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  • Jane: I just now found an excellent resource to locate grassroots meetings and upcoming grassroot protests. Looking over their website and Facebook page (see links below), it appears that this a very promising, […]

  • Dear Jane,

    Below is a recent post on my FB page.

    Thank you again for your inspiration and being a voice of the mother earth and all of its inhabitants.


    I am no longer holding back. My […]

  • Jane: I searched for Eileen on this page and found no reply from you to her. I live in San Diego but I have friends that live in the Los Angeles area. I sent an email message this morning to San Diego Free Press […]

  • Jane: Please let us know when the next major “freedom march” will happen in the Los Angeles area. Things are getting more and more crazier in the country, and sadly there appears to be no end in sight. Love, Steve

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  • Steve commented on the post, MY 79th BIRTHDAY 3 years ago

    Hoping you live to be 100+. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of mother earth and its inhabitants.

    Only love….

  • Dear Jane,
    I have had a deep abiding respect for you for over 4 decades. I have been inspired by your humanitarianism and activism over the years. I remember vividly participating at an anti-war, Vietnam rally […]