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  • My last blog had #1 Why I haven’t been blogging and #2 was about laughter. This blog starts with #3: ACTIVISM. It’s been awhile since I wrote about what I’m focusing on in these rough times. But in addit […]

    • Hi Ms Jane, Thank you for all you do for others…. Hugs to Tulea and your precious family. I think of you all everyday. May you all have a Blessed Easter.

    • Lovely film “Our souls at night” .💗💗💗💗

    • First, I just wanted to comment on something you said a few blogs ago. You said the words “…against all odds…you can do it ” and I wanted to thank you. I’m suffering from Major Depressive Disorder and have been for a few years now. It’s a pretty bleak and haunting time but I’m determined, in an almost defiant way, to hang on. And seeing others strengths helps. Your strength helps. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Secondly, thanks for the mention of “Capernaum”. I’m Canadian and sadly it’s not on our Netflix (yet, anyway) but I’m determined to see it. I love hearing about movies that “slip through the crack”. They usually turn out to be the best in every way.

      Can’t wait to see/meet you July in St. Paul!
      *Love from Newfoundland, Lesley

    • Hi, Jane!
      I absolutely loved this blog. I am so proud of everything that you do to help make this world a better place and I thank you for that. I hope to be even half the person you are someday. You have always been someone that I’ve looked up to and admired! There needs to be more people like you in the world! You are such a light to everyone around you and have such a kind and compassionate heart. I love you!!
      -Alyssa xo

    • Dear Jane,

      Keep on blogging whenever you have a spare time because TO INSPIRE the others is NEVER TOO MUCH. What you are doing in your personal and professional life it became your mission on planet Earth and you are aware of it for sure. I just remembered that a few days ago I’ve bumped into an interview you gave to an Australian reporter last summer and you’ve said that the only desire to share your personal life is to help the others.
      I am speaking from my own experience after meeting you. I’ve started doing your workout on my almost 40 years old, and this means the first time in my life when I started doing a sport. The only thing I did until now was walking a lot on foot.
      After finishing reading Prime Time which is full of wisdom by the way and My life so far which has a lot of valuable emotional sharing, I’ve ordered Women coming of age because I am already in my midlife. I feel that reading this book will be a good and wise guide for me from now on.
      As for your recommendation about CARPERNAUM, I knew about the movie and I intended to watch it last weekend, but as it rolled on the screen of my laptop I’ve felt like it’s too much for me to emotionally handle at that moment. It’s indeed a very powerful movie. I hope to put myself together soon to watch it again from the start.
      all my love and good vibes,

      PS. I want to send you something traditionally to wear from my country, seething that was the source of inspiration for international designers like Dior, Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent or Valentino. It will be something handmade by some peasants ladies who still know the secret of these creations. Is it okay to send you to the address in Atlanta?

    • Jane- What awesome organizations to support and be involved with! You are a gem, the world needs more people like you! Peace and SO much love!!
      Stevi 💜

    • Well, now I feel guilty because I just got done eating at Applebee’s (we had a big group so we all pitched in 5 bucks for a tip which in total added up to 35$) And now I feel like I should really just delete my Instagram and start over posting pictures of me volunteering at the VA or the animal shelter. Seriously, I’m 14 year old highschool girl and I think it’s sad that other people my age, and even adults don’t understand the importance of equal pay and rights that we have been so called “granted” but never really given the full benefit of. I’m so happy that I read your blog and realize this sooner rather than later, because it gives me a better perspective on not only my life, but empathy for other’s and a drive to do as much as I can to help them. Thank you so much.

    • What a great blog entry! Very informative! I like the links you added. I am going to read up on Working America to possibly join.. Thanks!
      I totally forgot about the movie, Capernaum, until you mentioned it. I saw previews of it and had put it on my list to see. I will definitely be watching it in the next few days.

    • Jane, the movie Capernaum is not on Netflix, I have not found it.

    • Dear Jane,
      Thank you for this inspiring blog post.
      You might find this critical piece about Caphernaum interesting. I was very disturbed and upset after seeing this movie and wanted to write an article about it, but I found this piece that captured exactly what I felt.


      • Thanks, Souad, for sending the article. It’s intelligent and provoking. I don’t think one feature film can encompass every horror that the article mentions–perhaps a documentary could.

        • Thanks, that’s a very fair point. I still wish the movie had put more emphasis on the structural conditions that make such horrors possible.But from a strictly cinematic point of view (assuming you can separate cinema from politics) I, of course, agree that it’s nothing less that a masterpiece.

    • Jane, I just found out from my cousin that the film clip, Flip the Switch is the film he produced, that I went to see. Seems Pat is speaking about the film in several places including Georgia. He didn’t know that Pat was a friend of yours. He wondered if you might speak about the film in Georgia. I explained just how very busy you are and all the things on your plate. I told him I would give him your person’s name who schedules your speaking events, anyway so he can inquire. I think I read that information in your blog recently. Andrew is working on many projects. He lives in Italy but comes to the states often.Just an FYI. Dona.

      • Jane Happy Mother’s Day, thanks for the inspiration this is very important to me. Love you very much💕💕💕💕

        • Jane, I’m going to send you a gift to the address you gave from your Atlanta office, I hope you receive it without a problem and I will not bother you as much as I did when I sent my letter to Beverly Hills. Love you. Candita.

    • Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Jane your blog is now very modern I love it💕💕💕Happy Easter🐰🐰

    • Hello Ms Fonda. How are you?
      My boy is 6. He is in love with Dolly Parton. He has watched her read stories on a children’s tv channel here in the UK. He listens to her music also. Last week her saw 9to5. He laughed his little way through it. (This is his first movie that he has sat all the way through, he is autistic). When the film was over he asked why the boss was cruel. So, I tried to explain in a way that he would understand. He said that girls and boys are the same (even though “girls smell nicer”). He said girls should tell their boss he is bad and they won’t do his work and go away and be bosses themselves. Or… You all could wait until he is a farmer and you could work for him. (I love this boys logic.) The reason I’m writing is that this one movie has already impacted one little mind. It’s made him aware of equal rghts, even in a small way. He’ll grow and learn.

      • Hi Jane,
        This is my first time writing a comment to you so apologies if it sucks. But reading your blog has just put such a smile on my face. Lately I’ve been feeling so insecure and angry at the world ( I say lately, more like the last 30 years!) But when I feel this way I really do look up to you. I have from a child. I feel like you give me a shove through how strong you are. Reading this blog makes me smile because you have become such a well respected inspirational woman through everything you’ve been through and you do it with such grace and presence. You talk in your blog about a book called apology,and how to tell if someone’s soul is softened. How do you know? Do you think only bad people have hardened souls? I think people that are good can have hardened souls because of bad people, for protection I guess. Also I’m going to check the film out but I don’t think it is on UK Netflix. 🙂
        Shaunie x

    • Jane, you have such a heart for those that have been forgotten or who are in need. As a young adult going through the struggles that may arise, one of the many excellent projects you’ve been apart of Grace and Frankie has brought me so much comfort and peace. You and lily make a positive impact on the world everyday. Thank you so much! I saw in an interview once you said to let you know if I wanted to say anything to lily, please let her know how much joy she has brought into my life as well! Love , Anjelika

    • Dona replied 2 months ago

      I just told a friend to look for Capernaum on Netflicks then after she left I went looking for it to watch. It wasn’t there. I’ll keep looking because I really want to see it. I read your last blog to her and she plans to look into Working America. She was interested in your book referral. I copied it for her. I did locate Our Planet on Netflicks, but I’m going to watch that later when I can stomach the hard parts. I saw the interview with the makers and a clip with the walrus falling off the rocks for lack of ice. I will watch it, just not before bed. Anything with animals being hurt can trigger nightmares for me. I would require time to fit in a Grace & Frankie episode to lift my spirits. Dona

      • Jane replied 2 months ago

        Yes, I found out I was wrong. Capernaum is nt on Netflix. I’m so sorry. Maybe ITunes?

        • Hi Jane, I found Capernaum also streaming on Amazon Prime Video. I’m looking forward to watching it.
          p.s. I love the enhancements to your website! You and your team have done a lot of work.

          p.p.s I’m sending this a second time because my original message has been waiting for approval for a few weeks.

    • Ms. Fonda…this is my first response and experience with Blogging…May I simply say THANK YOU. You have created, contributed, entertained and evolved us…thank you for making a difference on the planet…Life is the gift and Love Never Ends…

      Love from us in Texas…

      Jimmy Pinet Scritchfield Winchell

    • Dear Jane, you enlightenour soul and mobilize ir. Reading tour blog reminded me a text that I worked at school: ” A SEA OF SMALL FIRES”.From my country, URUGUAY, I trancribe it to you because you are the best of de FIRES un this World! I apologize for the gramatical errors but the translators are nota good. “A man of the town of Neguá, on the coast of Colombia, was able to climb to the high heaven. On his return, he told a story. He said he had contemplated, from above, human life. And said that we are a sea of little fires. The world is that—he revealed—A cluster of people, a sea of little fires. Each person shines with their own light among all others. No two fires are alike. There are large fires and small fires and fires of all kinds and colors. There are people of serene fire, unaware of the existence of wind, and people of crazy fire, who fill the air with sparks. Some fires, foolish fires, do not shine or burn; but others burn life so heartily you cannot observe them without stopping to blink, and whoever gets close, flares up.”
      THANKS FOR BEING!!! I love so mucho!😍😍

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Sally, thanks for the advice.

    • Just wanted to add for everyone who’s been trying to find “Capernaum”. It is available to rent on youtube 🙂

    • Hi when will you think my post will be approved? Or what is being done with it? I would love for Jane to read it. Thank you for your reaction.

