It’s graduation day! I am moving from a blog to a website. I feel I am growing up as a techie and I am so excited. I am doing this because I want to be able to share more with you about things that interest me, things I am involved with, things I am learning about, and things I get asked a lot. I hope you will let me know what you think. This is all very much a work in progress—as am I!

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I haven’t blogged in the last few days because my team has been busy mounting this new website, so here are some pictures of what’s been going on during that time.

My daughter and grandchildren arrived in New Mexico last Friday. We could see the fires near Los Alamos in the distance as we approached Santa Fe.

Malcolm and Viva in the car

Vanessa, the designated driver

These 2 pictures are of the Los Alamos fires. It's so dry it's scary

I was worried that it would be super hot but this is New Mexico’s monsoon season and every afternoon there’s been enough cloud cover…even some rain…to cool it off and the nights have been splendid.

We dragged a lot of old lumber, wood palettes, pipes and stuff from the bone yard (where miscellaneous stuff we don’t need from the buildings is deposited) across the river and the kids (with Vanessa’s considerably skilled help) are building a tree house.

Malcolm built the stone stairs to the "front door." He is very meticulate

a baby bird fell out of it's nest onto the brick patio. Vanessa knew what to do right away and picked it up.

Vanessa putting baby bird back in the nest with Viva taking pictures.

Vanessa photographing the bird in its nest

Hard to see but it's in there.

Viva watching her mom

My friends Sharon and Howell Ferguson are here with us. They, Howell in particular, are avid fisherpeople and they’ve been out every day catching (and releasing) some nice fish. We use barbless hooks and always throw them back. The water’s low . We didn’t have much snow this year.

I have had so much to do around the upcoming release of my book on August 9th (interviews and stuff) that I have not had a chance to fish. I am headed to Atlanta for a G-CAPP board meeting. Then I come back to the ranch for another 15 days. So happy.

But I did ride the other day and I realized that my horse, a white Arab named Gitane, has bad arthritis and I think it hurts me more than her to feel her limp when we ride so I have decided —with great sadness–to put her out to pasture. I have another Arab mare that was my first —almost 30 years old now, who I bought from the film director Mike Nichols– who is enjoying her old age out in the fields. I’ve buried 2 horses this year and now another that can’t be ridden. Gotta start looking for some new ones.

Sharon, Howell and I went for a long ride with Cam, who looks after the horses and they got to see some parts of the ranch that people don’t get to see that often.

Me, Howell and Sharon Ferguson

the Los Alamos fires still burn!

Don’t forget to let me know what you think about my new website.

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