Friday I was awarded the Jack LaLanne Life Time Achievement award from the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the leading resource for fitness and wellness professionals which celebrated it’s 30 anniversary at their San Diego convention.

Here I am With Elaine LaLanne, Jack’s amazing widow, who is 86 years old and did 10 straight-body pushups when she came out on stage to introduce me. She swims and lifts weights every day. “Jack would never forgive if I didn’t stay fit,” she told me. A new role model.

6000 personal who trainers and those who teach classes from all over the country were there. I tried to take a picture of the conference hall (couldn’t even see to the back of it !) but they didn’t come out. These did though.

Torque Method Acrobats!

It was a very moving experience for me. I addressed IDEA’s 2nd and 4th convention years ago. It’s come a long way and is a fantastic resource for people in the Industry. One thing I was happy to learn is that IDEA has incorporated nutrition and diet into their programs. There were 3 days of seminars and classes on everything from boot camp to pole dancing. In my speech, i made a plea for trainers to learn how to train older people. In my PRIME TIME fitness DVD’s which I began releasing in 2010 I geared the workouts to older people, and learned that you can’t just do the same moves but lighter. We often need different moves entirely.

With Erica Davis, only woman to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair!

With 3 of the 48 staff members who organized the convention of 6000 people!

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