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Those of you who follow me on twitter @janefonda, or on Facebook www.facebook.com/janefonda, will have noticed from my postings that I have been moving around a bit since wrapping on Grace & Frankie.

I’ll have lots more to share soon, but right now I want to make sure that you know I will be on The Ellen Show this Tuesday December 16th, so don’t miss it! I’m also excited to share that I’ve finally made some of my Original Workout Programs available on DVD and Digital Download. Yes! I know many of you reading this still have the VHS tape, but now we have created a much easier to use upgrade. The programs are now “Authored” which, if you don’t know, means that we’ve added menus and chapter breaks to the programs, allowing you to click around through the various sections with ease. You can also take it on the go with you, or play it from your laptop.

It’s so interesting to watch the programs and note the many parts that are still incorporated into the wide variety of workout programs today. Part of what we’ve learned over the years is that fitness varies for each individual. One of the great benefits we get from programs on DVD is the ability to easily isolate and focus on parts of a program that work for us.

Over the years I have heard from so many of you who continue to do the workout, and I had been asked so many times when we would release on DVD. I am proud to say we finally have, and even more proud that The Workouts continue to work for so many of you.

The Workouts will be available January 6th, but you can preorder them now on Amazon. Click here for more information on the DVD’s and downloads.

Don’t forget to tune into the Ellen Show on Tuesday, or set your DVRs. To find out when The Ellen Show airs in your area click here: http://www.ellentv.com/page/2009/08/21/when-its-on/ and of course, as always let me know what you think!

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