Happy 4th of July, all you compatriots. I haven’t blogged for awhile and that’s because Richard arrived in Paris and well, I’ve been otherwise occupied. It has been so much fun and here are some photos to catch you up a bit. But it’s not all Richard’s fault. We’ve been doing night shooting and that throws everything topsy turvy. But I have had some fine meals in some of Paris’s best and gone dancing a few times (no photos) and there’ve been events related to the Paris Film Festival —events honoring me. Like yesterday I did a Master Class in a small theatre for an audience…did it in French and then took my friends Sharon and Howell Ferguson, and their actress daughter, Megan, Richard and Philipe Caland to the wonderful restaurant in the Bois du Boulogne—le Pre du Catlan.

Tonight many of my French and American friends who are in Paris (including Paula Weinstein and Hannah, her daughter who is my goddaughter), and the Fergusons and Charlotte Rampling and Geraldine and her husband Patrizio, and Vadim’s family and Daniel Bruhl, and on and on—will come to a cocktail reception in my honor given by the Paris Film Festival. After that I introduce “Klute” (the festival has shown 13 of my films…yesterday I introduced “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”) and after that introduction we will board a bus I have rented and we’ll all go to the Scissor Sisters concert. I am soooo excited to see them live. The lead, Jason (aka Jake) Sellards is my friend—you’ve seen him in some of my previous blogs– and I have never seen him perform live and I hear they are totally amazing. After that we will all go to dinner!!

I have only 3 more days on the film. The last 2 are the most difficult. 8 scenes of heavy dialogue all with Daniel. It’s going to be fun and intense.
Monday night all the actors are throwing a “pot”–French word for happy hour with drinks and food for cast and crew. Different crews (camera crew, sound crew, set design crew) have been doing it every Friday. I have missed them all. Last Friday they danced till 3am I heard! Now why did I have to go and miss that? Oh yes…well, I was having fun too.

I will remember to take photos tonight. Maybe even Twitter!

The pool getting ready for us to have dinner at the bottom

Pierre and Guy moving the dinner table into pool

Script supervisor Nancy Rivas

Richard came to the set for lunch with his friend, filmmaker Philippe Caland

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