This is a world map with jars of varying colors and types of foundations made for different countries.

Next it was on to the area where lipstick is made…a dizzying array of color and smells. I saw a color specially made for me—saw it mixed, moulding and, finally, put into the lipstick holder. In fact, I got to do it myself. Just as there are so many shades, textures, thicknesses and degrees of glossiness.

Finally I went to the lab where mascara is made and, again, so many different types…not just colors but thicknesses and varieties of brushes. In Japan, for instance, women use brushes differently than, say, in Europe or Africa. I have heard so often from makeup artists and manicurists that the type and quality of brushes can be critical. Manicurists adore using L’Oreal’s polish because of the nature of the brushes. Same is true of mascara brushes. Who knew, right?

Before leaving, we all gathered for a group photo and I was presented with a bag of L’Oreal goodies.

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