 30 Rock from the Today Show set.

Harry Conick Jr was the guest after me on the Today Show. Here he is waiting, If you are wondering why he seemed tired. Its cause he’s doing a Broadway show, and this was a really early morning. I know how he feels.

Here I am in New York with Roman Keitel, Richard’s godson, (son of Daphna and Harvey), Roman is showing me his iphone game at which he excels. We made a deal: when he comes to L.A., I’ll take him to The Magic Castle (I adore magic & am a member) if he’ll teach me to play his game.

I admire Dr Oz so much. We learn so much from his show. Last month he presented me with the Shape Magazine Fitness Icon Award. Last week I was thrilled to talk with him about Longevity. The episode airs tomorrow!

Richard is a big fan of the Dr Oz Show and came with me to the taping. Ain’t I the lucky one?

Dr Oz tapes in Rockefeller Center. I couldn’t resist photographing some murals on the wall and ceiling. It is such an impressive building…all art deco. The murals were just refurbished

I ran into Oprah at the Dr Oz Show! She’s going to India with Deepak Chopra soon. Now that should be a transforming experience for her and that means, soon for all of us, cause you know she’ll pass along the wisdom she acquires!

Anderson Cooper has a great new show too. A beautiful set overlooking Columbus Circle. We managed to surprise him with some on set fun. Tune in to watch this Friday December 16th. Anderson looked swell in that baby blue sweater that matched his eyes. He is a very good and easy to talk to interviewer.

Hmmm? What do you suppose I will be doing in my Original Workout leotard with Kathy and Hoda? Find out the Today Show December 29th!

Below are some links that you can view online. Remember to check out my official Twitter feed @JaneFonda and my Facebook Page for additional updates, links, videos, photos, etc…



PIERS MORGAN: view clips here

Whew! More soon….

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