Laura Felicio


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  • @laurafelicio Thank you very much for accepting my friend request. I love Lisbon and Portugal in general, I’ve pending the visit to Porto that everyone says is very beautiful. A hug, we keep in touch

  • @laurafelicio Gracias por aceptar mi inivitación de amistad. Me ha gustado tu comentario sobre la película “The Morning After”, me gustan mucho las actuaciones de Jane en un principio donde combinaba inocencia y valentía. ¿Donde vives en Portugal? Me gusta mucho tu pais, he estado varias veces, yo vivo en el norte de España. Un abrazo

    • ¡Hola! I live in the Lisbon area 🙂 Oh cool we are indeed almost neighbours 🙂 ahah I have been watching Jane Fonda’s filmography whenever I can find the movies/tv episodes and I just love to see how the characters evolved and she as an actress developed throughout time. So good!

  • @laurafelicio Hi Laura, I was pleased by your comment about the movie “The Morning After” and that we agreed on the taste for the same things in that movie. I’ve found it interesting to request your friendship, we’re almost neighbors, I live in the north of Spain, where do you live in Portugal? I like Portugal and I’ve being there so many times. I…[Read more]