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@canditasan I sent you a message there. Can we exchange from time to time if you like View
  • Okay, I’ll try to be the grown-up I’m supposed to be at 74,(almost 75) and just say thank you for this wonderful series and all your hard work. Get me up at 4:30 AM even one day and I’d throttle the person. I can’t imagine doing that day after day, season after season AND doing a spot on excellent performance with such substance intertwining with…[Read more]

  • I hadn’t heard that the seventh season was the last, although, I wondered. Just reading those words makes my stomach tumble over. It’s like losing close friends, which doesn’t make sense, but that’s the honest feeling. I can feel a deep grieving starting. I’m going to be Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” I can”t deal with it right…[Read more]

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    The other night I re-watched Our Souls At Night for the I’ve-lost-count time. Such a seemingly simply story, but has so much in it to think about. I think Redford would agree it has “meat.” I chose not to have children, but have wonderful friends who have had children. As smart, talented, kind, dedicated to community and a healthy eco-world these…[Read more]

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  • Ronie, Since you are head of this group and this is the only group I belong to, I want to ask a question that isn’t for publication or out in the big posts aimed at Jane. It used to be before Jane gave her blog this new face that you could report a problem. I don’t see the way to do that now and thought maybe you had a way of reporting a possible…[Read more]

  • I also loved the question of what if Frankie and Grace hadn’t lived together. So smart! Those hideous Boxtox lips and how even more callous Grace had become. And Frankie with her strokes centering her life on chickens and Sol. George Harrison as Grace’s companion was perfect casting. And Babe being the anchor to their humanity, their connection.…[Read more]

  • I don’t usually join groups but seems I’ve done posting regarding Grace and Frankie on the regular ongoing blog and maybe I should be doing it here with other fans of this wonderful series. My usual comments are around the characters of Grace and Frankie and I haven’t said anything about the other characters or actors who I enjoy. So I want to…[Read more]

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    Dear Jane,
    Post or don’t post, despite what I wrote (I think I was just being over sensitive that day), it’s your blog and you have probably saved me from myself more than once by not posting every bit of dribble […]

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    You’ve done way more than a “little”. You’ve done your part very well. Many of us will look forward to reading your new book. I like the picture with the 2019.
    I’ve been listening/watching both Margaret […]

  • The post office said your zip was 90213 not 09 or 10 for your P.O. Box. I hope that is accurate since that’s where I sent my card and letter and plan to send your BD gift. It hasn’t come back yet,so I have assumed […]

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    Pramila Jayapal won BIG! I think her numbers were higher than any others running in Washington, that I saw on the screen. I think having you come here helped her, Happy to say Km Schier and Cantwell won. Sorry […]

  • Hi Jane, I don’t think you will be doing your blog until after the elections. Since I don’t know the outcomes yet this may all sound strange. I just wanted to say that I hope the surgery (whenever it happens, I […]

  • Lisa, I’m going to tell you what I have figured out because new posters often ask this question as I did, but you generally figure it out by yourself over time. Waiting in moderation means that Jane who is super […]

  • Possibly going to a fundraiser on Sunday for Maria Cantwell. Corey Booker is suppose to be there. He is an inspirational speaker and I like how he sounds. We agree pretty much on politics except for the middle […]

  • I’ve been thinking about how I could give myself a wonderful birthday present by going to Milwaukee on Nov 3rd, but the timing and the cost is prohibitive. If I thought I could actually meet you I think I would do […]

  • On a personal note, I tried reaching out to Lily and Jane on their TOMLIN/WAGNER site but it seems they are all about tweeting, Facebook, and all the other newer ways of communicating now that I don’t use. Their […]

  • Jane,
    I’m feeling good, today because I did my civic duty and voted for people who I think will continue or begin a career of service to this nation. I also contributed again to ONWARD TOGETHER, which is […]

  • Jane,
    You and Lily have a new fan. My dear friend’s granddaughter came from Israel and she stayed with me for a while. I took her touring Western Washington, Rain forest etc then we hung out at my place and […]

  • The Tony’s allow someone of modest means like myself to experience a small glimpse into those beautiful, wonderful productions and the magnificently creative artists who use that medium. I will probably never get […]

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