    • Hi Jane, I’m writing to say thank you, thank you for the joy, the carefree, and the strength you conveyed to me by looking at Grace & Frankie.
      I have just seen your documentary and I have not been able to hold back the tears for the emotion, even before being a great actress you are a wonderful person who fights for the planet, for women and for life, we also share the fact that we both lost a parent too soon, and from your words I gained strength to overcome this.
      Thanks for everything, a greeting from Italy and from me.

    • I feel touched by this blog as well as what you are sharing with us as a society. After meeting you on Grace & Frankie, your personal integrity, clear values, fight compelled me to investigate your life & activism further. You have ignited me!! I am a 35 year woman & mother of 2 who lives in Montreal, Canada. I’ve been on maternity leave enjoying learning about acting when baby is napping (preparing for community theater auditions!) through comedic & dramatic works of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Lily is a beloved actor close to my heart after falling for her in Beverly Hillbillies (I’m only 35 after all…Lily’s facial expressions alone and unflinching courage to get a laugh – need we say more?! GENUIS!) Little did I know about your other jobs – fighting for other human lives! WOW! My kind of people!! You’ve also made me see that acting is more than just a pastime of indulgence. It’s a connection of humanity that deepens our ability to empathize and communicate. Working on a show with others awakes you & energizes you. I want to be like you and never stop working at what I love, solving problems and giving of myself to help others.

      Thank you for sharing “Sometimes good enough, is good enough”. This has helped me beyond words with an 11 month old baby 🙂

      Your passionate relaying of information & spotlighting vital groups like HOMEBOY INDUSTRIES, have helped me open my eyes to my own place in the fight. I must contribute & live this radical kinship too. It’s deeply important to thank you for all you have shared, from me to you. Human to human. What you do and say IS important and we do NEED YOU. Now, I want to do a crazy thing like embark on documentary filmmaking with full confidence that the only limits are my own imagination….YOU helped sparked that!

      Jane, you’re a solid example to me as an leader, a thinker, a fighter and a human being. If you ever make your way to beautiful Montreal, I hope to hear you speak. THANK YOU is not enough
      Love, Jamie-Lee XOX

    • the only thing I would incorporate into this new website design is the return of a search button for your blog. I always used to use that to search specific topics you discussed that I may have missed.

    • Jane,

      I just listened to you with Marc Maron. You’ll get it when I say I’m way too old and also, coming to the end, to keep my mouth shut about what blows my mind most about what you said to him.

      You said your guy is Jesus, even though you’ve learned and studied about other “guys” and “gals” who were great teachers and Masters.

      I met this “guy” over almost fifty years ago. If you think Jesus would have been a gas to know, (and I agree) please treat yourself to a bit of Prem Rawat, if you’ve not already.

      My mother named me after your pal, Candice Bergen, because my mom was a WAC during WWII and met Edgar Bergen and he was talking about Candice, with an “i.” Years later, I found out we have the same birthday, May 9! If you see her, give her my personal birthday greeting, ok? Love and best. Candice

    • As a woman entering her third act and loving life I am loving reading your blogs. Your energy is palpable and contagious. I remember as a younger woman doing the workout and feeling the burn! OMG you nearly killed me LOL
      The Homeboy project looks amazing and I love they are looking at recycling too. What a wonderful initiative it is.
      I’ll try and see if I can download the film“Capernaum”, maybe someone in your team could put pressure on Netflix to show it.

    • Dear Jane: Hello!
      I’m from Uruguay but a big fan of yours. After many years where “I lost your track” you may be in contact with family problems that isolated me from much of the world, finding myself back on the small screen has been wonderful. I have seen almost all your movies and Grace and Frankie have called me like a glove! Watching your documentary made me realize what was the reason why I lost your track! You had retired from the cinema when you married Ted Turner! Hehehehe, but, besides watching the documentary, it made me cry, smile and even feel a little pain. I would have liked to “get out” of the TV and embrace you, shelter you, protect you … Life is very difficult like resisting and can be found. I deeply admire your LIFE. Full of avatars, encounters and disagreements, what most admires you and gives me a deep respect, is your ACTIVISM! What is your life? Find causes to fight for and live causes and inspires me. I am a teacher, already retired, I know I gave a lot, I marveled and I was frustrated. It is a work of sowing and the harvest often does not get to pick up, but I can say THAT IT WAS WORTH IT! Follow your road. You are light for many people. How are you?
      I send you a big hug. I am reading Prime Time and I already got Amazon My Life so far but in Spanish. I do not see the time it comes to my hands !!!!! Once again, a big hug from URUGUAY !!!
      My real name: Graciela, but everyone tells me, Grace!

    • Hello, on the 16th of April I sent a reply, but it is still awaiting approval. Would you please inform me of what to do and when it will be approved/forwarded? Thank you for your response.

    • Hi Jane,

      I’m personally a massive fan of your show Grace & Frankie and just finished watching season 5 and both me my mum and my grandma love your show and are so excited for the new season in 2020 which I believe you have already started filming! Are you allowed to say anything about season 6 or any spoilers? Loved this blog by the way.

      From Taasha

    • Dear Ms. Fonda: I just wanted to tell you that I’m mailing off my photo of my last “Barbarella” painting to your business address in Atlanta, GA today. It should get there in a few days…enjoy. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • It’s wonderful to follow your blog, my dear Jane.
      Your energy source reinvigorates me to be a better person for me and the world.
      After reading all your books and knowing a little more about this amazing woman, I was fortunate to watch your documentary on HBO and wow, you’re really brilliant.
      I have a quote from a young Brazilian writer, edgard abbehusen, that makes me reflect on what I want for my life and I would like to share it with you!

      ‘You are what you overflow, which, by itself, already feeds on good feelings. You are already complete. what will come next is complement. and it should remain only those who help you to be even greater than what you are.’

      ps. your blog looks great with the layout renewal!

      with affection, of her Brazilian fan,

    • Thank you for your voice and your activism Jane!! You are such an inspiration to me and to so many people! 👍♥️

    • I loath, abhor, and detest the news headlines that mislead to any degree to get people to look at the salacious gossipy crap stories constructed it seems without any moral conscience just to get a reader. The writers of those headlines are the parasites who prey on people’s honest feelings toward their fellow human beings. It is so upsetting to constantly have them trying to pull our emotional strings and treat us like marionettes. I can only imagine how upsetting it must be to be used as their tool for manipulation. Those of us who live our lives at such a distance from people we care about are easy targets because we don’t know for sure if there is a grain of truth that we would want to respond to or if it is indeed another hoax-like shit bait attempting to use fear to control us. My policy is never to read those articles, but the headlines still jerk me around. All this to say I am concerned. I hate to trespass beyond your rightful boundaries in your private life, but the friendship in my heart wants you to know that whatever trials you suffer, I would like to lift you up and stand beside you. Love, Dona

    • It’s already there since May 22, love you.

    • Dear Ms. Fonda: Hi there! If you remember, I’m the one who mailed you the portfolio of “Barbarella” artwork to your business office in Atlanta, where it got lost for a few weeks before you were finally able to receive it. I just wanted to write you to see if my envelope of two new 8″x10″ photos of my new artwork that I mailed off to your Atlanta office was received there. The first photo is of my last Barbarella painting, and I do mean last. As much as I enjoyed making artwork based on your science fiction character, I really feel it’s past time that I explore different subject matter, and even produce original artwork. The photo is of a Black & White airbrushed painting based on an old publicity picture of you in the role of Barbarella that I felt made her look like, well, an officer in her space program. The second photo is one of a personal favorite of my best friend from among my work that he insisted that I include in the envelope when I told him I would be mailing it off to you. The subject is a much earlier airbrush painting of me as a robot smoking a pipe (don’t worry though, I stopped smoking years and years ago). I’ll conclude by saying that your movie career has given me much joy over the years, and I thank you for giving me to opportunity to share my artistic impressions of my favorite film character with you, the actor who portrayed her. Thanks and have fun. Yours-Steven Vasko

    • We miss your posts on here! I guess you are so busy with season 6 and this makes me really happy and excited. I really can’t wait to see my Grace Hanson again! I hope you are fine, my dear! My teacher looks and dresses like Grace, so it’s a way for me to easy the pain haha! Love you so much!

    • Hi again, Jane!
      You often wear a certain ring in your personal life, which has an unique and extremely interesting shape. I can’t upload here a photo so you would see the ring am I talking about, but is the one you’ve been also wearing at the recent promotion panel of Grace and Frankie Season 6. I’ve also seen it on your finger in Paris last October and in an interview back in 2007 so I guess you simply love that ring. I love it too. What jewelry brand is it?!
      Sending my good vibes to you <3

      • Hey Nicoleta, I love the ring! L’Oreal gave it to me 12 years ago. I had worn it in my first commercial for them. No idea the brand. I have long skinny fingers so I like large rings. xx

        • Thanks a lot for answering me, Jane! XXX
          I also love large rings because as you I also have long skinny fingers. 🙂

          By the way, have you managed to read one of the books I gave you in Paris, Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown?!

