HAPPY 2012! I hope your year is off to a good start, and that we will all find this to be the year we are Surthriving! (Combo of survive and thrive). I must say I am absolutely thrilled with how 2012 has begun. Fist, my episode of “Oprah’s Master Class” is airing this Sunday at 10PM ET/PT on OWN. I’m really excited about it and flattered that she choose me as her first guest for Season 2. Oprah lined up a great class this season that includes lessons from Jon Bon Jovi, Goldie Hawn, Morgan Freeman and even my favorite Ex Husband among others. I know I’ll be watching.

Second, my latest PRIME TIME Workouts “FIRM & BURN” and “TRIM TONE & FLEX” have been in the top ten since their release last month.

My latest workouts are a lot like the ones I used to do. I’m in a studio, with other people who are all at different fitness levels. The music is fun and we even have Live musicians. The workouts are geared towards older people or people who perhaps haven’t worked out in a long time, either way you will get a really great workout. I’ve gotten some incredibly moving feedback from my virtual family. One 80 year old woman said she’s never worked out before and this has changed her life. (her son gave them to her for Christmas.) Even 40 year olds are saying they’ve lost weight and feel great!

Thanks to all of you who have been with me to help make PRIME TIME such a success I could never accomplish any of this without such incredible support. I hope you will continue to write to me on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog about your progress. I wish I could actually answer every comment or question, but know that I do read your feedback and it really helps as I move forward.

Here we are doing the hand jive on the new “Firm & Burn” DVD ENJOY!

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