Three days ago Richard hosted a reception for his high school alma mater, Brooklyn’s prestigious Poly Prep school. He was there from 5th grade till college (He then went to the University of Michigan.) He loved his prep school and awhile back gave the lead gift to build the Richard Perry Theatre, a state of the art theatre on campus. Meryl Streep made her directorial debut there and all her children went to Poly Prep. I will see the school at the end of April when I will accompany Richard to his 50th reunion. I have encouraged him to go. I love reunions; love seeing people I knew so intimately for so many years, so many years ago.  I figure it will be the same for Richard and maybe I’ll learn something about him, as well, because I find it’s a way to learn about yourself, be reminded of who you were and perhaps some insight into who you’ve become…and who your fellow classmates have become. I find it is always surprising.

One of Richard’s classmates was Richard Rosenberg with whom he formed a doo wop singing group, first called The Legends and then The Escorts. I just about fainted when, awhile ago, I was bragging that I knew a song in Latin and began singing Gaudeamus Igitur when Richard then began singing along with me and then put on an old LP of The Escorts on which they sang a doo wop version of the Latin song!!! OMG! I may sing it with them at the reunion if we get any chance to rehearse.

The reunion was a big success, needless to say.

Next to Richard is the former Headmaster, Bill Williams, then another alum, Nick Schenck. In front of NIck is the current headmaster, David Harmon

Richard, me, Nick Schenck and Richard Rosenberg

Last night we had a little party with the amazingly special Catherine Keener, documentary filmmaker, Amy Berg, who made the extraordinarily powerful documentary, “Deliver Us From Evil,” about a pedophile Catholic priest, Samantha Mathis, who played my daughter in “33 Variations” on Broadway and who I adore, and producer Sandy Stern who is becoming a dear friend and, hopefully we will work together. Alas, I forgot to take any pictures!!
It was a really fun night and ended early cause I had to get up this morning and do a photo shoot with Matthew Rolston for the covers of my new DVDs. I so adore working with Matthew. He is kind, quick, talented and the photos really look good. It may seem strange to you that the DVDs won’t come out till next January and yet we’re doing all this now but it may be the only time I get to do it—so at least it’s out of the way. I’ve put more lighter highlights in my hair and I think It’s better. The all-dark brown got a little helmety.

What else? That’s about it. The pollen-filled L.A. Air that has got me feeling tired and ill has finally blown over and I’m back to normal. Tomorrow we go to New York where I will rehearse the narration of the “Grapes of Wrath” opera that is being performed one night only with symphony orchestra and chorale (and Christine Ebersole!!!!) at Carnegie Hall. I’m excited. So many people I love will be there: Eve Ensler, Pat Mitchell, Annette Tauper and her husband, Joe Allen (Richard’s college roommate), my daughter-in-law’s parents, Dee and Boswell Bent, Roger Freidman, Kenny Vance, Jean Doumanian, Stan Dragotti, Patricia Bosworth, Hilton Als, Nat Bickford, Leslie Stahl, Eva and Yoel Haller…and Catherine Keener!!! What fun it will be.

I will take photos of it all, including the 3 days of rehearsals between Saturday and Monday night.

See You Next Time.

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