Montreal was great. It’s one of my favorite cities. So beautiful. The really old mixed with the ultra new. Women are more chic in Montreal than any place except Paris. AND I made an interesting (to me) discovery: Montreal is famous for its Bagels–who knew? There are two bakeries, Fairmont and St. Viateur where the bagels are made. There is a (friendly) rivalry between them and it seems that most people have their favorite. I had one from Fairmont this morning (though the woman who brought it to me prefers St. Viateur but couldn’t get there.) It was delicious and definately had a distinctive taste and texture, slimmer and less doughy. I’m told it is the consistency that makes them different and they are a trademark of Montreal, made in the old, traditional way, only in that city. The two bakeries are never closed and they ship to Toronto and even to select places in NY. They charge 60 cents a bagel.

Day before yesterday, I asked if my blog readers knew the proper name for one’s child’s in-laws. I have been calling them my in-laws but that didn’t seem right. Sure ‘nough, my readers gave me the answer(s) I was looking for: Kelly in Arizona actually researched it and told me it should be “my son’s (or daughter’s) in-laws.” But several others referred me to the Yiddish term “Machatonim”. The ‘mach’ is not pronounced like ‘mash’ but more ‘ma-ha’ with a slightly gutteral, rolling sound. So–now I know.

I had too few hours to sleep after the speech and reception and found myself running scenes from the play in my head all through the night. I thought of a new way to play a certain confrontational moment with my daughter (Samantha). I will experiment in my living room (I’m on the plane now waiting to take off) and perhaps will try it out tonight. BUT-maybe this is what Linda meant when she warned about milking moments as the play’s close draws near. Hmm.


Before going home to try and sleep, I stopped by Reem Acra’s showroom to try my dress for the Tony Awards. I actually chose the dress last time–it was black–but I thought white would be nicer so, being nice herself, Reem said she’d make it in white and then we would decide. We did: I will be in black. Michael (Rudd) was there to (he brought Tulea back to me) and he concurred. I knew Reem preferred the black but she didn’t push me. “The black is braver,” she said.

I am looking forward to the show tonight. I’ve been feeling homesick for the gang–and the play.

After the show I have to go to Sardi’s where a caricature of me will be unveiled and hung. There’ll be photos from that.

See you next time.

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