Saturday was one of my happiest days—for many reasons. As I said at the ceremony, “I thought Hollywood wouldn’t give me this opportunity until the city poured a new sidewalk in front of my home!” I’ve been in this business for 55 years and I figured it just wasn’t going to happen. But then, to my surprise and joy, along came Turner Classic Movies and they honored me with this ceremony. BTW, my favorite ex-husband had nothing to do with it, though he created TCM . . . bless his heart. Like millions, I adore TCM and all it does to bring the classics into our homes –preserving movie history and letting us see why the greats of times gone by were great.

Here I am with Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies (and Tulea) before the ceremony.

Another reason it was special is because I had my family with me–My stepmother, Shirlee Fonda, my brother, Peter, my son, the actor Troy Garity and my granddaughter, Viva.

Rosanna Arquette came back stage before the ceremony. We've known each other forever.

Before the ceremony with Maria Shriver.

Backstage, before the ceremony with my son Troy, Maria Shriver, my brother Peter and Lily Tomlin. I asked Troy, Lily and Maria Shriver to speak at the ceremony.

The Chinese Grauman theatre is so glamorous I couldn't resist taking this photo inside.

Before the ceremony began, i had to rehearse making hand prints inside the theatre. I decided I wanted to make a peace sign with one of my hands so I tried several versions before choosing which worked best, back of the hand, front of the hand? I decided on back of the hand. (You really have to press hard!). Can you believe no one has made an imprint of the peace sign before! I figure I’m the appropriate one to create this precedent.

When I arrived, there was a huge crowd that filled the sidewalk and even across the street, which moved me a lot. They waved and blew kisses.

Here's what I saw when I peeked out from behind the stage before the ceremony began. Dear friends and family and of course Richard (there he is in the front row to the far right). Many other friends were there too, but I don’t have pictures of all of them.

The ceremony began with Robert Osborne. Thats the incredible theater entrance behind him.

Then Troy, who was so eloquent and comfortable in his skin as he spoke. I was bowled over, truth be told. To me, he looks like my father here.

Then Lily Tomlin spoke and, as I waited just behind the back drop, I was crying with gratitude that I have such wonderful friends and family.

Maria Shriver, whom I've known for more than 30 years (her father, the great Sargent Shriver, was my daughter Vanessa's godfather) was also amazing and generous in her talk.

Then I came out and spoke for 2 minutes. Here I'm waving to the fans across the street

and then I knelt down on the knee rest and did what I'd practiced.

Hand print and name done.

And heres the final product.

After the ceremony we took lots more photos.

With Eva Longoria. We've become friends through working for L'Oreal. She's not just beautiful, she's brave and smart.

With Alexander Payne, the fantastic director ("The Descendants," "About Schmidt," "Sideways," "Citizen Ruth"). He and I became friends when I went to Omaha at his invitation to help raise funds for the local cinematheque

Pat Mitchell & Lily Tomlin

I invited Jim Carrey. I am just getting to know him but I have been a huge admirer of his forever as has my granddaughter, Viva. You should have seen her face when she turned in her seat at the start of the ceremony and saw him. I wish I could have filmed her expression. I'm so grateful he was there.

Peter, Shirlee Fonda, and Troy

Left to right: Viva, Troy, me, Peter, his wife, Parky, Shirlee Fonda, Maria, Lily, Robert Osborne

And hovering over all of us all through the ceremony was my father's presence. I could feel him there so strongly. He put his hand and foot prints in the cement in 1942. So in a very palpable way, this day was a family affair. My prints will be placed right next to his which moves me more than anything. No wonder it was such a special day for me.

After the ceremony, all my friends then went next door to the historic Musso Frank’s restaurant and had a yummy lunch.

After that, I appeared on stage across the street at the Egyptian Theatre where Robert Osborne asked me questions about the making of "On Golden Pond" before the film was screened to a full house. I got to tell some of my best Katharine Hepburn stories.

The long, joyous and intense day ended perfectly with a delicious dinner at Craig’s with my family. We were wiped, let me tell you, but still full of excitement from the day.

Till next time…

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