It’s always hard to leave this place and it’s been especially beautiful these last weeks. We’ve had plenty of rain so it’s very green. One can never use the word ‘lush’ when speaking about the high deserts of the south west but it comes close right now.

Richard’s been here this week and it’s been weird getting emails from our friends and family saying the NY gossip rags say we’re getting married. Ted even emailed me to say that Martha Stewart (who was at his ranch in Montana doing an interview about bison) told him Richard and I were marrying. Let me say right here that this is not true. Okay? You heard it from the horse’s mouth. If I ever get married again (which I doubt) you’ll be the first to know (after my family). Marriage aside, we have had a good time here. Richard seems to love the ranch, the house, the river. He didn’t seem to love fly fishing all that much. IT is very hard until you really get the hang of it which requires lots of practice and it’s unlikely Richard will get lots of practice. Guess he’ll just have to like to watch me fish cause I really love it. I’ve caught some big rainbow and brown trout here…26″, 28″!!!

Yesterday I listened to 4 radio programs done several years ago for the BBC Radio about the span of Richard’s career. It was narrated by Patti Labelle. It was interesting to learn more about the enormous diversity of talents he’s worked with….having top albums and singles in every possible category from pop, to R&B, to country western etc with stars ranging from Streisand, Carly Simon, Diana Ross, Fats Domino, Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Randy Travis, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Art Garfunkel, The Temptations etc. No one, I don’t think, has ever had such success with so many different kinds of talent.

Tomorrow we go to LA where I am committed to concentrating on my writing, and seeing Troy and Simone and other friends like Sally Field, Carrie Fisher, Elliott Gould. Gotta save time for the writing, though.

See you next time.

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