We are well into shooting Season 2, and we now know that Season 1 of Grace & Frankie is a big hit! There is no way to exaggerate the pleasure Lily and I take when people of all ages and genders go on and on about how much they love it…and it happens all the time and in all kinds of unexpected places.

I always ask “Why?”… “What do you like most?” Very often women will tell me it gives them hope, hope that one can go through a terrible crisis and much sorrow and survive–thrive even. More than one woman has told me she felt the series “saved my life.” Pretty heavy stuff for a comedy but I think I get it. I’ve also been told that the characters so easy to identify with. One man told me he likes to watch it because it’s so easy on the eye. (Thank you to our fabulous cinematographer, Gale Tattersoll). I’ve been told that it’s being watched a lot in college dorms. I’d love to understand that and if any of you, my online community, can explain please do. One thing I feel is that G&F doesn’t cause anxiety or fear. It’s kind of warm and friendly and hopeful and in today’s world this is important to a lot of us. It also deals with issues like aging, where-do-I-go-from-here, coming out of the closet later in life, forgiving, and, in the case of Grace, how does one get over a lifetime of stuffing feelings and not being true to yourself?

At 65, with “Monster-in-Law,” I was really blessed to have made a come back from my 15-year retirement. Now at 77, with the incredible opportunity to live with and develop a character over several years I wanted to really bring everything I could to the table. Despite my fears, I went into therapy and got an acting coach. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve gotta pat myself on my back is because I know that it’s never too late to strive to get better and so, instead of resting on my laurels, I did. Ted Turner once told me “people don’t change after 60.” Well, I’m proof that they do and that it’s a good thing. But doing so takes work and intention and there are ways without needing a lot of money. I wrote a lot about this in detail in my book “Prime Time,” which I encourage you to read.

Even though this 2nd season is actually longer because we’ve had 2 hiatus, the time has flown by. BTW, my love interest this season is Sam Elliot. I am thrilled to be working with him, He’s every bit as talented, smart, sexy and funny and as you’d imagine him to be.


Sorry I haven’t blogged more but there’s so little time and in what little I have, I’ve been promoting my last film, “Youth,” flying to Atlanta, catching up with family and friends. Had a wonderful afternoon with my stepmother, Shirlee Fonda, her partner Rob Wolders, Troy (son) and Simone (Daughter-in-law) and last night had dinner with my BFF Paula Weinstein and Arnold Steifel. All of them plus my daughter and grandkids will be here with me for my birthday and Christmas which warms the cockles of my heart. BTW, do any of you know what cockles of a heart are?

Bye for now.