I wish all my social media friends a wonderful Holiday. I am in Aspen, Colorado. Been here 5 days and return home today. Not skiing. Too nervous I might throw out my hip or knee replacement but, gotta say, if we come back next year I’m gonna bite the bullet and do some easy slopes. Ditto Richard. He hasn’t skied this time either. BUT, I did walk up Buttermilk Mountain in the snow, ascending from 7500 to 10,500ft. It was challenging because I haven’t been working out for 2 weeks because of travel and promotion work. It took 2 hours. Oh boy, was my body sore that night! But I was so glad I did it and grateful that my friend, Annika, gave me the motivation (she’s of Swedish descent!) and led the way.

My daughter, Vanessa, her husband and my grandchildren, are here and will stay longer. The kids are really getting into the skiing. It’s so great when they can start young…not as far to fall and joints more flexible so injuries fewer. I’m about to take everyone to a Xmas brunch.

Tonight, back in L.A., I’ll see my son Troy, his wife Simone and her parents.

Merry Christmas from Tulea!

Richard on the Gondola

With Abe and Annika Somer. Our first lunch at the base of Aspen Mountain. Best hamburger I ever had! And truffled French fries. Yum

Elk statue in front of our hotel

Blowing out the candle at my Dec 21st birthday dinner. I was very moved by the letters and messages I got from friends all over the world. I feel very blessed to have such friends. I’ve been so lucky!

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