I feel very sad. Being on this show, being able to say Aaron Sorkin’s brilliant dialogue, working with amazing actors who also happen to be exceptional people– Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterston, Emily Mortimer, Chris Messina.. Has been a huge experience and real treat. I’ve learned a lot watching all of them and talking to them.

This last series of scenes that will bring “The Newsroom” to it’s close has brought a new actor into the group: actor/writer BJ Novak who’s been fun and fascinating to get to know. Maybe you know him from “The Office”. I’m reading his terrific book of short stories, just out, “One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories,” which I highly recommend. Not going to tell you what he plays and what he does but I have to say that Aaron managed to wrap everything up more brilliantly–it’s funny, surprising and moving– than I ever could have imagined. OMG!

Joanna Gleason is another actor who I got to know in this last episode and, though she’s an east- coaster, I ‘ll want to stay connected.

Even though I was only there a few times each season as a “visiting guest star,” I feel like I made some special new friends. (Who says you don’t make new friends after 70?) Some of them– especially those who live out here– I know I will see again from time to time because I’ll make an effort. And, of course Sam Waterston will be in my new Netflix series, “Grace & Frankie” playing Lily’s husband. (My husband will be Martin Sheen).

Still, there’s always a sadness when a project you’ve loved bring a part of is over and the “family” disperses.

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