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  • Ms Fonda, Let me offer Verification of our status as a Public Charity, 501C3, & a Not for Profit {Non Profit} Corporation with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.HYDRO RELIEF and Water Conservation Resources is registered as an “Active” & good standing, DLN #26053445001337 & EIN 47-2968656 The IRS Public Charity status is 170{b}…[Read more]

  • Ms Fonda I applaud your fearless efforts to help “save our Democracy”
    Did you know that 2020 is the Year of synchronicity? It is a striking coincidence that Mr Biden’s Birthday is on 20 November, and Kamala’s Birthday is 20 October! This is a positive Bid to the upcoming Presidential election.
    Ms Fonda, please, we need your Help. This…[Read more]

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