What a way to celebrate July 4th. So many friend gathered for the cocktail reception given by the Paris Film Festival to honor me. My bestest friend, Paula Weinstein and Hannah Rosenberg, her daughter and my goddaughter, are here for fashion week and she was so happy to see film director d’Euzhan Palcy, who directed “A Dry White Season” starring Marlon Brando, which Paula produced.

It was a wonderful surprise to have Rosanna Arquette show up unexpectedly with her beau, Todd. And Jackie Bisset was there too!!!  

With the wonderful film director, d’Euzhan Palcy

My friends from Georgia, Sharon Maxwell Ferguson and Howell Ferguson. They won the Paris trip which includes visiting the set, dining out with me and attending the film festival events. The Scissor Sisters concert was thrown. For good measure

Jackie Bisset and Charlotte Rampling…two beauties, huh?

Todd, Rosanna (Arquette), me, Jackie Bisset, Charlotte Rampling, Richard

Then we all boarded a bus to go to the Scissor Sisters concert

Paula talking to Megan

Nathalie Lafaurie talking to Vania Vadim and behind is Daniel Bruhl, Patrizio and Geraldine

Megan and her mother, Sharon Maxwell Ferguson, who is a G-CAPP board member

Ooops, missed the top of Ana’s head but the legs are worth it and she was amazing.

still dressed

whew!!! People went wild

Jason and Ana

It was hard to believe Jason had just done a show in what must have been 105 degree heat. We all could ring our clothes out afterwards. As Richard said, the music was first rate, one of the best rock concerts he’s ever been too. The new album. “Night Work” is fantastic, and perfect to dance to and workout to. Jason sings like a hot angel, looks like Greek God an dances like nobody’s business!

Jason (AKA Jake) Sellards with Richard at dinner after the concert

Jason wih Vania Vadim

Jeremie Imbert, Olga Plemianikov, Philippe Caland

Hannah, Paula, Megan, Sharon and Howell

A group of Jason’s friends and fans joined us. They were very sweet people. I love how they adore him.

Jeremie, Olga and Philippe

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