          Changing the subject, I want to share with you the inner satisfaction of recently enjoying an eleven days trip to Peru. It was like a initiatory journey for me, one of connecting and reconnecting with me, the nature and the energy of that mysterious realm. I’ve seen almost 70% of the Peruvian country and everything end up with seeing the magic Machu Picchu. It’s definitely another world out there and another vision of people on life and death.
          Sending all my love to you <3 XXX

    • @Janefonda I really want to see youuu in person!! I Just want to tell you how great and amazing youu are. Thank u for making me happy even though youu really don’t know about me hehehe. i love youu so so much and please if there is any chance for me to meet you, please hug me 😘

    • Dear Jane, Im looking forward for the Season 6 of Grace and Frankie hehe. i just wanna say thank you for making me happy but you never knew hehe. Hmm Nothing this is just a random message hehe. I know that you won’t even notice this but thank you and i love youu!

    • Wow, time surely flies. Reading these words really late just made me realize that I missed you. And I wanted you to know that. There are so many things that are hard to swallow but I salute you for taking action. You are a rock star.

      Update on me: I just graduated drama school and now I am taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade, where I remember you went a couple of years to go. I agree with you on what you said back then: what a humbling experience to be doing improv especially after “serious acTOOOR training/experience”.

      BTW, thanks for the recommendation of Capernaum. I also heard Glenn Close (who I believe was ALSO robbed of an Oscar… shameful) giving the movie high praise. For some reason (probably what you mentioned), it just fell off my radar.

      Long story short, I wanted to tell you that I missed you and am glad to hear from you. Love from your old blogging pal, Daniel. ❤️

    • Hi Jane, I just wanted to let you know how much you’ve inspired me over the years! As a young gay man myself who is a performer and try’s to be an artist in my daily life you’ve really inspired me with the kind heart you have and the insane amount of talent and drive you have.
      Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and giving me the laugh i needed well having a hard day. Thank you for inspiring the younger generation as we need role models like yourself.

      Anyways, enough on my rambling… loving all the blog posts!

    • I so admire your activism and heart. There’s so many causes that interest me to be involved in, too. My whole life. It’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Leaving the world a better place, growing and spreading love. I’ve been a fan for so long, both you and Lily. I got your mugshot shirt and proudly wear it! I can’t wait for season 6. I was at the PaleyFest panel, and saw the season finale before I was quite done haha. I was up front with my service dog, and was hoping to shake your hand, and give Lily this painting I did for her in gratitude for helping me towards my goal of getting a much needed wheelchair van. I hope she got it, I had to leave it with someone to give to her assistant. Everyone rushed the stage, and they had me go way off to the side. It was two young elephants holding trunks, titled “sisters” in honor of you two. Kind of dumb of me not to write a note in case. Hopefully she recognized my name in the signature lol.
      Keep up the good fight! I can’t wait to get back at it, seems more urgent than ever to work to right the wrongs out there. My service dog is named Justice, so fitting for so many things. Lily met him as a puppy at the Petco Foundation Gala.
      Happy Mother’s Day to you, and all the awesome and strong women out there. You’re an inspiration!

    • Dear Jane and Lily, (am taking you up on your interview offer to include Lily on your blog, Jane!). I thank you both for your lifetimes of artistic and activist gifts to me and to all of us. It is a joyful call-to-action to witness you both as you make your way through the world.

      Jane, your recently released Jane Fonda: In Five Acts transparently portrays the courageous warrior you are. I personally know of several women who have been emboldened by your story to make difficult life choices in order to set themselves free to become . . . . Thank you for your transparency.

      You most likely have read Kalsched’s book The Inner World of Trauma, but if not, I think you would find it insightful and supportive of your research on sexual abuse. One of his theories, rooted in the work of many others, posits when the soul or essence of a child is traumatized by abuse and neglect by supposedly trusted parents or others, the child not only dissociates to survive the unimaginable, but will also employ progressed behaviors. In other words, in some areas the child becomes more mature, more responsible, clever, accomplished beyond their chronological age, while simultaneously, remaining stuck as an insect in amber or regressed in other fundamental areas.

      The other resource you may find beneficial in your work with teen pregnancy is Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller. Again, a classic, which you most likely have read. Miller suggests that all children are tacitly tasked with “filling the hole in their mother’s heart”. In this way all children are considered “gifted.” She goes on to describe that it may be impossible “to grasp the extent of the loneliness and desertion to which we were exposed as children . . . Behind all this lurks depression, the feeling of emptiness and self-alienation, and a sense that their life has no meaning.” She suggests the way through these feelings of anxiety, guilt and shame squarely rests in finding a safe space in which to remember and to mourn. . . . “a new empathy with herself (the child) is born out of mourning.”

      Lily, thank you for your entire body of work, especially in this moment for the documentary An Apology to Elephants. Am quite certain you are familiar with the conservation work of Dr. Gay Bradshaw through the Kerulos Center. However, if not, her book Elephants on the Edge explores issues for these beloved animals in an intelligent and compassionate, yet accessible mode of complex considerations. The masterful work of Elke Riesterer, massage therapist, employing the TTouch with elephants, tortoises, monitor lizards, and more, is highlighted in the latter pages of the book. I was privileged to view an amateur tape of her touching these large animals and could literally see them melt with her touch.

      On another note, I viewed the cast interview at the PaleyFest 2019 more than once. Of course, I have enjoyed it immensely – to hear of the behind-the-scenes creative processes of development and to witness the camaraderie among all of you. One dynamic pierced my heart; I can’t believe I had never noticed it before. The moderator made such a point to ask Mr. Waterston and Mr. Sheen how it was to “play gay men” yet did not ask or even acknowledge how it is for you, Lily, to play a straight woman! This omission actually hurt me for you and for all gay people. It surprises me that even in liberal southern California we are still not liberated from these subtle yet right-out-loud ways! It would seem that we have so thoroughly introjected the shadowed bias against this minority that we don’t even notice these slights. So, I apologize for all of us that these harms linger.

      One last mention. For many years I would be in New York City on business four-to-six times a year. I always stayed with my childhood friend, Dean, in his apartment at 43rd and 10th, commonly called Hell’s Kitchen. Although an actor, he made his living as a box office manager on Broadway for over 30 years. He was my reliable guide for plays every time I was in town. Somehow, he purchased center-center seats during your press preview for Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. I have always been captivated by the process of creation whether within the individual or among individuals in a small group. And that night your courage and commitment to getting it just right was astounding. You most likely remember, you would be in the middle of a sketch, stop, run to the wings, re-enter immediately, to begin again. Polishing. Polishing. Polishing your process and product – both magnificent. I have been a fan ever since. Thank you.

      With deepest regards,
      Karen Kinnett Hyatt

      • Beautiful letter, Karen. Thanks. I will send a copy to Lily. I LOVE all Alice Miller’s books. You’ve just motivated me to reread “Drama of a Gifted Child.” xx

    • Just to let your sponsors know that you DO have influence over your fans; I now use L’Oreal face moisturizer and quit my use of another; I watched all the episodes of Longmire; I looked but couldn’t find the Vogue magazine article(guess I don’t shop in fancy enough stores), but I would have bought it; I couldn’t get Ray Donovan so I bought a season and watched that (for Lily). And of course, I watch, Grace and Frankie and tell everyone one who will listen that it is a must see show. I watch all interviews and movies, guess-spots etc, with either or both or you. One of the best roles I’ve every played? Being a fan of two wonderful people who happen to be in “The Biz.” Dona

    • Dear Jane!

      Thank you for all of your wonderful posts. I always look forward to reading them. It’s been just over a year since I last wrote on here although I’ve been meaning to for quite awhile. I’ve always admired how you truly “walk the walk” when it comes to your activism. It is wonderful how you have always been so hands on. You have inspired me to give more of myself to the causes I believe in. As a new PhD who has spent a good deal of time in Academia, I have become a bit frustrated with the “bubble” that often separates us from the rest of the world. This was especially apparent after the 2016 election when it became obvious that much of the country was living in a completely different world. Many academics do important work that could benefit the general public if attempts could be made to use it to serve our communities. I’ve recently become very involved in the fight against sexual assault/violence. This winter I completed my training to become a Rape Crisis Counselor and I now work with survivors in the ERs of Chicago hospitals. The work can be heavy and heartbreaking, but it is also extremely rewarding. The survivors are incredibly appreciative and I’m learning so much more about the problems and inequality in my own city. Ever since I led a bus of women (and a few men) to the 2017 Women’s March in Washington in D.C. I’ve become involved in various types of activism, but nothing compares to directly working face to face with survivors and making a difference during one of the most difficult moments of their lives. Your work has taught me that we really need to give ourselves and our time in order to be truly effective activists. Thank you for this important lesson!

      Given the nature of the work I do, I’m especially livid over the recent attacks on the reproductive rights of women. I dread the day that I or any other crisis counselor will be unable to give a survivor her full range of options. It is hard to believe this is happening in 2019. As white supremacist violence and attacks on women’s rights continue to increase, it almost feels like we are being transported back in time to the mid 20th century. We must vote with our heads and hearts, and make sure everyone we know does the same!

      Although it is nearly a year ago now, I want to tell you how much I loved Book Club! I went with my mom and it was a fun and uplifting film for people of all ages. You ladies were hilarious and I think it is great that you stay in touch. Both Book Club and Grace and Frankie are testaments to how views regarding aging have changed. I know from working with my students that Grace and Frankie is extremely popular with teens and very young adults. This has influenced them to seek out your films, especially Barbarella and Klute, which they really enjoy and appreciate. I’m a millennial and when I was little I remember a lot more negativity surrounding aging from people in my life as well as the media. I’m sure aging isn’t always a walk in the park, but you and Lily really show how much fun women can have later in life! In March I gave a presentation on Grace and Frankie at the Annual Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference and afterwards I got great questions from people of all ages, including the men!

