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  • Jane and Lily, please, if in good health, don’t stop making Grace and Frankie. I asked once I’d you get Richard Gere as compition for Nic….Nic wins. Also you could have a great deal to write about if Julie Andrews and her daughter moved in next door. Playing themselves. But are shocked at your family style and they keep sneaking around pee…[Read more]

  • Can not up load my image to the small circle oe URL!

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    Wanted to suggest something for Grace and Frankie. First, ask Richard Gere in and give Nic compition for Grace, Nic wins. Next, there’s new neighbors in the beach house closest to them. Neighbors are Julie Andrews and daughter Emma. They are renting beach house because they have writers block. In real life they write children’s books. They pla…[Read more]

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