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  • Jane,
    I’m over the moon for you. You’ve got your New Year wish come true – and so fast. The Paris Climate Agreement is resurrected!
    And kudos to the pipeline ban.
    Best wishes,
    Bob xxx

  • Jane,
    It’s a great day! Freedom of journalistic expression and transparency win! Julian Assange will not be extradited to the US (for now, at least). Like Ms Fonda in the 70’s, he wanted the world to know about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, (and more…), and both got “intimidated” by the US government. Long live the Fourth and Fifth Estates,…[Read more]

  • Happy Thanksgiving, everyone in the US!
    Some of you will have enough food to put on your table, but can’t share because of self-isolating.
    Some of you won’t have any food, and the number is growing as I’m writing this.
    While sorting out my PC I found a silly, old joke, but how relevant, still, after all these years.
    It won’t feed anyone,…[Read more]

  • Well said! But at the same time it saddens me to see and hear outspoken people in the OLD DAYS expressing their criticism of discrimination, war, injustice, political corruption, damage to the planet, etc., because all those issues are still with us, perhaps even in their worse incarnations. Unfortunately, it seems prejudice, greed, deception,…[Read more]

  • Jane,
    Thinking about Jane Fonda films:
    “Coming Home” – maybe some people should’ve stayed in ‘Nam and never come home.
    Naming no names, but the guy was big news in UK yesterday.
    “Stanley & Iris”, on the other hand, thumbs up for the hilarious comment. Loose screw, definitely! Thanks for the laugh, from Bob.
    A bit cryptic, but diplomatic, a…[Read more]

  • Dearest Jane,
    So, it happened, Biden did it! Congratulations! Never did one, single word carry so much meaning and emotion – joy, relief, pride and hope. This election restored my faith in the American nation, even though I am a bit disappointed it was not a landslide victory for Joe. The map of winning and losing states looks very interesting a…[Read more]

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    Isn’t that ironic that Trump himself – the president of the USA! – inadvertently led to violation of the First Amendment? It’s because of his previous unruly, rude, obnoxious, scandalous, aggressive conduct during the 1st debate, that the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to mute the microphones of the candidates. Turning off som…[Read more]

  • Very sad news about James. I guess you knew him well, Jane. I didn’t know much about him, but anyone devoting their time and energy to the Conservation of the Environment deserves my admiration and respect. My heart goes out to his dad, (my heart belongs to daddy, just as well – one of my top 3 favourite people on the planet). Hope he (James) fin…[Read more]

  • I wasn’t looking you up, but the Russian oil & gas industry in connection with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and Navalny, and also the currently discussed termination of the Nord Stream 2 project versus fossil fuel consumption rise in Europe, climate change threat, environmental damage to the sea and a possible ecological disaster. During the r…[Read more]

  • About the Nobel Peace Prize – at least it’s been now officially acknowledged that starvation is a serious global problem and war victims suffer in more ways than one. But the WFP being an UN agency have their own funds, administration, experts, staff and agendas. Shouldn’t the prize go to a brave and committed individual instead? On a more humor…[Read more]

  • Hi Jane,
    last night I watched a French documentary about Barbra Streisand. She talked about how in the 70-ies she came under fire and severe criticism for “daring” to put up her name as a film producer, even though her production company financed the film and she was involved in the editing process. Apparently the whole industry turned aga…[Read more]

  • Dear Jane,
    WOW! It hasn’t been Donald’s week; first the disgraceful behaviour during the 1st presidential debate, now health problems (is it just a flu…very much under control…, ha, ha?). Looks like luck is on your side. Our side, actually – as the world is a small place and the American president makes an impact on every human (and not only) lif…[Read more]

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    maybe they found out about your job? Fossil fuels are a big NO-NO on this site. Jane Fonda and EXXON not friends at present!

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