      I also saw Jane Fonda In Five Acts and I thought it was phenomenal and truly inspiring! I think every young woman (and the men too!) should see it. I have read your autobiography so I especially appreciated this accompaniment. I think it is very brave how you are so open and honest, factors that allow so many people to benefit from this documentary. It was also fascinating to learn about your Dad (I greatly admire him as an actor.), particularly because so much of what you said about him reminded me of my own grandfather: not very affectionate, harder on his family than those outside of it, believed women should behave a certain way (the disease to please) etc. And like your Dad, he had a lot of integrity, worked very hard, was loyal to his friends and greatly loved his country. Other than this my grandfather was nothing like your Dad. He was an average man living in Chicago. He passed away several years ago, but after watching the documentary I thought about him a lot. Although all men of that generation obviously weren’t identical (my grandfather was born in 1911), I’m sure the society in which they lived dictated their common behaviors at least in part.

      I hope you will be giving more talks about your life and career soon! I actually had VIP tickets to the talk you had to cancel in Milwaukee, and the VIP tickets for your upcoming Midwest talks are sold out. 😢 I REALLY want to finally meet you so I’ll wait until I can hopefully snag the VIP tix again. I really wish you would come see us here in Chicago!

      Thanks so much for reading this and always being so appreciative of your fans!

      Jenny xoxo

    • Ms. Fonda
      Thanks for the book suggestion “The Apology” A very good read. I found it to be very intense and at times would have to put it down and come back to it. I found it to be a book of healing personally for myself. I myself was like Eve and wow what great writing and amazing woman she is. Thank you!
      Also I am from Michigan and have done a lot on the ground for “one fair wage” thank you for all your help and support!!! Hoping for change here in our state!
      Also one last thing could you tell me where you got your necklace that you wear that has the “J” on it? It’s beautiful and I have someone in mind that I know would love it!
      Thank you so much

      • Jessica, truth is, that “J” necklace was given to me by Chelsea Handler and designed by Jenny Meyer here in L.A. xx

    • Dear Jane, Seems I missed being online with you by about 20 minutes, ah well. This is a Private message because it’s about someone else and this is a wish that you probably can’t fulfill anyway, so I’m not asking. I’m just sharing. My dear activist friend who I mention often, lost her only son to brain cancer 16 yrs ago. Her only daughter, Kelly, has been battling cancer for the last four yrs. It’s a kind of cancer that does not respond to any treatment and must be cut out until they can’t cut anymore. She is about at that place now. Kelly is one of those rare lights who always strives to give to others first. I wanted to give her something special which is why I decided to fly to Wisconsin and take her, and her husband, to see you on the 7th. Last week we learned that the cancer has moved to her lungs.
      The hug you gave me in Seattle will last me my lifetime. I had no plans to try to get close to you again except in written word. Yet, now, I wish I could get Kelly to you, for a hug. Seattle was small and it was all happenstance that came together. I don’t believe this large venue will allow that to happen. But I’m putting it out in the Universe just in case. Kelly wouldn’t ask or expect and neither do I. You know where this comes from. When we can’t do anything to save someone we love, we try to find some way to give something special to show our love. Kelly and I are hoping to develop a friendship when she moves to Washington. I wanted to begin with sharing this time with you. It will be special and we will enjoy you, your story, your insights, your sharing. If the Universe constructs more, it will be only more frosting on a special cake. Dona

      • I’ll leave your names backstage, Dona so I can give Kelly a hug. What a story! xx Give me full names so I’ll know.

    • Re; Grace and Frankie I want to do a shout out THANK YOU to whoever decided NOT to have a laugh track or music overlay. I absolutely hate having my emotions manipulated in that way. It is such a relief to be treated with respect as a viewer and to see the actors and writers respected. Whoever made that decision, kudos to them or her or him or. It says that they respect that you as an actor can play the character and deliver the lines in a way that will reach the viewer. It says that they trust the writers to be able to construct a reality that will connect with the viewer. It says I can relate with my own emotions without a pablum filter to tell me how I must feel. It makes it so much more real. So Thank you many times over as I enjoy watching and re-watching Grace and Frankie. ( please pass this on to …) Dona

    • Greenpeace support Tweet. NICE! Been a supporter, still a supporter, always will be a supporter. Dona

  • 1. Blogging. I feel really badly that I haven’t blogged. Why haven’t I? Well, so many are suffering all over the world including here in this country; climate is wreaking havoc. My heart breaks for the folks in […]

    • Jane, there was so much in this blog to cheer me up and help give me strength to fight the good fight in 2020, but on a lesser note, I was so happy to see that Tulea is still alive and well!

    • Yes Jane, I completely agree. It’s very hard to laugh while all these horrid things are going on around us. That is why I am so grateful to you and Lily for Grace and Frankie. We need this release to get us thru the dark times.

    • I would like to sincerely thank you, Ms Fonda, for your voice and your steadfast honesty. I have been a fan for many years now and my admiration has only grown through the years. You have owned your life as not many people do and that has inspired me from my youth to, now, my “middle years”. Thank you!

    • I love seeing the candid shots of you having fun with your friends, especially the Book Club gals. You and Liiy are inspiring me so much. I am a bit younger but getting my hip replaced soon (aarrgh). Makes me feel geriatric. I will be glad when it’s done and I can get back to my life! You had both hips done and 1 twice, I believe? Yet looking amazing.

      Grace and Frankie is such a great show because it treats women who are a bit older like any other women. That inspires me as well!!

      Thank you for all the laughs!

      • Catherine, wait till you see the age-related stuff I (Grace) is trying to handle in the 6th season! Hilarious!

    • This political crisis we are in plus the climate changes are peaking for us. I was active during the Vietnam War and now I find myself resisting once again. We need your leadership and I am glad you are so willing to speak up. My resister sisters and I are discouraged by the GOP leadership who are allowing T to design his own form of authoritative government
      And meanwhile very little attention is given to the suffering of our people from Puerto Rico, California and now the Midwest. I urge you to continue to use your humor during the show and your media appearances to help all of us gain some ground. You are the best!

    • Hi. Love “Grace and Frankie”… just waiting for more episodes! And I will probably binge watch those as well, then have to wait again.
      I don’t want to discourage you from blog-writing because I love reading them, but … ahem.. a “boarder” is someone who lives at your house and eats your food. The imaginary line between two countries is a “border.” I’m sorry. It’s pet peeve, so I had to. Forgive me. Please, keep up the good work!

    • I can’t speak for anyone else of course, but I view your blog posts as a treat, like a little something extra to brighten up some days by opening a good conversation (even if the subject matter, like the atrocities of home and abroad, is a bit depressing) That is to say, yay, another post! Though I wouldn’t want regularity at the expense of thoughtful content (and self care), I’m glad to see this! A delightful read.

      What this blog tells me is that you find ways to enjoy life even when there are a million reasons to get bogged down. Is that coming from a place of privilege? Maybe, but I’ve really learned the hard way recently that you have to take things at face value and enjoy the little things, like get togethers with the girls or a good work day, to not get burnt out with speaking out against the world burning down around us (metaphorically… literally… depends on the day). What good are we to the fight if we wear ourselves too thin, yknow? Anyways, as always, your post was a little bit of a reminder to put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope things look even better for you going into the summer (though I don’t envy the heat out your way, yikes, I’ll stick with my milder east coast maritime summer).


    • Hi Jane,
      So happy to read a blog entry. Sounds like you’re finding a really good balance which is so important. I recall in an interview you once saying that “compassion is what puts empathy into action.” You certainly lead by example and I admire you for that. Also making the time for those gatherings is equally important. Since speaking to you at the Q&A for Paulo Sorrentino’s film in Jan’16 (and recently turning 50) I’ve embarked on a writing project, taking the lead from ‘My Life So Far’. Even though I’ve come to a point of forgiveness from the people in my life, it’s still quite an emotional process; and taking much longer than I anticipated! Cheers, RTB

    • Hi Jane,
      Happy to read about your activities and recent blog. You are a complete person and a standard we should all strive for…intelligence, humor, kindness, beauty inside and out. Looking forward to Season 8! Love love love.

    • Dear Jane!

      Thank you for all that you do. Grace and Frankie is just a great series, I can’t imagine my life without it anymore. The fifth season was very good. Many may not notice this but it was very deep in terms of the relationship between Grace and Frankie. To be honest, the ending of this season was very sad. I am a guy that turned 21 years old in December 2018 and I have not cried so much for a long time. The realization that the 13th episode could be a reality and not its alternative, plunges into shock. I look forward for the 6th season! I want to thank you, Allyson Fanger, Abby Walker, David De Leon and Jonathan Hanousek as well as the rest of the team who is working on this series because it is just great!

      Best wishes,
      Your biggest fan from Russia, Tim.

    • Ms. Fonda I just want to say first you are an amazing person as well as actress💕. I’ve been a fan for such a long time and it’s such an honor to be able to be apart of your blog community. I wanted to ask what would be your advice on people trying to get into the industry and really have good success ?

    • Love you Jane! Keep blogging 😘

    • Love you, Jane! Thanks so much for just being on the planet. As a woman, you are such an inspiration for me. I too, have a complicated mother. I so appreciate your honesty about her in your documentary. XO from Switzerland

    • This blog makes me so happy, currently lying in bed and overcoming eating disorder for a while, and hearing from you after long time is so satifying. Seeing you smile gives me so much energy to fight and hope that one day i can travel and maybe meet you somewhere 🙂
      Sending so much love to you 🙋🏻‍♀️ps. cant wait for new GaF 👭 you look stunning

    • So true , so much going on that truly boggles the mind!!! The outrageous one sitting in the most revered position in the country continues to shock the hell out of us.
      But…it is certainly refreshing to see your posts and hearing your intellect…
      A cherished clasisc treasure you are…If I may say so.

