I haven’t blogged since the Oscars! There are all sorts of reasons why and I cannot give them all to you quite yet. This is partly because I have had some life changing experiences that I still need to process. The Vietnamese Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, “Our own lives are the instruments with which we experiment with truth.” Yes! And these lasts weeks have led me to to paraphrase him: “Our own bodies are the instruments with which we experiment with truth.”

Not necessarily related to this, however (because I have to think about all of it more)) is the news that I’ve been working on another PRIME TIME workout DVD to join my 4 others. As most of you know, I launched the PRIME TIME brand at the end of 2010 to address the fitness needs for boomers and seniors. I ain’t the same “Go-for-the-burn” Jane I used to be and I figured neither are all those gals who started out with me, not to mention the folks who have never worked out. And through my research I have learned that staying physically active is key—# ONE— to a healthy, successful 3rd Act. I’m so happy at the wonderful feedback I’ve gotten from folks who are now doing my Prime Time programs. Pretty amazing actually. The biggest surprise has been finding out that people much younger than boomer age (as well as men) have been enjoying the DVD’s as well.

On Set

On Set

This latest DVD I just finished is a Yoga Pilates blend. I worked with the wonderful, fun, Producer/Director, Cal Pozo who directed my last two DVD’s as well. Cal has a long and successful reputation in the fitness business, and really knows his stuff! Fortunately, he is also a mad, crazy Cuban who makes it all really fun. He is a trained dancer/choreographer and has written and directed some great fitness and dance programs including: Dirty Dancing, Dances with the Stars, Denise Austin, The Biggest Loser, and Kathy Smith to name a few.

Cal Pozo

Along with Cal, I had the benefit of working with choreographer, fitness trainer Maddy Lewis, a talented angel.

with Maddy Lewis.

We put a great group together for what I hope will be a DVD that you will use and love. We all worked for several weeks, building, refining, rehearsing the program before we finally shot.

It all took three days but we did more than the DVD. There’s a new, exciting and personal fitness project of a different kind but that’s something else I can’t reveal until we announce the project.

As much as I have wanted to blog throughout the whole process there was neither the time nor the wherewithal.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, more to come!

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