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Late last night I was looking for some clear footage of the conjunction (it was cloudy where I was, and I had some difficulty seeing it), and by complete accident, came across this old video of Kim Novak in Big Sur, California. It was so soothing and beautiful, listening to her sing about the tides and the ocean. She also talks about how she […] View
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    @valeria-phoenix Rosie, I’m so sorry, but I don’t have a Pinterest. Let’s hope your email works soon. If not, let me know here and we’ll figure something out. : )

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    @valeria-phoenix Rosie, I have no idea if you’ll see this. My comments to you won’t post, so I thought I’d try this. If you would still like info about translation/transcription jobs, let me know and we’ll figure out how to get my email address to you. : )

    • Hi, Daniela,

      I’m glad that I saw this, as I’ve had some difficulty posting comments, too. I think we just have to go directly to the notification box, and post from here. Yes, I would still very much like info about the translation/subtitle/transcription work, especially for netflix films, or amazon. I’ve tried some generally googling and online…[Read more]