    • Jane, thanks for coming back, I miss you when I do not know about you in a long time, but I understand that you are very busy. You have a lot of reason is necesary to smile, even if everything is bad, this is my mantra and it has worked for me. Thanks for your advices and wisdom, they are very important to me.💕💕💕💕

    • The real smiles and real laughter are the best tho! Thanks for that! Your show taught me what binge watching was! And I do not watch ‘real’ TV ……. thanks again ladies!

    • Lady Jane, you’ve always been, will always be, my lighthouse. I love your sensibility, your essence, your empathy, compassion, sense of justice, intelligence, goofiness, sense of fun, your smile, your joy, intelligence, wisdom, bravery – are you blushing yet? I could go on….
      In short, I love you. I don’t know you, but I SEE YOU…thank you for simply being authentically you. I hope you read this… I’m not the only one who feels this way, I’m sure…
      Sarah Zitin

    • Dear Jane, thank you for sharing your thoughts. You’re such an inspiration to all generations of women. Including me, I’m 25yrs old. The healing power of laughter is a true thing, but if one loses this ability, it’s hard work to get it back. I’m working on it! Thanks for reminding me, because I’m struggling a little right now, at this point in my life. It’s so great to see you and Lily back together for Season 6 – incredible good that it is such a huge success. I’m looking forward to it, rewatching the older seasons and make all my friends watch it!!! All my best wishes!

    • Yay… Look forward to reading more and seeing more pics. xxx

    • Your struggles and needs are as mine in my life. These last few months have been some of the roughest in my life (to say the least) but not nearly as for some. So I try not to complain to loud. But as I laid here letting my stupid ankle heal and after watching your season 5, I watched all the seasons over again. And the laughter and joy of watching all of you in Grace and Frankie has brightened my spirit. I can not wait to watch season 6 and hopefully by then the world will be a little more on our side as humans again. Thank you Jane. I adore you!

    • We are all WHEELING TO HEALING…cycling through time, emotion, situations, love, and everything else human life has to offer. Thank you, Ms. Fonda, for sharing your experiences and energies via this blog. I appreciate you.

    • As a Palliative care nurse in a large hospital I am surrounded by suffering most people don’t see. I am with people who are leaving this life. Your blog is so true with all the drama in the world. If we could only appreciate the short time we have in this world. Watching Grace and Frankie takes me to a better place if only for a short time. Thank you for the years of entertaining us.

    • It’s good to see you blogging, Jane. I truly enjoy reading your updates, whether it is about current issues, your work, or your personal life.
      You are right about our country’s current state of affairs. So many struggles out there, and a good majority of them could be prevented. I am trying to keep my eye on 2020, hoping that the elections will put us back on track. 2019 has already been an eye opener for me with our health care system. I had what would be considered a major surgery and my father has had a great deal of problems. I would put us in the blue collar category, but we have been fortunate to be a part of a union who has fought for better health care, pensions, etc. I can’t imagine what it is like to go through any health crisis without proper health care. I can’t imagine going through a surgery, then not being able to take the needed time off to heal because you need to earn money to get food on the table. I know I am lucky. No, I am not close to being rich, but I am so lucky for the things I have. The Affordable Care Act was not the final solution, but it was a step in the right direction. I am afraid of where this current administration will lead us in this area.
      I am also afraid of where Betsy Devos and those who have their greedy hands in our public education system will lead us. The public education system is slowly being destroyed and I am not sure people will realize this until it is too late.
      Sigh. There are so many issues out there it is difficult to find which to focus on first. Gun violence, climate change, health care, immigration, mental health, education, and on and on. So, to survive and give us strength to fight these issues, you are right, laughter is great medicine. Laughter and kindness. Try to find humor in your daily life and shower kindness on others. Simple smiles and opening doors for strangers, kind words to the workers who are serving you, encouragement to those around you. Kindness just may be the key to strengthening the forces needed to fight those who are greedy and care only about their own future.

    • Dear Jane,
      When I was 14, I was bullied in school and was depressed. But you know what helped me? I saw 9 to 5 one day, and it changed my life forever. In May that year, Grace and Frankie premiered, oh imagined the excitement I had, it completely changed my life forever and you have made my life better, you truly have. By the power of the internet, I have made a lot of friends because of you and Lily. They are wonderful people and we take care of each other even if we can’t be there for each other physically, the love is there. You and Lily have helped me grow into this young lady I am today.

      Last year, I did your workouts and one day that I chose not to do it, my right knee dislocated. Don’t feel bad though! I got home schooled for my senior year and my life has been better since except for the physical pain that I had to endure during recovery from the surgery I had. I lost a lot of friends because they simply did not care for me because of my disabled state at that time and I was heartbroken. But you and Lily are one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. Who knows if you’ll ever see this, I’m just here to thank you. I also graduated high school with flying colors despite all that I had to go through.

      I thank you a lot, a whole lot. You made me realized so much at this age.I have learned a lot from you and Lily. You have my whole heart. You two have succeeded in healing me. I thank you for that. I love you and Lily very much. You are my biggest inspiration.

      Yours Truly,

      • Thanks for letting me know, Edleena. I have copied this from you and sent to Lily. I know how happy it will make her. She has the biggest heart in the world. Her empathy is huge. I love your name. xx

    • Dear Jane,

      It´s so great you and Lily are back filming “Grace and Frankie”. My boyfriend and I started the series last month and we have only two episodes left to watch! We want more “Grace and Frankie”!!!

      It is lovely seeing your “Book club” reunited. You all are definitely good friends in real life. I first watched the movie in Lima this summer while I was there on vacation and I rewatched it this weekend with my mother. I even laugh more this time.

      By the way, loved your interview at the British Vogue. The photos are marvelous and you look incredible!

      Kisses from Spain, Diego.

      P.S. I think you have been to Madrid, my hometown, several times. Do you have any memories of it?

      • Diego, Ilove Madrid. I love Spain. My 2nd boyfriend was Spanish. Jose Vicuna. i still think of him warmly.

    • Can’t wait for season 6!, Jane it’s always a thrill to read your blogg. I just joined but i known about you forever ofc, at the moment i’m enjoying reading Prime time even tho i’m 15 this is really great things to know for later!

      • Wow, Nathalie, can’t believe you’re reading PRIME TIME! I would love to know what resonates most with you in the book. Iam proud of Prime Time. There’s a lot of wisdom in there, if I say so myself. You spell your name like the French do.

    • I can’t wait for the new season. I love ❤️ the show.

    • Jane,

      Any advice for me? I am moving to be with my husband in Reno. But my family is close knit and lives in Wyoming. What’s your thoughts? I will miss them terribly and part of me doesnt want to leave.

      Thank you for being such a role model and advocate for diverse groups in this world!!! You have helped me from death multiple times. Please know that. When I was alone and scared I would turn on 9 to 5, or Grace and Frankie, and everything in the world didnt matter anymore. Thank you.

      Robert Tate

      • Go with your heart, Robert, and when it gets too hot in Reno, visit your Wyoming family with your husband and when it’s cold there, have them visit you.

    • Thanks so much again for Blogging! I love that you write back to the comments and yes my name is Jane too!!! Born and raised Miamian with Cuban Parents – Jane means Juana in Spanish – Have a great weekend Juana! :0)

    • Thank you for the blog post, I know it feels trivial despite everything but I hope you don’t underestimate the influence something as simple as this has on many people. Your blog has been a beacon of light for me for years and seeing a new post made my entire day.
      I had a question, I’m 21 and I’ve unfortunately developed quite an addiction to smoking. I was wondering what you did to quit, I don’t know how big of a smoker you were in the day or if it was even a struggle to give it up but I’m finding it difficult to find the motivation to do it.
      Thank you for everything you do 💕

      • Camille, I stayed stoned for a few weeks. I was 31 when I stopped. It was easier because I was no longer with my 5 packs a day French husband. Also, I had a young child.

    • Jane – thank goodness Wendy Baily didn’t need to bang your head with a :”gravel” about the border / boarder issues . . . Love ya!

    • Chère Jane,

      Merci pour ce post ! Vous êtes et resterez une révolutionnaire et vos propos sont importants pour convaincre vos anciens fans qui ne croient pas encore à la fin du monde !
      Toutes les études le prouvent.
      En Belgique nous manifestons sans relâche et sommes boostés par nos jeunes qui chaque jeudi se retrouvent dans la rue pour appeler au secours.
      Mais nos interpellations auprès de nos politiciens reste sans effet ! Ils se disputent entre eux pendant que la planete se meurt.
      Que faire ?
      Merci à vous de nous faire rire car il faut malgré tout rester forts et optimistes …

    • Always a JOY to get a blog from you Jane……..glad you mentioned the book as I am always looking for books to read. Have read ‘My life so Far’ many times. I feel I know you so very well even though we have never met. You are an inspiration. I am moving fast towards 78 yrs old and Live in Australia. Much love always……

    • You were, you are and you will always be an inspiration. Thank you. Love from Greece

    • My God, Jane Fonda, can’t even express how much I admire you! I worry so much about this world we live in, and have become much more political, and vocal about it, and try to do my part, but I know I could do more! I love how you lift Women up, and we all need to do more of that, as well as laugh! Can’t trust people who don’t laugh, like your president. Lol There is a Canadian singer, Jann Arden, who just wrote a blog about supporting one another! Please check her out! Love You and All You Do! Alison Beatty

