Whoa, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I blogged—since Burlesque. I’ve been so swamped doing all the PR for my new exercise DVDs. You understand, it’s not just showing up at a studio and doing Leno or Ellen or Ferguson, or …It’s a team effort (and if I look good on the shows it is the team that is responsible: Matthew for the hair, Karen or Elan for the makeup)…it takes a village. Then driving in L.A. Traffic to the various studios—that whole process from beginning to end is, like, 4 hours or more. Yesterday I did a photo shoot and interview for PEOPLE-that was 4 hours and change. Plus, I gotta get my daily workout in, and answer my mail and polish the book here and there (man! It’s hard to just let it go!)

And there’s work-related meetings—that part I love, especially story meetings with a group of talented people who leave their egos at the door. You feel free to make all sorts of suggestions knowing that if they’re not good, someone will tell you and visa versa. My BBF, film producer Paula Weinstein and I had one of those story brainstorming sessions with some wonderful writers last week. What fun!! Hopefully I can reveal more when the time is ripe. Stay tuned!

Then there was Lisa Nova. I got so many comments on my blog telling me I just had to have lunch with Lisa Nova, a major Youtube/social media maven. So I checked it out. Rather I had my blogmeister, the awesome social media entrepreneur, James Andrews, check her out. Of course he knew all about Lisa and was , like, OMG…you gotta do this. So I did. It wasn’t lunch. I was doing Leno and she was—well, busy doing her myriad things involving her company, videos, etc etc.

I didn’t know what to expect, though James assured me she wasn’t psycho. Around 7:30pm, in walks this gorgeous blonde—I mean movie star beautiful, but in a 100% natural way—with her brother who filmed everything from the first moment on a flip and a camera man with lights and regular camera. We moved some of Richard’s furniture, sat down in front of a roaring fire and began talking. No food (sorry Lisa) but my favorite polish vodka. She is very smart, easy to be with, someone I hope to stay friends with.

In a week or so, she is going to interview me on camera about my new DVDs. It’ll be live on Ustream. If you are a blogger interested please reach out to James Andrews ([email protected])

Tonight I’m going to a Christmas party at Jennifer Aniston’s. I will try to remember to bring a camera and then get a feel for the vibe—if it’s camera friendly.

I have one and a half more weeks of heavy duty press stuff and then, whew, I will collapse and have fun…walk more, read more, wrap Christmas presents (I shop all year so don’t have to hustle for gifts in Dec). xxxxxxx

P.S. Looking for a nanny for your kids? Laura Masseur was nanny for my 2 grandchildren in Atlanta and I was very impressed. You can contact her at [email protected]

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