It’s Memorial Day weekend in my country and everyone I talk to is having barbecues and parties and it makes me a little homesick. But Tulea and I went for an extra long walk along the Seine this morning. What’s nice is that after a week, I recognize certain people with their dogs and joggers and just familiar faces. Some store owners, like where I get the International Herald Tribune and fruits and vegetables recognize me. Not Jane Fonda, because they don’t know who I am (which is such a relief) but the lady with the cute coton (Tulea).

After reading last night’s blog, I want to say more about Sylvia Perry and her musical instrument company, Peripole, because the way I wrote about her setting up an office in the garage of her place in the retirement home makes the company sound like a mom and pop store or something with Andrew Perry just her “helper.” In fact, the garage/office is large but just her place to work at home. There is a real office and warehouse the size of an airplane hanger and Andrew Perry is her business partner and President. People have said that Sylvia has done more than any single person in the United States to bring music into schools. Just felt the need to set the record straight and pay proper respects.

I bought groceries this morning and remembered how much I love shopping for food in France. While there is the occasional supermarket, mostly people shop for vegetables and fruits in markets that only sell that; fish in fish markets, meat at butchers, bread in bakeries, and so forth—each store with its own specialty. Fortunately there is an excellent butcher and bakery on Ile St Louis and I have found a wonderful (teeny weeny but wonderful) produce shop although the proprietor seems impatient with me when I take too long to decide what I want among the surfeit of splendors and it’s hard for people not to step on Tulea.

I will write a little on my book and Catherine Schneider (Vadim’s wife after me in whose St Tropez home my daughter’s wedding will take place) and I will go over guest lists and discuss wedding plans.

Yesterday was my grandson, Malcolm’s, birthday. Vanessa sent me this photo of him in the back seat of her car coming from school where a film that he was working on as a school project had just been shown which is perhaps why he’s wearing a special Movie Mogul-ish hat. I wonder if this film augers future career choices although the last time I checked he still wanted to be an architect. He has a tremendous ability for deep concentration; reads vociferously, asks many questions, already has an abundant knowledge in many areas, especially about the environment, the natural world and things scientific.

Tomorrow I will spend most of the day memorizing my French dialogue because Monday my filming of the movie (as opposed to makeup and hair style tests) begins for real. And tomorrow night I will have dinner at Catherine’s along with Vadim’s sister, niece, sons Christian with his wife and newborn and Vanya. I will for sure take photos of that soiree.

See you next time.

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