    • Hola Jane!!! Es un placer leerte y verte. Saber que estás bien, que te has repuesto de tu reemplazo de cadera y estás trabajando, militando y reuniéndote con amigos. Lo mejor de la vida! LOS AMIGOS!! En mí caso, son los “hermanos que elegimos” . Sentí tu primer punto.. . Doy una de las tantas que mira instagram y busca tus fotos. Me diste un golpe directo. Jajajajajaja no importa, ya me repuse y es la primera vez que te escribo aquí. Desde un país súper chico en el Sur de América: URUGUAY….DONDE LUCHAMOS CONTRA los avatares del clima y los desastres de los fertilizantes que nos están dejando sin lo mejor que tenemos EL AGUA DULCE. Nos están envenenando. Pero, los intereses de las grandes empresas pueden más de lo que unos pocos podemos reclamar!!! Bueno, me encanta leerte!!! Aún luchó con Amazon para que me envíen tu libro de Memorias. Parece que “no existimos”!!!😢 Eres toda una inspiración. Un ser hermoso de quién sacar ejemplo! Un abrazo gigante para ti….y para Tulea!!!!😍😍😍🤣 Te aprecio y admiro muchísimo! SALUD!!🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾😍😍😍

    • Once again, thank you for sharing with us. I don’t know how you do all that you do but I can tell you that I’m amazed. I’m looking for ways to “Make a difference” in my own community, Jane. When I was younger my focus was on helping with abused/neglected children in America. My husband and I have 3 Beautiful children we adopted from foster care. Our oldest will be 25 this year and in September we will have our first grandchild.

      Laughter is definitely my life saver. That and music. I love to watch Grace and Frankie (it’s my all time favorite) because I do get to laugh so much.

      I wish you would come to Florida for one of your shows but I do understand you’re 💯 busy.

      Love and admire your life, a loving follower..Cary ❤️

    • (especially since I myself kidnapped the idea from ‘9 to 5’!)

    • Those are lovely photos, especially The Book Club.
      I also think there is good scope for a Grace crossover. I think you and Lili should kidnap Larry David for a 2-part episode and not set him free until he says something positive.
      I hereby give away that idea for free with no need for recompense now or in the future, absolutely gratis. Go get him, girls.

      • Hmmmm, you are a funny one, Gary. It’s an interesting idea that I will proffer o the show runners.

    • If I went to work at 5:30 am and didn’t get home until midnight, the right emoji for me would have her eyes closed, and mouth open in a snore .D

    • Hi Jane! I am new to your blog but have been a fan of yours for while! As a young woman, (24), I find inspiration in your work and life constantly. I am a huge fan of Grace and Frankie for bringing me laughter every time I watch it!! Your work as an actor is lively and always evolving. However, I can’t tell you how much I look up to you as a feminist, activist, and overall champion for equality. Your courage, strength, and confidence motivates me to find those traits within myself. I am so excited to explore your blog and keep up with you in a more personal way! Thank you for all you do, it means a lot to the little people!

    • I have to say felt a twinge of irritability and hypocracy when I read in your post that exchanging instagram shots equated emptiness….we all need our ways to decompress between family, work, and chores. Sometimes mindless exchange of photos or quotes on instagram, FB, or even a blog helps us relax and feel connected on some small level. Even 5 minutes to scroll through pictures on instagram is a welcomed break from the grind of work, chores, etc. We cannot be so super serious all the time. That being said, whenever I get a notice that you have posted on your blog, it is such a treat. You infuse happiness, strength and joy into my life, daily! Through your books and Grace and Frankie, I have developed a strength in myself I never knew I had AND also a really good friendship with a fellow admirerer. I applaud you for all your hard work, effort, passion that you put into the causes you support. In the (little) free time you for the time you get to relax, it makes me happy that you get to spend time with your girlfriends, and treat us all to a blog post!!!

    • Brava Jane! What would we do without the women in our lives! We need to stick together. You and Lily are an inspiration to all of us older women – if you can do what you do, we can too! And we have to protect the world for the next generation of powerful women!

    • Hello, I’m so excited to message you. You are one of my favorite people I always look forward to watch your show Grace & Frankie you both are so funny and so cute!!!!! I feel like I relate to Frankie she’s so spunky. Now to respond to what you said in your blog I’m right there with you I’m so busy with my family I have two girls Delilah age 9 and Olivia a year and a half they are a handful and all I want to do is protect them daily from this crazy world. There is so much going on in this world every witch way I turn it makes me want to throw all my electronics off and hide with my baby’s but that won’t work and it makes me so sad because I read about people killing their baby’s WHY? I don’t understand why someone would want to hurt the very child they carried within their belly’s!!!! As a mother I can’t fathom ever doing such a thing and it breaks my heart that I feel like it’s my job to protect these sweet baby’s from the crazy sick people that brought them in to this world and I can’t so I feel like I’m a failure even though I know that there is no way I could have known to even save them and also these sick people raping these baby’s I read that these men pretty much get a slap in the wrist what kinda world do we live in? I love my God and I pray daily that he takes these evil people freewill away and that they be struck down to their knees in-front of all of the world and made an example of! And also out poor earth that hardly any of Gods children don’t care about they act as if we can just destroy this earth and then move on like we do with a house or some old pair of jeans. I try to do my part my picking up trash and cutting up bags before I throw them away and other things. I know I’m just one person but at least I try. I hope you read what I wrote it would make me so happy to get a response even though I know you have such a busy life. It’s 5:14 am and I can’t sleep so I’m up watching my baby’s sleep as I listen to country music with my head phones and so I figured I’d check out your blog I can’t wait to see more Grace and Frankie again anyways hope to hear you soon I better end my message because know I’m just saying nothing really haha! Have a great day Jane xoxo Nicole Jones

    • Your words resonate. Your actions, thoughts and energy is in the right places (in my opinion) Never a rush to share a blog, your friends will be here when you’re ready to share XO

    • Howwww do I meet Lily Tomlin? She brightens my good and bad days. I have searched everywhere for her meet and greets. Or even a show, I live in Portland and I know she was just here in September but I missed it!! I’m afraid if I don’t try my hardest to meet her then I will never get the chance. Her smile and laugh makes me completely forget about everything going on around me.

    • Hi Jane just watching re-runs of Grace & Frankie. I came to see you at the Opera House when you visited Sydney last year and really enjoyed listening to your life story. I was also in the audience when you were guest on “The Project” and was extremely flattered when you spotted me in the audience and said i looked like you lol, how i wish. Anyway great news about season 6, cant wait. Also enjoying reading your books. You are an inspiration to woman. Thankyou
      P S hello to the fabulous Lily Tomlin

    • Hi
      I am writting from Croatia..
      1. My english is probbably totally wrong(sorry)
      2. Thank you for being there
      3. Thanks netflix who made possibile to watch you
      4. Sorry for my english
      5. Sorry ( wish lilly is here now)

  • I’m replying to your letter re booking me. Please contact Stephanie Simon at simon @ untitledent .com

  • Oh my goodness, dear Steven, I want to apologize many times over for the long delay. Your work is so amazing and detailed and professional it deserved better from me and “my people.” Here’s what happened: A woman […]

  • Jane commented on the post, END OF YEAR BLOG 4 months, 1 week ago

    Thanks, Kacey. You’re right–it’d all about attitude and love. xx Jane

  • Thumbnail

    In 2017, we lost 34 year-old Michael J. Sharp, a calm and determined advocate for human rights, especially those of vulnerable populations. MJ, as his friends called him, died in Congo which, for years, has […]

    • Hi Jane
      Where can I start I honestly can not believe I’m writing to Jane Fonda
      I have been a fan of yours for years you have been so inspirational to me
      I’m 54 yrs old and aspire to be just like you glamorous and beautiful inside and out and a strong powerful woman
      I love watching Grace and Frankie with my 14 year old daughter and she has become a fan of yours too
      We recently were blessed to be able to visit LA and we went and visited the beach house it was amazing to be there and feel a part of the show
      Thank you for making us laugh
      All our love and best wishes Millie and Leonie xxx

    • This is very sad but I’m glad that his legacy is still living on through other people. Prayers to all his family and for a safe climb. They are wonderful for what they do.

    • you’re effin Wrangler Jane. I cannot believe they left Cat Ballou out of the documentary!

      do you like LIz for Prez?

      i jjust watched Barefoot in the Park, your voice hasn’t changed, ended up watching all the YouTube i could find and need to read your book next, and share it with my daughter, will let you know how much i like it

      and how could they leave out Cat Ballou?! it’s so AMERICAN, it’s so FONDA, it’s so pivotal … i cannot wait to read how you turned into a hippy when you got back from France, just like Candace in her book Knockwood … i wonder if i can put it on hold at my Library. this will be the first time i have ever known anything first hand about an orgy

      you’re my new best friend. im so sorry Ted could not grow up to be married to a social justice warrior also those fucking Methodists just went back to Church of England, and have you watched any of Theresa May at The House of Commons, as Brexit looms heavy heavy over their heads they’ve formed a 3rd party MPs be walking away from both sides of the aisle, Torys and Labour HA okay… im activated here now and so ive signed my identity away for your protection, i hope you’re happy….

      We girLs have to get used to hiding in plain sight, and doing everything completely above board since they already are keeping tabs, dibs, you name it… it’s all so unfair idnit? like they’ve got the deck stacked so high you can’t see over it and there’s not getting around it either, out of their league cards, all up in their sleeves

      … you should sign-onto fb everyday and post one thing on one persons wall for real, just a thing you can do to dub them knights of faith! Vera Wang manages her own fb. of course it’s problematic because the imperialists are all over it, like white on rice, and all the more reason why one should be aware of what they’re up to

      i want to live forever because it seems likely that very soon now they’re going to stop killing bugs with hammers … it seems to me, the end of a millennium is being dragged out by the sledgers but even they secretly hope the mongers will want to make it fun too, instead of all this holding up of guns to peoples heads, even Damocles says enough already

      those damn Methodists, what the hell?! Wesley is beside himself and his brother too!

