Mary Catherine Bateson addressing the group who gathered on Friday at Richard’s about her new book, “Composing a Further Life: the Age of Active Wisdom
Mary Catherine wrote a book, “Composing a Life,” that had a big effect on me ten years ago and I have subsequently become her friend. She is as wise and interesting as one would imagine, given that her mother was Margaret Mead and her father, Gregory Bateson. Her way of helping us understand the meaning of the new longevity…the extras years that we can look forward to—or enjoy right now, in the middle of life—is fresh and inspiring. I was so happy that many friends of mine gathered to hear her and get her to sign their books.

With my bro, Peter Fonda

Two of my favorite men: my son, Troy Garity and the great cinematographer Haskell Wexler

Haskell was the Director of Photography on my film ‘Coming Home’ and he went to North Vietnam with me, my husband Tom Hayden and Troy (when Troy was 9 months old) to make a documentary, ‘Introduction to the Enemy.’ In other words, we’ve shard a lot.

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