It is beautiful up here in Ulster County, New York and this film, “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding,” is off to a great start. We had a read-through yesterday with all the cast except Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girls” star) and it really hit me how funny and moving this script is. It’s about love and healing and the characters are wonderful, unique, and very funny. Catherine Keener plays my daughter and that excites and pleases me more than you can know because I think she is both truly talented and original but also fascinating. My grandkids are played by Lizzie Olsen who lives in NY and does theatre, although I think when her face is seen on the screen in this movie it’ll be hard for her to not do more films; and Nat Wolff who is on Nickelodeon, a singer and musician in the Naked Brothers band. He is so terrific in this part!!! Marissa O’Donnell (played “Annie” for a long time on Broadway) is Nat’s “love” interest and Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girls”) is Lizzie’s love interest. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Keener’s love interest. I set them all up for love. I play Grace, who thinks it’s still 1969 and dresses and behaves accordingly which is a whole lot of fun. I have never played a diehard hippie before. Johann Stegmeir has done the costumes and they are perfect. I’ve never been a gray head before either and I like it.

I would have been posting my blog sooner but we’re out in the woods here and I couldn’t get online till today and with diligent help from Alinda, my assistant, who, in real life, works with the Archepedia Foundation, which develops programs and curricula addressing happiness and wellbeing. Our producer, Claude Dal Farra, is also involved with the foundation…which I intend to find out more about.

Right now, I have to go cook me some dinner and go to bed. I have to get used to going to bed at, like, 8pm cause today I found out that my pick ups may be as early as 5am!!! This is when I begin to miss Paris where the pick ups were at 10:40 most mornings and one could have a nightlife (as you saw in my blogs from there). Ah the French!!.

See You Next Time

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Our first read-through. Nat in foreground, Lizzie in white

Lizzie Olsen



view from deck of lake

stairs from deck to lake

One of Grace’s looks

That’s Lizzie, and Marissa next to her and Nat across from her

Chace and Nat

Lunch break at "The Farm". That’s Chace at the end.

Alinda is my wonderful assistant…highly over qualified but I got lucky

me in character of Grace

Chace Crawford, Lizzie Olsen, Nat Wolff, Marissa O’Donnell

…with me thrown in

Everyone watching dailies

Nat is my grandson, "Jake."

Lizzie, who plays Zoe, my granddaughter, in my (Grace’s) kitchen

Looking out the window of Grace’s kitchen

Our wonderful director, Bruce Beresford, and Nat, in Grace’s kitchen

I love this window treatment. Robert Schleinig is our set decorator and he’s done such a fantastic job. I could so live here.

Grace’s vegetable garden. I asked them to add nasturems…edible flowers

Looking across the road from Grace’s house

porch of Grace’s house

Grace’s living room

Tulea surveying the surroundings. Love the colorful walls. So sixties!!!

Catherine (Keener), my daughter, asked Nat to play this antique accordion which the set decorator bought cause it has her character’s name on it

Bruce Beresford and Renee Foley Burke, the script supervisor

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