      Donald Sutherland is hot.

    • We just wanted to let you know that we are your biggest fans and we love you and adore you both in Grace and Frankie. It makes our day after watching an episode. P.s savannah tagged the @graceandfrankie instagram account with the caption of “Fuck It” inspired by you guys.

      -Savannah & Hayley

    • Thanks for writing, Victor. You’ve had quite a journey. Good for you. How are you supporting yourself? Are you on the staff of a social justice organization? Besides mentoring people (which is doing the lord’s/Goddesses work) what do you feel your talents are? x Jane

    • Good morning Miss Fonda
      I’m a huge fan of yours and have been for many years since I saw you with your father on Golden pond
      You have given us many of us the inspiration that we can do whatever we set our mind to you have taught us that age doesn’t matter I watched you and Miss Tomlin and countless interviews ya’ll guys are hilarious entertainment from beginning to end 😂 people like you and your industry have inspired me to write a book and a screenplay people of my background and heritage things like that we don’t do but looking up to you people like you have given me the inspiration to do so I don’t know if you had a chance to read my other notes but I would like to take a moment of your timeI know everyone thinks they write something fascinating great this is a story that is true espionage laughter song Love it has a little of it all I need help which everyone does when they start out they have no idea what they’re doing I’m hoping you might be able to help thank you again for all the years of entertainment and laughter and keep it up because you are what makes us feel great

      • Good for you, Esther, for jumping in and doing what your hearts tells you to do. I am unable to help you with your writing. I simple don’t have any sare time. But there are writers workshops for starting-out writers. Trying googling and see what’s near you. Stay strong. x Jane

    • Ms. FONDA you are Amazing 💕💯

    • Jane queria enviar um presentinho para você, como faço?
      Qual endereço?💞

    • Olá Jane, te admiro muito e o seu trabalho, não vejo a hora de sair a próxima temporada de Grace e Frank 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😉💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    • Jane, I wanted to point out there seems to be some confusion about Mt. Kilimanjaro being in the [ D.R. of the ] Congo, in yr blog regarding Michael J. Sharp and trekking the mountain. I would like your blog followers to know Mt. Kilimanjaro is not located in the Congo as it seems to indicate in this blog. The fabled mountain is in Tanzania along the border with Kenya.

    • Jane, I am so glad you have never given up on your morals and values as this world has gone through countless political and social changes. It is heartening to know that with age you can remain progressive and open. I hope to be able to become as hardworking of a person as you someday. Your activism gives me hope for what my future can be.

    • Dear Jane,
      In case no one told you today
      you are beautiful and perfect and I love you.

      Martha xoxo

    • Kalimera Jane,
      I joined your group in January. I am now receiving emails from Gen Ella Morgan wanting $$$$$
      I did not realize my email became public for scammers to use.
      Please correct my concern so scammers such as Ella do not have access to our private emails.
      Anne Cridler

    • Good afternoon Jane.I saw that you reply many posts but not all. Is there a criterium for that?
      Thanks a lot.
      PS no i didnt say that before.

      • Madalena, No, I don’t have any criteria for when I write an answer to my blog friends. Sometimes I just “approve,” and sometimes I write something. Especially when there is a specific question that I am ale to answer or when something touches me in a particular way. I don’t have time to answer everything and I do it myself so…

    • Dear madame Fonda,

      My name is Ali Audi, I’m 39 years of age, i happen to be living in the middle east, where being one of the LGBTI community is not so much of an easy lifestyle, but it is because of souls and minds like you, i get more hope, day after day, that there’s always light, and one should always strive towards hope and never towards despair.

      I have a huge admiration to all of your efforts and advocacy.

      You are truely a living legend, a never fading beauty icon, and nonetheless, a living proof of what humanity and humility is/should be.

      Indeed, I’m honoured to be living and witnessing what a true living star and a legend is like.

      PS: I adore “Grace and Frankie”… you and Lili rock.

      Warmest regards from Lebanon,


    • I know it’s not about the post (I already commented about it b4) but today it’s my birthday and I’d love to get a happy birthday and maybe an advice from you, because you are my hero and one of my daily inspirations! I love you so much! Greatings from Brazil! Xx

    • Hi, Jane!
      Hope this comment passes the approval mechanism.
      16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is being nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2019. Have you got the opportunity to listen to her speeches? I didn’t knew about her until now and she seems to be a fabulous girl and a really mature one.
      Here you have a link to her TED talk.
      Love you,

    • Hi Jane,
      Seems you are back filming the next season of Grace and Frankie. YEEAAHH! I wonder how long it usually takes for you all to do the filming of a season. Is is months? What is the experience like going from one episode with one director then switching to another. Have you ever wanted to direct an episode? Do you film (old word), them in chronological order, or are they out of sequence like in making some movies?
      Dallas is still a bit of a journey. I’m waiting for you to do a west coast event. I’m going to be in Arizona all November. I’m hoping you have an event in Arizona or Southern Cal even if I have to rent a car and drive there. I will definitely drive from home to anything in WA or OR the rest of the yr.
      If I were in an audience, and could ask a question, I guess I would want to ask something that you don’t usually get asked. Something you want to talk about that’s outside the box of what is expected. At the moment, I haven’t a clue what that would be. Dona

      • I’ll be in St Paul, Minn July 6th, Madison, Wisconsin July 7th, Dallas July 8, Kansas City, MO JUly 9th. If that helps

        WE film is chronological order and I’ve never wanted to direct.

    • Hi Jane! This message may be more appropriate to go with you end of year message but thought I’d post on your most recent. Lately I’ve begun watching tons of YouTube (thankfully) as an alternative to our train wreck tv news and have enjoyed so many of your clips along with Lily’s. I’m 53 and entering my third act it seems. Last year I wrote a book The Color of Hue…virtue dependent on its dominant wavelength about the demise of my 21 yr marriage. It’s naughty and poetic. I also run Mother Rock Star Dogs a dog boarding facility for the last 14 years and am just leaving the love of my life 4 yr relationship with a major alcoholic and bought 40 acres in the middle of the desert down by Big Bend National Park. Alone now, afraid of what’s next, adult children who have moved on. Lots to swallow, but your lessons have been a blessing and your comic relief! I’d love to send u my book if there’s a good place to do that but don’t want to if you are already inundated. I’ve been seeking good women role models as now all my older female family members have passed on. Much love to you and yours. Anni

    • I would like to take the opportunity to tell you how much joy and comfort it brings me every episode of “Grace and Frankie” I love the way you show and bring humor to the complication of getting older from a woman aspect. I wish there were more people who really bring light and joy to the word the way you and Lily do. I hope that you both continue this show and are truly rewarded for your positive outflow of love and joy. Thank you
      P.S Incase you haven’t noticed your as beautiful outside as you are in

    • Dear Jane,
      I have a great affection for your work and I follow your activist activities. I’m reading My Life so Far and I’m every page more enchanted with the sweet, strong and beautiful woman that you are! it is a daily inspiration to know more about your journey.
      I am a Brazilian architect, who strives for equality between men and women. Thank you for teaching all women the power we have in our lives!
      I’m super looking forward to the sixth season of Grace and Frankie!
      In December I will be in New York and would like to meet the Women’s Media Center to understand more about American culture as it relates to women.

      Much love and admiration,

      • Oh Fernanda, Thanks. I feel very sad, horrified actually, about what’s happened in Brazil…your new President, and how much he and Trump like each other. I hope we all recover. x JF

    • Hi Jane!
      I completely love reading new posts from you, and the show Grace and Frankie – amazing! Always makes me laugh.
      I was wondering If there’s a good address to write to you where my letter will actually get to YOU! I read a few P.O. Boxes I can send it to but wasn’t sure it was the correct ones?


    • You’re an inspiration in new ways everyday! Thank you for helping set an example for helping women achieve more than is perceived to be. Just thank you. 😊

    • Dear Ms Fonda ,
      Thank you so much for responding to my email .
      I know that you are extremely busy .
      Your opinion would mean so much to me .
      I am very excited for you to read a rough draft of my screenplay .
      This will be the very first time a story , A true story will be told about the Roma “ gypsy “ Families and their culture during the holocaust .
      And this was just a few of many ,
      exsperiances that was shared .
      Not only do I feel that it will be interesting , it has music , laughter
      A love story that could never be , and a plot that keeps u in suspense , so much so that your audience will find themselves rooting for the good guys at the end .
      Ms Fonda , I truly believe that it took a woman to create it and I believe it needs a strong woman to direct it .
      I believe that you are that woman ,
      I am sincerely praying that you will identify with this body of work and hope that you will love it enough to make it happen .
      I admire you and your creativity and all of the achievements you have accomplished .
      I am in the Los Angeles area however will be leaving on March 18 in the afternoon .
      Which is tomorrow Monday .
      However if there is anyway that I can
      come to your office in the morning to deliver this in person that would be great .
      And then I can travel back at your request , Even if it’s just to discuss any opinions , maybe your thoughts or ideas , any kind of input would be greatly appreciated .
      Thank you and God bless you

      Esther 😉

      • Esther, I have never been interested in directig. Never have and never will. Nor do I truly produce anymore. Too far along. I prefer writing. But thanks for thinking of me. xx

    • Hi Jane, I have just finished watching season five of Grace & Frankie, and I adore you.
      I have just turned thirty and wonder about life sometimes.. what advice would you give to a thirty year old woman? Sending all my love all the way from tiny New Zealand XOXOXO

      • It’s too hard to give general advice to a 30-year-old woman, except to say, “Please don’t give up. Keep working to make yourself your best self and fake it till you make it.”

