The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention which I founded
in 1995 works with girls and boys to build their self confidence and
give them a vision of a future that is within their reach. We stress the
importance of staying in school and developing the skills of productive
citizenship. We help adolescents who are already parents to go back to
school, go to college and get jobs. We help boys understand that being a
man doesn’t mean fathering children and not raising them. It means
learning how to be an engaged father.

We describe what we do as “above the waist work.” Dr Michael Carrera who
started the Children’s Aid Society’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
Program many decades ago is my mentor. To paraphrase him, “Adolescent
sexual behavior is determined more by what goes on between their ears
than what goes on between their legs.” This is why young people who see
a future for themselves are less at risk for early parenthood. Hope is
the best contraceptive.