April something

I am not sure of the date. Barely know the day of the week. Been so busy. Had an interview in NPR this morning that I forgot!! It’s been rescheduled for Wednesday. Then I had a G-CAPP Executive Committee call this afternoon and forgot that, too. Busy planning and preparing for a party that Richard and I are hosting for fabled music man, Clive Davis, rehearsing my DVDs which tape next week and finishing a new chapter in my book… Something I hadn’t envisioned but my wonderful editor, Kate Medina, sort of re-conceptualized the book, making it more interesting to people—men and women-who aren’t yet in their third acts but need to start thinking and planning for when they arrive there. Don’t get me wrong, it is still about how to age successfully but she has me starting earlier. I didn’t want to write this chapter but had a break through over the weekend and wrote the whole thing and I’m excited about it. Part of me couldn’t quite believe it was Easter and I didn’t even don my traditional full bunny suit (white clown makeup with broom straws glued on for whiskers for the face…everything else covered in [fake] bunny fur.) NO Easter egg hunt…my grandchildren don’t arrive till tomorrow for spring break. Took a long bubble bath last night while I was writing this blog.

I’m in dark glasses cause I lost my reading glasses at Carnegie Hall last week (was it really??) and sat on my lighter sunglasses yesterday so dark was all I had/have to read with. Do you, like me, find that these sorts of things—forgetting, losing, sitting on stuff, locking keys in cars— when you’re doing too much? Urghhhh

Did Larry King just now to promote World Fitness Day May 1st at the Georgia Dome. I was able to announce the new news: LUDACRIS will appear that day and perform live!!! He’s a friend. So will the Pointer Sisters. Anita Pointer is a friend as well. AND, Jason Sellards, lead singer and song writer of Scissor Sisters will come on stage to warm up with me to their song “Comfortably Numb.” He’s becoming a friend. As another friend, Peggy Siegel, just emailed me to say “All that fun and music…The event sounds like Woodstock without the drugs and the rain.” In the words of Sarah Palin, “You betcha!”

It was fun doing Larry again. I’ve known him so long (don’t forget he worked for my ex husband for years—CNN founder Ted Turner and visited us on Ted’s ranches many times.)

I got back to Richard’s in time to watch horn player, Lee Thornburg, laying down a new track on a song “I’ve got The World on a String” that Rod Stewart sings on the album that he and Richard are working on. I walked into the “pub” where Richard does his recording in time to hear Lee ask Richard if he should “ Play the root on the bone” and I knew I was in unfamiliar territory, a new world with its own language. I like being brought into new worlds. Rod was here when I left to do Larry’s show…looking superb, I have to say. And the album is amazing.

Lee Thornburg with engineer Jeff Phurrough behind him in Richard’s "pub."

So that’s that. Tomorrow is the day for the grandkids. I have so missed them.

See You Next Time…

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