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  • Dear Jane, call me Allen. I have written a comedy which would be perfect for you and Lily Tomlin. Btw, I will turn 80 in June and I’ve loved your work ever since Walk on the Wild Side. I never saw Tall Story. Anyway, the play to which I’m referring is entitled “Judith Desire.” God, you two would be fabulous in it and it would be a great TV…[Read more]

  • I am so confused by the electronic world. I will be 80 in June. I left you a note about a play I wrote that the entire Grace and Frankie crew would be great in and I wonder if you’ll read it. Can you let me know? If not, well, you are you and who am I? It’s a comedy about incest. Again, I don’t mean to waylay you but I left a long comment on your…[Read more]

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