    • Dearest Ms Fonda,
      I would like to sincerely thank you for the constant inspiration, talent, hard work and calls to social justice you’ve gifted us with over so many years.
      Thank you for making Grace & Frankie — a show that showed me, a 22-year-old, that life doesn’t stop after 30 (that was my mindset before watching the show — imagine the growth you and the entire cast and crew have brought to people like me!) I adore the show and I think the example it sets is so, so important for younger women to see that with age, life remains fun, full of joy and love, and growth doesn’t ever stop!
      Thank you! 🙏🏼

    • Hi Jane, my name is Rena and i´m from Chile. I´m 16 years old and i absolutely love you and your work. You are such and inspiration for me and my mom and i love Grace and Frankie, actually i just finished season 5 and i loved it, everything was so funny and can´t wait for season 6, i´m a huge fan of the show and your character. I just wanted you to know that you have a 16 year old teenager huge fan and admirer. Love you and hope you are doing okay.


    • This is off topic, but, I’ve just read of Ms. Fonnda’s pain issues and battles with cancer. The personal is political, and I don’t understand why Veganism has been mocked and trivialized in her/your TV show? Cancer is oa modern disease that is heavily related to diet (not to mention the issues of cruelty, world hunger, global warming, speciesism, etc etc) all of which are directly effected by not being vegan. Ann Wigmore, Dr Robert Morse, True North Health Center, Dr John McDougall and others have decades of healing people with diet and reducing/stopping pain which is a sign of inflammation . Also, I wanted to suggest trying Sonic Whole Body Vibration therapy/machine for your pain.

      • witnessmystyle, I am almost vegan. VERY LITTLE red meat (for iron) cause I know the environmental consequences. I have my pain under control. I’m 81 and I have some health issues but I’m basically NOT SICK though I am grateful for your concern and advice.

    • (addition to older comment) I forgot! You don’t have to approve this comment, but I forgot to mention it in my letter and wanted to let you know that my birthday is this Friday (April 5), and for it I am raising money for the Left Forum (Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to donate). They hold a yearly conference which has hosted linguist Noam Chomsky and similar speakers in the past, and sometime if you’re ever not working on a project, you could contact them and see if they will pay to host you or at least attend. I know politics is not really your game these days and I understand if it is time to pass the torch, but it seems like the world needs a little more Jane Fonda style love and activism.
      Thank you for everything, Ms. Fonda! I hope one day we can chat about our experiences in activism and art.
      PS. I saw your Buzzfeed interview with Lily and I have to argue that your talent for singing is brilliant. I hope your year is full of love so far!!

    • Thank you Jane! I feel touched by this blog as well as a lot of what you are trying to share with us as a society. After getting to know you on Grace & Frankie, your honesty and fight compelled me to investigate your life & activism further. You have ignited me!! I am a 35 year woman & mother of 2 who lives in Montreal, Canada. Because of your passionate relaying of information & spotlighting vital but seemingly ignored topics (This story of MJ, One Fair Wage in Michigan!) You have helped me open my eyes to my own place in the fight. I want to contribute. It’s deeply important to thank you for all you have shared. It IS important and we DO NEED YOU. I want to do a crazy thing like make a documentary on Feminism in Quebec….you helped sparked that! If you ever make your way to beautiful Montreal, I hope to hear you speak. Thank you for sharing your wisdom to help others. These words dont seem enough. Sending you love and gratitude, Jane!
      Love, Jamie-Lee XOX

  • Jane commented on the post, END OF YEAR BLOG 5 months, 1 week ago

    Guess what, Candita. We found your letter to me with your beautiful angel gift. For some reason, the postoffice was holding it somewhere in the back. Go figure. So, my answer you requested is YES.

  • It hasn’t come in. I don’t understand. Iwill have my assistant tracce the tracking #

  • Here’s the thing, Steven, I sent your last comment to my Atlabta office asking if your portfoliohad come in and no one remembers receiving it. I don’t know what to say. I would love to receive it. I am not sick […]

  • Dona, I pronise I will keep a toe…or a tor nail…in the blogging business. I agree with you about Pelosi and how moving it was the other day. GO WOMEN!!

  • I wrote a book called BEING A TEEN published by Random House. Check it out. xx

  • William, I am so sorry. This is a challenging situation for both of you. If your wife were able to be in the U.S. there is therapy for victims of childhood sexual violence.And for Bi-polarity and schizophrenia […]

  • Vicki, don’t stay. You’ll never be able to be who you are meant to be if you stay. But be careful. Get help so yo know where you’ll go and the abusive one can’t find you. xx Jane

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    It’s been a long year and it’s gone by in a flash…If you feel what I mean. Endless yet fleeting. Is it just me? I don’t think so.

    I am at home with my 2 grandchildren, one 18 and studying to be an […]

    • Dear Fonda,
      We’ve made a play together, and the premiere is tonight. Provided with the rich material of your many lives, I’ve written you as a sort of main character. It’s not biographical, rather a sort of dystopic concept, a sci-fi even. I don’t know if you consider yourself to have a wealth of philosophical potential, but we sure do. The script has a bunch of other good stuff in it too. There is text from the great and confusing french philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty, the sassy opinions of Andy Warhol, and our friend Michel Foucault. We asked ourselves, what would a contemporary, completely underfunded, queer play be without the dance moves, attitude and philosophy of Jane Fonda? It would be nothing, Fonda, nothing at all. With our greatest admiration, the playwright, Suz Evans. @childhoodbeautytheplay

    • I love you guys as a man of God,grandfather of 9 and great if 1 girl .Her name is Rory. I Believe you have a hit with Grsce N Frankie.
      I have a new book that came out in Oct 2018.I would like to send it to you I am a controversial evangelist.i believe these prosperity ministers are destroying the message if love for all. HOW DO I DO THAT As Accomished writer I would like to give you a treatment on 9 to 5 sequel if you are open Jane.

      • Gary, unfortunately, for legal/libel reasons, our writers and producers on Grace & Frankie are not allowed to receive material from outside writers. I hope you understand. x Jane

    • Hi Jane!! Just found your blog after watching your wired interview. I wanted to tell you how funny, beautiful and inspiring you are ❤ hope you and Lilly will continue with many more seasons of Grace and Frankie. Love ya!

    • We are now three months into the New Year…I hope yours is going well. Mine, not so much, but there are things that brighten up the day. Have become a Grace & Frankie fan: thank you for the laughs! ( Seriously, not much that passes for entertainment these days, makes me laugh.) And, I get what you mean about telling our truths One of my recent struggles has been in dealing with a long term friend, who has repeatedly mistold my truth (beginning dementia and mean denial?)) during the past year and how hurtful that has been and what hardships it has caused.. In theory, your show could go one forever, because your viewers could give you a never ending supply of plots. Getting older is not very fun, except when Grace and Frankie makes it so! It feels a little less stressful, to know that Jane and Lily have our backs!
      I was writing a comment on a post about you (Turner Classic Movie Fan Site) that asked what movies of yours were our favorites, and just wanted to share(. I was actually thinking of your documentary as the answer, because it was done really well.) The Dollmaker is the movie that really got my attention, and also Stanley & Iris, On Golden Pond, and Our Souls At Night because those are the movies where Jane Fonda is not the glamour girl, but the story teller, and a very good one! (But, I would have to admit that another 9 to 5 would be a lot of fun!) Really, just wanted to say that I am glad you came back to acting, and you go girl!

    • Hello Jane my name is Jen Wilson and I am a big fan of yours. I’m also a little bit more than just a fan though. My grandmas name is Joyce lapham but maiden name Fonda. You are actually first or second cousins with her she said she and my mother met you years ago when you were filming a movie in Albany ny if you remember. I’ve been wanting to reach out to you for years but never really knew how till I saw your blog come up on my suggested follows. Anyway I just wanted to say hi and hope eventually you see this. I’d love to get to know you better!

      • Well hey there, cuz. Thanks for being in touch. I’ll let you know if I’m up that way. Fonda, NY is 40 min south of Albany.

    • I am loving the blog you have. Its nice to be able to communicate with you as a person. Keep up the blogging. I am currently working on my college degree, but promise to read your new book.

    • Hi Jane , Congrats on looking as great as you do at your young age. Grace and Frankie is amazing, You and Lily Tomlin make a great team. Thank you for being a inspiration to all women. You have been a role model for me for many years. My son is now going into the filming industry as a director/ actor. Thank you for being you.
      By the way i got a message this morning from someone that said it was you , not sure if it was or not , but said they were giving 200k to 10 people and asked if i was interersted. I wasn’t interested as i think there are other poeple out there who could use it more than me. but wanted to mention it to you.

      • Yvette, I havn’t given away 200K to 10 people. I don’t roll that way. But I just gave to the ACLU, Greenpeace, Homeboy Industries, Planned Parenthood, etc. Organizations, not individuals. xx Jane

  • Thank you so much, Karen, for sharing this with me. I’m so glad my story helped you reconnect with your strength and vision. When women tell their truths, it is universal. xxx

  • Jane commented on the post, Election 2018 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Amanda, I’m so sorry what’s happened in Brazil. It is truly terrifying…and what will happen to the rain forest?

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