I cannot believe that last night I went out with Wanda Sykes, her partner Laura, Mo Ostin and his sons and daughter-in-law and Robbie Robertson (The Band), and Richard, all of whom had just seen the play (Richard for the 3rd time!) And I forgot to take any pictures.

We had such a good time. I hadn’t seen Wanda in 3 years. I keep sending her invitations to my stuff and she doesn’t come so I thought she didn’t want to be my friend anymore. Last night I realized that was a wrong assumption. They have 2-year- old twins and have been so busy along with Wanda’s work. She looks wonderful! She said I could come to their home and baby sit. I will do that as soon as my post-play (much needed) vacation is over.

We have 7 more shows. Bittersweet. Tonight I tried a few new things. I like that the growth process never ends. I know our director, Moises, will read this and write to ask me what I am doing. I think he’ll think it’s ok.

Yesterday, I went to a throat specialist who said I have a herniated left vocal chord. Got a cortisone shot in my butt and am on cortisone pills and antibiotics. It’s interesting to play my character with this voice challenge. She dies of ALS and slowly loses her ability to communicate well so my voice issue is interesting but I am en route home and to bed. Last night I slept 12 hours and at 3pm took my usual 1 1/2 hour nap. (This just during the play). When doing a play all you can fit in is the performance, sleep, plus one other thing. Today I rearranged my drawers. See, even though where I live is not my house, I got Richard to agree to let me build more drawers. It makes a huge difference. When I was explaining to him what I wanted to do (which meant removing some of his 1920s etchings) he said, “Well, it’s the end of an era!” Which cracked me up, knowing how many women had found no fault with the dressing room–well, they were younger and not yet movie stars with a lot of stuff. Ha!

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